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With Weedjam you will be able to join one of the best Coffee Shops in Barcelona!! Don’t waste your time, visit our website and become a member

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The Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are welcoming you!

If you are visiting this beautiful city and you want to relax and have fun surrounded by nice people, you can join the best Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona with Weedjam. Have a look at our guide and see where the clubs are located on the interactive map, follow our blog and keep yourself updated on all the news about the Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona.

With Weedjam you can access Cannabis Clubs and Coffee Shops very easily and without complications by choosing your favourite Club. The Clubs you find on the website have been chosen for you based on specific criteria such as product availability, variety, beauty of the location and comfort.

Social Cannabis Club Barcelona Weedjam

The guide that will help you find the best Barcelona coffee shops and exclusive clubs!


Weed BCN, is Barcelona’s largest network of private gentlemen clubs for tourists looking to sample the growing Barcelona weed market, whilst visiting the city, in a safe and secure way. Weed BCN compares all of the most popular weed clubs in Barcelona used by tourists and then makes recommendations on the best ones for you. Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona vary in design and environment and thats where Weed Barcelona comes in! We have created a website that not only tells you the safe places to smoke weed in Barcelona, but also the different types of clubs so that you can visit the Weed Club that offers the best environment for you and your friends when smoking weed in Barcelona, more information in the MEMBER GUIDE.

Smoking weed in Barcelona is legal if smoked in a private members club but illegal if you are caught smoking on the street so be sure to smoke weed in a club when visiting Barcelona and definitely do not buy from any street dealers as you can never be sure what you are buying and you will be arrested if caught by the Guardia Seville and could face a night in jail and face a fine. Therefore it makes even more sense to visit a cannabis club in Barcelona when you visit the city to make sure you are safe and legal. All of the weed clubs listed on our website range from rustic underground clubs such as those in the Gothic Quarter to more modern spacious environments such as those in the clubs off Las Ramblas in the heart of Barcelona. The good news is that there are many Cannabis club in Barcelona all within close proximity to the main tourist areas so whether it’s a ten minute walk or five minute taxi journey from your hotel, you will always be close to a Weed Club in Barcelona, for any question CONTACT WEEDJAM.

Useful information

Weedjam is the largest online portal where you can discover the Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, and it is developed for those who would like to get to know better the growing cannabis market in this city. Our network will help you find the perfect Social Cannabis Club in the big Spanish city. Not only you can find the most famous and loved by tourists, but also the favourites of the local people. This is why we offer you information and reviews, so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. This is our missing for you: offering you information online on Cannabis Barcelona and more importantly on how you can peacefully smoke weed in Barcelona. The variety of the offer and the style of the Social Cannabis Clubs are exceptional in this city, but Weedjam was born to provide you with the best on the market. We created a map that shows you the safest places where you and smoke, called Cannabis Map Barcelona, which is a special map that will allow you to choose the club that can allow you in as a member. We would like to mention that your Privacy would absolutely be respected in line with what’s required by law. Your personal data will only be used to register you onto the Social Cannabis Club Barcelona. Remember to read carefully the basic instructions that you will find on the webpage menu of Weedjam. You will be kept informed and you will be able to enter to one of the clubs thanks to the special invitation obtained through the registration at Weedjam, the largest online portal about Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona. On the portal you will find anything with respect to marijuana: Articles that talk about the laws and the consumer’s rights in terms of recreational cannabis, the fines you would incur if you get caught smoking in the streets, articles about ganja, thc and cbs, how to behave in a Coffee Shop, the rules and much more… Coffee shops in Barcelona are places where you can socialise and relax in nice company. We do this to make your holiday pleasant, without surprises, unique and unforgettable. We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm. In Spain there are laws that allow using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes in the Cannabis Clubs. It’s very important to respect the laws that regulate the cannabis consumption in Spain, especially around Barcelona. Even production for personal use is tolerated, and by doing so people help the Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona having always products that are accurately selected and of high quality. That’s why you should not hesitate getting in touch with us. Weedjam will take care of you and your amazing and relaxing holidays. Get in touch with us and discover everything about Cannabis Barcelona online with Weedjam.

Limited seats. Entry obtainable through prior contact. We recommend that you read the instructions on the web page carefully. Smoke responsibly, recognize your limits and relax in our Social Cannabis Club Barcelona.


Frequent Questions


Weed Clubs are legal in Barcelona provided that you are over the age of 18 and register to become a member to one of the licensed clubs that Weed Barcelona recommends. Be sure not to wander to unlicensed clubs as this would be against the law and you could be arrested. The safest way to ensure you smoking weed in Barcelona with Spanish law is to visit new of the listed clubs on the weed Barcelona website. We have checked and vetted all of the cannabis clubs you see listed on our website vigorously to ensure your safety when smoking weed in Barcelona. You must be invited to the club and pay a small membership fee in order to join.


In order to visit a regulated and licensed Cannabis club in Barcelona, you must pay a small membership fee of €20 per person, which is an annual membership and only payable once. You must also provide photographic identification such as a driving license, passport or National ID card to prove you are over 18 and you can therefore legally smoke weed in Barcelona. When you are in the cannabis clubs in Barcelona all of the prices are relatively similar and very cheap compared to other popular weed cities such as Amsterdam. Insert pricing information.


When you have decided what cannabis club you wish to visit in Barcelona, simply select which club you wish to visit and request an invitation. Once approved by the club, you will be emailed a invitation to join as a member. There are no upfront payments and you can pay the €20 joining fee when you arrive at the club. Remember to take you photo ID as without this the cannabis club may refuse your membership. Once you take your invitation to the club and paid your fee, you will be shown a weed menu and you can then select the type and strain of weed you wish to smoke. You can sit back, relax and meet new friends in the Barcelona weed clubs and remember, you can always go back now you are a member. We recommend that you visit at least two different weed clubs when in Barcelona as they all offer very unique environments for smoking weed in Barcelona and you will enjoy the variety for sure.


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