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The 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona

In this post we will disclose the 10 best cannabis varieties available in the city of Barcelona, which have the best quality only for experts. Obviously we are talking about a variety that we can legally find in the many social clubs in the city. Below you find a list of those plants that could be the best in the world.

Blue Zaffir: Greenardo Cannabis club in Horta, Barcelona

This variety is harvested by the Greenardo cannabis club team, it’s called Blue Zaffir and it’s visibly extraordinary and very aromatic. It’s an hybrid of indica cannabis and it has a bright purple hue with mixed tones of chocolate and spices. This is one of the most particular qualities of weed that we can find among the 10 cannabis varieties in Barcelona, therefore it deserves the first place.

Zombie Kush: Ripper Seeds in Sabadell, Barcelona

The Zombie Kush variety is produced by Ripper Seeds, a company that deals with genetics around Barcelona, in the city of Sabadell. You can find the Zombie Kush in many cannabis clubs in Barcelona. The specialty about this variety is that is has a very strong and “rocky” blossom, and maybe that’s where the name is coming from.

Choko: Choko Art & Smoke Club in Gracia, Barcelona

Considered as being one of the best sativa in Barcelona, Choko is developed by the expert team of Choko Club, an artist club. The variety of this weed is very fruity, a mixture of figs, chocolate, apples and other indefinable flavours. It’s a variety that originates from the landrace coming from India and Nepal.

Nicole Kush: Lakalada Cannabis Club in El Raval, Barcelona

Nicole Kush is another type of hybrid cannabis of Barcelona, which is created by Marimberos Seeds with the traditional Kosher Kush. The result is spectacular, a fragrant variety of wild berries and soil, a strong fragrance that seduces you. It is definitely one of the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona.

Casey Jones: Mon Ami Cannabis Club in Gracia, Barcelona

This is another great product, which definitely deserves being in this ranking of the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona. You can find it and it is developed at the Mon Ami cannabis club and it is a very tasty and pleasant variety with an excellent scent.

Mendocino Purple Kush: Circulo Cannabis Club in El Born, Barcelona

This club has the Mendocino Purple Kush, which is one of the best cannabis varieties and which is very popular in Barcelona. As the name says, it has arrived in 2017 from California and it has conquered the market straight away. The special feature of this cannabis is that it has many amethyst crystals that melt with the green of the gem. It is nice to see and excellent to smoke, and it is sold in the Circulo Cannabis of Barcelona in El Born. This variety really deserves to be in this list but also to be tried.

Super Silver Haze: Strainhunters Private Club in El Raval, Barcelona

The Super Silver Haze from Amsterdam gets full marks in this list, it’s sublime and it is maybe one of the best marijuana varieties in Barcelona. You can find it at StrainHunters cannabis club in Raval. This club is managed by the Green House Seeds of Amsterdam, which explains why it’s one of the best varieties in the city. The gems that we can find at the StrainHunters is the example of how the Super Silver Haze should be, and this makes it one of the best cannabis sativa in Barcelona.

Lavender Kush: Dr. Dou Smoker’s Club in El Raval, Barcelona

The Dr. Dou cannabis club offers excellent weed, one of the classic varieties in the world, which is a derivate of the Lavender Kush. The Dr. Dou has obtained this cannabis variety from the mix of two skunks. The result obtained from the Afghan variety and a Hawaiian one is a unique and powerful specie. It is a creation that differentiates itself from the classic characteristics generally attributed to this variety. However, it is the same for many different aspects available in this cannabis club in Barcelona.

Yumboldt: Club Saigon in Eixample, Barcelona

The Yumboldt  is another type of weed that deserves being among the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona, which is a Californian variety that become very popular. The Club Saigon has promoted this variety very well and many smokers appreciate it. The Saigon has produced it as a variant to the Californian variety for the Spanish market and specifically the one in Barcelona. The traditional one features very elongated gems, while this one, although having the same characteristics is compact and short. It has a very earthy flavour and it offers soft and pleasant smoke. This variety is available also in other clubs but the best one can be found at the Saigon.

Diesel Acido – Zen Cannabis Club in Gracia, Barcelona

The Diesel Acido is a variety made by the Zen Cannabis and it is classic weed that offects flavour and texture. It’s a very popular variety produced by the Zen Cannabis Club in Gracia in Barcelona. The Diesel produced by Zen is one of the best of this type and represent a very appreciated variant.

This list of the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona represents the best available in the city and produced locally by the different clubs. If you decide to visit the city, you can find this weed in the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, and if you find better ones please let us know where you found them.

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