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How to become a coffee shop member in Barcelona

You have to be sponsored. This is how you can become a coffee shop member in Barcelona. If you have already subscribed to a coffee shop in Barcelona, congrats! But what happens next? No problem! Below you can find all the steps and exact procedures to follow to become a member of a private cannabis club in Barcelona.

How to reach the club

The majority of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona are mainly in the center or in the “Ciutat Vella” quarter. Given that this area of the city can be chaotic, especially for newcomers, it’s important to follow some simple rules so as not to get lost. Some tips include knowing well the address and the route, not trusting taxi drivers who frequently take the wrong way and take the passenger willingly somewhere else. Remember that “Ciutat Vella” is essentially a square. On the superior side you can find the Gran Via les Cortes Catalanes, on the right you can find Passeig Picasso, on the left Las Ramblas and on the inferior side you find Colom e Marques de l’Argentera. It’s important knowing that in order to access the marijuana clubs in Barcelona is important to be members and new subscriptions are only accepted by booking.

Private access

To discover how to become a member of a coffee shop in Barcelona, of course it’s important to gather information on how to do so. The access to the majority of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona is discreet, without any signs and with blacked-out windows: the place is only recognisable by the address and number. Almost all clubs have a buzzer at the entrance and CCTV. In order to gain access you need to buzz and as the doors are not always open, they will be released through and electronic system. We advise you to keep a quiet and discreet behaviour when inside.

ID check

In order to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, it’s necessary to be introduced by the person who is sponsoring you. The sponsoring needs to be done in person but sometimes it can be done remotely for example if the sponsor cannot be physically present for external reasons outside one’s control. It’s also possible to be remotely sponsored by an Ambassador member. Once entered, the personnel will check your ID as it’s not possible to join a club or enter without a required proof of ID. The proof of ID can be any ID document such as driving licence, passport, National ID, etc. as long as it’s a valid document and it’s partially written in English or Spanish.

Payment of the membership fee

In order to access the services offered by the cannabis clubs it’s important to pay a membership fee. The fee is on average around 30-40 Euros, with a minimum starting from 10 Euros for the cheapest and simplest cannabis clubs, and a maximum of 100 Euros for the most exclusive ones. Many clubs require the payment of the fee in cash and they do not accept cards. The payment of the membership fee gives access to the club at any time, during opening times. The purchase of  cannabis products is excluded and the prices are set based on the members’ fees.

The club rules

There are definitely rules on how to become a member of a coffee shop in Barcelona. Clubs have specific rules to follow and often to sign for. The majority are rules of common sense, others refer to cannabis usage and possession and the introduction of other drugs inside the clubs. New members are required to sign an agreement where they accept the rules that have to be followed at all times without exception.

Right of cultivation

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona are real associations that commit to cultivate and produce Marjuana for their members. The majority of the clubs limit the total amount of grams that can be bought every month, and imposes a daily limit as well. In general, the daily limit is 5 grams and the monthly one is 90. Every member, at the time of their subscription, declares the grams that he will need every month.

Issuing of the pass and bill

After you complete the subscription application and sign the agreement, the staff will add the data of new members in the system and release the personal pass to every new member. In many clubs, this pass can also be used as a credit card. On this type of passes it’s possible to top-up funds and use them to pay for services and products in the club and the bar. However, many clubs don’t use this system and some only accepts cash payments. The pass is necessary not only to access the club but also to move in it. Even if you are a known member it’s not possible to enter and stay in the club without having the pass with you. The pass is the proof of being a member of the club and it’s easy to get.

Tour of the club

We explained how to subscribe to the club, how to sign for the rules and the rights of joining and how to get a pass. The pass is essential to access the club and move in it. The pass usually functions as a prepaid credit card, but it can also be a simple piece of paper. When you are given the pass, the staff will take you and any new members around the club for a tour. The tour is important as they will show you the different areas of the club and the rules of each one of them.

Shopping in the club

Some clubs require a waiting period between the subscription and the moment when you can actually buy products. This period can vary and it can be few days or more than two weeks. The majority of the clubs in Barcelona, fortunately don’t follow this modus operandi thus it’s possible to buy products from the start. In clubs where this rule is applied for particular reasons, sometimes the rule is waived if the member is buying for therapeutic use.

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