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Where to buy CBD

In Italy, after the legalization of the production and sale of CBD following Law 242 of 2016, many retailers were born. Both in the form of classic street shops and through various online trading sites. It is therefore very easy to understand where to buy CBD. The Italian law mentioned above has legalized the cultivation and production of a particular type of hemp sativa, also called industrial hemp.

CBD is obtained from the latter. This type of crop contributes, in fact, to reducing the environmental impact in agriculture by enriching the soil, combating desertification and purifying the air. Several scientific studies have in fact shown that hemp absorbs up to ten times more carbon dioxide per cultivated hectare than a normal forest.

Differences between CBD and THC

A controversial in the marketing of hemp-based products is the simultaneous presence of THC within the inflorescences themselves. In fact, in the same way in which CBD, a natural and beneficial chemical substance, is obtained, it could be difficult to exclude the simultaneous presence of THC. Which is a psychotropic substance, that is, capable of altering perception. Italian legislation has set the tolerance for the presence of THC in a very low range, between 0.2 and 0.6%. Therefore, in the shops where you can buy CBD, the products sold are guaranteed to be safe within the terms of the law and health safety. Here is a list of places to buy CBD safely:

  • Online shops. Very thematic and focused on all aspects related to the legal use of hemp. It is possible to find there from oils to foods, even clothes;
  • Businesses that sell drugs without the need for a prescription often also include CBD-based products in their offer. For THC-based medicines with values ​​above 0.6%, a regular medical prescription is required;
  • Herbalists and coffee shops. Since it is possible to consume the right amount of CBD in the form of herbal teas, foods and drinks can be found within these store categories;
  • Organic shops and electronic cigarettes. Obviously, being a plant of natural origin, CBD products can be found in some particular organic shops.

How to consume CBD

Once you have established where to buy CBD, it is also useful to know in what form you can take it. Mainly its use is linked to oil, which is one of the main cannabis-derived products on the market. The CBD extract is diluted in a carrier oil to create a very versatile product. Basically, three types of oil are marketed, differing in the concentration of CBD and THC.

The full spectrum oil, so called because it contains all the cannabinoids contained within the hemp plant. In addition to these it also contains minerals, vitamins, fibre, proteins, essential fats contained in the plant. Another type of oil, defined as broad spectrum, which contains all the aforementioned properties of hemp but is free of THC. And finally an oil in which only CBD is isolated, without other natural components.

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