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In order to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona you need to satisfy some criteria and follow some conditions, then you can contact us via email at or you can fill out the form that you can find on this page.

These are the conditions:

  1. You need to be 18 years old.
  2. You should not sell, exchange, give or offer cannabis-based products available in the club to anyone who is not a member of the same cannabis club.
  3. You will have to give a Spanish address to the cannabis club: you don’t need to prove it but you cannot give the address of a hotel or hostel. The club won’t share it with anyone so any residential address will do.
  4. The annual subscription fee of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona is between 25 to 80 Euros depending on the club.
  5. You should speak English or Spanish or both.

So, send an e-mail with these 4 points:

(If you want to know how we protect, safeguard and use your information, see the PAGE ON PRIVACY HERE.)

  1. You need to mention your real name, which will be checked against your ID.
  2. Mention your real age.
  3. Mention the date and time of the day you want to join as a new member once you reach Barcelona. You can choose a time between 1pm and 9pm.
  4. If you are with someone, mention the name of those who will join you in the cannabis club in Barcelona, of course mentioning their real names, as they will also be verified against their IDs.

Send this info to: and you will get our assistance very quickly.

Send the information indicated in the four points above to: and we will help you straight away, so add our email address to your “SAFE ACCOUNTS” in your inbox.

Thank you for your time, we hope to see you soon!

While you’re waiting for our reply you can check our blog and guide, where you can find lots of useful information to make your experience at the cannabis clubs in Barcelona incredible!

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In Spain there are laws that allow using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes in the Cannabis Clubs.

It’s very important to respect the laws that regulate the cannabis consumption in Spain, especially around Barcelona. It’s for this reason that coffee shops in Barcelona offer a “free zone” where you can be sure you are not violating any laws.

Even production for personal use is tolerated, and by doing so people help the Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona having always products that are accurately selected and of high quality. That’s why you should not hesitate getting in touch with us. Weedjam will take care of you and your amazing holidays: choose a Club from our Cannabis Map Barcelona.

We provide you all the necessary tools to make you enjoy an amazing experience in one of the Cannabis Clubs Barcelona when you are on holiday. Get in touch with Weedjam: one of our operators will get back to you in less than 24h, and you can contact us through different social media by clicking directly on the following links:


We would like to stress the fact that your privacy will be maintained in conformity with the current law. Your personal data will only serve the purpose of subscribing you to the Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. Remember to read carefully the basic instructions that you will find by browsing the menu of the Weedjam webpage because by doing so you will make your life easier and smoke weed in Barcelona. Keep yourself informed so you can introduce yourself in a Coffee Shop in Barcelona by showing your special invitation obtained through Weedjam, the largest online portal on Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona.

In the portal you will find anything about marijuana:

Articles that talk about the laws and the consumer’s rights in terms of recreational cannabis, the fines you would incur if you get caught smoking in the streets, articles about ganja, thc and cbs, how to behave in a Coffee Shop, the rules and much more… We do this to make your holiday pleasant, without surprises, unique and unforgettable.

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm.