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Where to find cannabis in Barcelona

Where to find cannabis in Barcelona

Where to find cannabis in Barcelona

Even if the Spanish city is becoming more and more popular, in this post we will tell you where to find cannabis easily in Barcelona. Of course we are talking about legal cannabis, the one sold in the authorized coffee shops and compliant to the Spanish law. The growing touristic attractiveness is also incentivised by this sector that has contributed at the same time to the growth of the black market. It is very important then to pay attention and to choose only products sold legally, guaranteed and safe.

Solution #1: join a private cannabis social club in Barcelona

There are over 200 cannabis social club in Barcelona, therefore is extremely easy as long as you join as a member. You can also check where you can find cannabis in Barcelona on this site, by following the information about the different clubs. To enter, you need to subscribe otherwise it’s not possible for you to access the club. In order to do so you need to find a sponsor who would be already a member of one of the clubs.

Apart from the member’s reference, you need to be over 18 years old and you need to respect the rules of the club such as not selling cannabis outside the club. This is forbidden by the club regulation but also by the Spanish law, in fact you cannot bring with you cannabis or smoke or sell in in public. To join the club as a member you will have to pay a yearly member fee, which for the majority of clubs is a minimum fee around 20 Euros. There are some clubs that are more exclusive and where the fee can reach 30 or 50 Euros. To subscribe you will have to give your personal information and provide a valid ID. Nothing complicated, as there are safety procedures, therefore you can be reassured that your data will be kept safe and won’t be distributed to third parties nor the government.

Solution #2: buy on the black market on Las Ramblas and Barceloneta

If you prefer the do-it-yourself method and risky adventures, then you can find cannabis on Las Ramblas or Barceloneta. Las Ramblas is the main road of the city where there is always a lot of people looking for shops and bars. You can find a lot of people including North Africans wearing casual clothes from whom you can buy cannabis, weed and hashish. Very often you’ll find yourself being called to buy something, especially if you are young and showing a tourist attitude. However, it’s difficult to say what you can buy in terms of quality on the black market.

Some of them might even invite you to enter the cannabis clubs, which is anyway a behaviour that is not correct or accepted in the city. The cannabis clubs in Barcelona that allow this usually face problems with the police and they are not entirely transparent given that they most probably made of people facing issues with the law. Find out what you need to know about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Even in the Barceloneta area you can find the same people and situation mentioned above, therefore you need to pay attention. On the beach up until the touristic port you will find a lot of people trying to sell you weed or hashish. You need to be careful because there is a strong presence of the police. This post should help you find cannabis in Barcelona.

In these zones there are occasional thefts but fortunately nothing extremely bad such as someone being hurt has ever happened. It could be possible for you to deal with someone who takes your money and tells you “Wait here until I come back with the stuff” and you can be sure that you will never see your money, your stuff or that person again!

Solution #3: you could bring cannabis with you on board

It would be possible for you to take a small quantity of weed for personal use, however when you get to Spain things are slightly different. Once you land, controls are quite strict and it is easy to be caught on a train or bus. Of course the risk is worse in these cases because when you get caught you are held and you need to pay a fine of few hundreds of Euros.

In general it’s possible to fly with some cannabis between Amsterdam and Barcelona or towards other destinations such as some American cities or some cities in Portugal without any problems. However, you need to keep in mind that a flight might stop in other countries and you will be subject to the laws of those countries in case you get caught. These are assumptions that you need to take into account given that the risk is present.


Out of all the methods to find and consume cannabis in Barcelona, the best is definitely joining a cannabis club. The other option is to go for the black market assuming all the problems and risks related to it. It is very straightforward where to find cannabis in Barcelona and the choice is entirely subjective. If you want to consume cannabis in Barcelona safely while respecting the law, the best solution is to go for one of the best social cannabis clubs. It’s easy, safe and with all the benefits that come with being a member of a private club.

Where to smoke cannabis in Barcelona

Where to smoke cannabis in Barcelona

Where to smoke cannabis in Barcelona

Where can you smoke cannabis in Barcelona? Technically you couldn’t because it’s not legal to smoke marijuana in public places. Cannabis is legal only if smoked in cannabis clubs specific for this purpose. However, if you are careful you can smoke outside enjoying the view and the pleasure of this city. Read this article so you will discover how you can do it in peace.

Spanish laws in terms of Privacy allow people to plant and consume cannabis legally but only in private clubs. The law however does not allow possession or consumption in public places, which means that walking in the streets and smoking is not exactly advised. You can do it of course but you need to be discreet and respectful of the law. If you get caught smoking in a public place you risk a fine and the confiscation of cannabis. If you want to do it without risking anything read this post until the end.

Small guide:

  • Do not smoke cannabis close to kids or families
  • Do not smoke cannabis close to elderly people
  • Do not show off, keep your joint low and avoid coughing
  • Always look around for police
  • Throw away the garbage so as not to leave traces
  • Do not sell or give weed in Barcelona
  • Do not smoke too close to people you don’t know

If you need a reference to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, follow this link, choose and become member.

The locations in the city where you could smoke weed

Below you can find some points of attractio in Barcelona, more or less popular, where you could smoke cannabis. Take note.

The Castle and the Montjuic gardens – Montjuic Region, Barcelona

The Castle and the Montjuic gardens in Catalunia are an excellent place to smoke weed in Barcelona. Montjuic is a popular castle located in the east of the city, and on top of this small mountain you can find the castle with its beautiful gardens. In this peaceful place you can smoke weed with your friends with discretion and carefulness. It is a place where you can smoke safely.

Parc Ciutadella – El Born, Barcelona


Another place where you can smoke cannabis in Barcelona, the Parc Ciutadella is one of the best in Catalunia, and it extends until the zoo and the Parliament. In fact, the Parliament is inside the park, so it’s quite interesting smoking here. Anyway, being large, there are tens of places where you can smoke, avoiding of course the most crowded parts. Avoid smoking in the main street because those who did have been caught by the police who often use officers in disguise.

Parc Forum Poble Nou, Barcellona

Parc Forum is another place where you can smoke weed in Barcelona. Olympic games were played here in 1992 and it is also one of the most beautiful places in the city. It’s another nice place where to smoke weed in Barcelona, with large spaces and it’s perfect to relax and smoke. An area of Parc Forum faces on the port where you can see the walkway and enjoy the view.

Barceloneta Varrio sidewalk, Barceloneta, Barcelona

Walk on the Barcelona coast, which is the heart of the city where everyone gathers. This is the perfect spot to smoke while enjoying the sun but you need to be very careful and discreet. Choose a place on the beach and enjoy the sun and the weed but avoid excessive smoking and showing off. You can enjoy the sea and smoke, you can have fun and meet a lot of interesting people, artists, sellers and taste some local food.

MACBA El Raval, Barcelona (Superior end)

The MACBA is a world famous modern museum and it is also a meeting point for skaters and stoners. The people coming here are usually young and many go to do skateboarding and have fun. It is always crowded and this makes it an ideal place to smoke marijuana given that no one will pay attention to you, therefore you can smoke in peace.

La Rambla del Raval El Raval, Barcelona

La Rambla del Raval is a nice place to smoke marijuana in Barcelona, very similar to Las Ramblas but way more chilled, with a minor influx of tourists. Here you can walk and smoke, seat on the benches in total relax while you smoke weed. It’s also a nice place where you can smoke weed in Barcelona. Of rouce with discretion, even if the risk is inferior here.

Parc Guell Carmel Hill, Barcellona


Parc Guell is another good place where you can smoke weed in Barcelona and it’s probably the most beautiful park in the city. It’s the famous project of the great Gaudi and it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Lots of colours and a breathtaking view give the park a magical atmosphere that will make your smoking session special but pay attention not to bother anyone with your smoke because it is always very crowded, so enjoy the park instead!

The places that we have just mentioned are surely among the most beautiful and interesting where you can smoke cannabis in Barcelona. However, we suggest you to stay away from these below:

Las Ramblas, avoid the main streets in the centre from Placa Catalunya to the monument of Columbus. There is a lot of people at any time and there is always a lot of police, also in disguise therefore avoid smoking here.

Placa Catalunya, is on top of Las Ramblas, which is a highly checked area and full of people. You can smoke here only at early morning but you need to be careful because there are eyes and surveillance everywhere.

The Colombus monument is at the end of Las Ramblas, it is also always full of people around it. Police is always present here and it’s better not to risk it and to enjoy the place as a tourist without smoking.

Maybe these could interest you:

Average price of cannabis in Barcelona

Average price of cannabis in Barcelona

Average price of cannabis in Barcelona

Just like any other industries, cannabis has its market of reference and the average price of cannabis in Barcelona varies according to its quality as well. However, we should stress that the retail price of cannabis is way lower. Just to give you an example, in the ranking of the EU countries, Spain ranks first. This is due to the fact that legalisation is officially recognised and accepted at institutional level, which is something that led to many advantages and benefits. Among them, there is the advantage of supporting practically local producers, or farmers. This is because the cannabis production can be compared to any other plant and enjoys the same benefits.

Indeed the production is also supported by the many networks spread among the country where the cannabis produced is distributed and resold, creating a strong distribution network completely independent which is why prices are the best in Europe. Just to make a comparison, the cost per gram in Malta is five times more what you would pay in Spain. We are talking about a country with a favourable fiscal system, which explains the difference and why it is so. Barcelona in Spain is becoming the “cannabis capital”, exceeding landmarks such as Amsterdam. It is the case of an advantage in terms of costs and competition that the country is developing starting from the production.

Barcelona, the first European city for cannabis

Statistics say that the average price of cannabis in Barcelona is almost one third of the one sold in Amsterdam, which is already competitive given the many coffee shops in the city. It used to be a matter of numbers in the past but today what makes the difference are the sources of supply. The Netherlands cannot compete on this aspect given that Spanish production is expanding where the final product supplies the country and is exported. Below you can find the UN retail prices in dollars per gram of the main European countries.

  1. Spain (5 per gram)
  2. Montenegro (5,5 per gram)
  3. Portugal (7,3 per gram)
  4. Poland (7,8 per gram)
  5. Croatia (8 per gram)
  6. Czech Republic (8 per gram)
  7. Austria (8,8 per gram)
  8. Hungary (8,9 per gram)
  9. Italy (8,9 per gram)
  10. France (9,3 per gram)
  11. Belgium (9,6 per gram)
  12. Germany (11,1 per gram)
  13. Sweden (11,9 per gram)
  14. The Netherlands (12,9 per gram)
  15. Switzerland (13,1 per gram)
  16. Serbia (14 per gram)
  17. UK (14,8 per gram)
  18. Luxemburg (14,9 per gram)
  19. Norway (17,3 per gram)
  20. Greece (20,8 per gram)
  21. Ireland (21,9 per gram)
  22. Malta (25 per gram)

As we can see, Italy is halfway through the ranking, with an average price of around 9 dollars per gram, double the price of Spanish coffee shops. The average price of cannabis in Barcelona is also the cheapest in Europe and it is no surprise how it’s becoming the new destination for cannabis in the European market.

The success of Barcelona explained

The flourishing and growing cannabis market is organically increasing. The first reason being the lower price compared to other European markets that plays a central role for the city. Barcelona is also a touristically appealing city where there is a favourable and climate all year round that easily attracts a vast audience. The cannabis offer is just as wide as the cultural, entertaining and scenic heritage. In fact, in Barcelona only there are over 200 coffee shops and cannabis clubs, welcoming, trending and comfortable places. The wide diffusion of points of sale has contributed to even out prices, which also explains how the average price of cannabis in Barcelona is lower.

Definitely a weekend in the trendiest city of Spain and in the many cannabis clubs won’t rip you off. Prices, both for cannabis and accommodation are fairly affordable in this incredible city. Indeed it is easy to find great deals to spend a holiday in Barcelona at amazing prices. Cannabis sold in the metropolitan side of the city can have a price varying from 5 dollars or euros up until 15/20 euros. This mainly depends on the quality and variety, and obviously we are talking about recreational cannabis, sold legally and safely.

How to determine the average price of cannabis in Barcelona

This is a topic that you should check in person, in the sense that some clubs could get the finished product from their suppliers network but also produced by others. Usually, you can find different varieties of cannabis coming from other producers so as to offer a larger range of products. The average price of cannabis in Barcelona can vary with fractioned costs, but keep in mind that the lowest cost is around 5 euros. The final decision depends on consumers as well, who can decide which is the product closer to their needs.

We suggest judging some of the best cannabis clubs, where you can assess the offer and decide. On this website we have selected the ones that we believe being the best in the city, where products and ambience make the difference. Of course there are other famous clubs deserving a visit that we have listed here in this post. We suggest making a tour following your own preferences assessing the different cannabis clubs. This way it will be easier understanding the average price of cannabis in Barcelona and going to the clubs that offer the best products and quality. Then why not starting from our home page to take the opportunity to join one or more selected clubs?

The 7 best cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

The 7 best cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

The 7 best cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

For those who will come to this fantastic city, we would like to list the 7 best cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, which of course is based on our own experience. Given that there are about 200 clubs in the city that we obviously did not visit entirely, we can tell you that among the ones we visited these are the top ones! This list highlights the ones that more than others stood out for the quality of the products, the welcoming environment and the employees.

  1. Asociacion La Kalada

This deserves the distinction as best cannabis Club in Barcelona for the exceptional quality of cannabis based products. Here you can find the best inflorescences and hash in the city, and definitely deserves the first place. It’s located in the heart of Barcelona, in a peaceful zone not too far from the beach and Montjuic. This Club is famous because it offers its members exceptional cannabis tastings and here you can find the best experts of marijuana in the city.

  1. Greenardo

This Club basically offers everything you wish for, including a program of medical marijuana for the members. You can find it in the Horta zone, therefore an exclusive zone that is usually crowded with good people. Greenardo is popular for its Blue Zaffir variety that it has been able to produce for years. It’s among the 7 best cannabis Clubs of Barcelona and it deserves the second place not only for the products but also for the nice and looked after location. The members of this Club who use medical cannabis can obtain discounts and special treatment.

  1. NPK

It’s not one of the historical places in Barcelona but in the past year it’s becoming more and more popular. It is famous also for the nights with Dabadoo, and it is among the most fervent Clubs in terms of organised events. NPK offers his members a great variety of products with the best productions from all over the world. The club keeps attracting more people because it is in a calm zone and it is far from chaos. The cherry on top is that is one of the few, or maybe the only place that has an outdoor private area given that most of the Clubs are indoor. It is a great occasion to smoke under the sun of Spain.

  1. Choko

In this Club you can find a blend of cannabis and art. It is considered as one of the 7 best cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. It is also one of the few that produce its own cannabis, with the advantages that this can bring to the consumers. The first variety ever produced by them was called Choko, from which other excellent products such as Yuzu and Tao Pai Pai derived from. In this Club art is a constant, therefore they often offer exclusive art exhibitions, both bizarre and creative. There are many events such as after-parties of Spannabis and many private events.

  1. HQ

It became popular as it’s seen as one of the most exclusive cannabis clubs of Barcelona. Many people remember that for some time they refused subscriptions from new members. HQ is famous also for being one of the best producers of Rosin in Spain and members are happy to find it in the Club. It’s located in a very elegant zone of the city called Eixample, and maybe this is also a reason why this place is full almost every night. At HQ you can find an excellent selection of products for all taste and this attracts a large amount of people. The production is great and it deserves being among the 7 best cannabis Clubs of Barcelona, so go there if you have the chance and you will realise by yourself.

  1. StrainHunters

It’s managed by a very successful group of young people who are directly linked to the documentary series StrainHunters. They also have a YouTube channel where it’s possible to see the adventures of these people looking for cannabis around the world. The place reflects indeed a mix of adventure and colonial style design, very nice and welcoming. This Club is at the end of the inferior part of Las Ramblas, close to the Columbus monument. Here, those who love cannabis can find their heaven given that StrainHunters is managed by the same group of Green House Seeds and you can find everything for your enjoyment and relax. For example, you can find the best Super Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze, so maybe it deserved being more up in the ranking. However, among the 7 best cannabis Clubs of Barcelona it fits perfectly, considering that there are a total of 200. For the glutton ones, StrainHunters also offers small delicacies such as cannabis chocolate, many extracts and many other goodies.

  1. The Plug

Although it’s the last among the 7 best cannabis Clubs of Barcelona, this place is always full. The reason of their success lies behind their high quality products carefully controlled and selected. The Plug, among the other things offers a welcoming cafeteria in Amsterdam and it’s famous for its products also in the Netherlands. We are talking about a sort of extension in the Spanish land, where using the same Dutch formula is proving to be a winning strategy. Indeed, The Plug is rapidly gaining consent and is constantly growing, making us think that it will soon been the leader in the city. The Club is always well equipped and you can find tens of products, plus the place is nice and welcoming just as their personnel. There are always events where you can taste many products. When there are competitions such as the Spannabis, The Plug is always well present among the winners, which is a fact that proves the variety they offer and the quality of their products.

These are what we believe being the 7 best cannabis Clubs in Barcelona. Obviously the list is volatile, but this is how it is at the moment. This brief virtual tour could be useful when you decide to visit Barcelona, so you can use it as a reference, but definitely with almost 200 Clubs and a very promising market, this ranking could change in the next few months.

Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona: all you need to know

Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona: all you need to know

Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona: all you need to know

In this post we will go through the questions that many people ask when we talk about Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona. We will go through the most frequently asked questions that often don’t find clear and satisfying answers. In this article we will try to clarify some points by explaining where to consume cannabis, how to become a member and why.

-1 Will my data be shared with authorities by becoming a social club member?
No, clubs are private and they are not open to the public, therefore once you become a member your privacy will totally be protected. Your information will be private and won’t be shared with any authorities, so you won’t receive any communication whatsoever from us.

-2 What’s the minimum age to join a Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona?
In Barcelona, just like the rest of Spain, it’s allowed to become a member only to 21 years old people. However, some clubs can allow it even to 18 years old people, but this depends on the policy of each club.

-3 Is marijuana legal in Barcelona? Are clubs legally authorised?
To fully give you an aswer to this question we suggest to read a couple of articles that are more complete. You can find them here and here.

-4 How long is the club membership for?
Once you subscribe to any Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona, you will be able to gain access every time you want for an entire year. You pay the initial fee and you can renovate your subscription every year.

-5 Are there any limits on buying in the coffee shops in Barcelona?
Every club has its own policy, just like any person has different needs. Anyway, the usual average daily limit is 5g of cannabis for every member up until 100g a month. It’s important to keep in mind that these limits apply to all products and not to the single one, therefore the monthly 100g can also be made of many products. In any case we suggest asking about these details in the clubs so as to be sure about the quantity you can consume.

-6 Can I take the cannabis with me after I buy it at the club?
Spanish law allows cannabis consumption in the clubs, so when you are in you are protected and you are not breaking any law. However, it’s possible to take with you a small quantity of cannabis for personal use. We suggest carrying it in your underwear in case you get checked. Indeed, intimate parts are not being checked and the police needs to have a warrant in order to do so. Intimate parts are definitely the best place to keep a little bit of cannabis.

-7 Can you smoke marijuana in the streets or public places?
No, this is not allowed as you cannot smoke nor show cannabis in public or in the streets of Barcelona. You can find more information here.

-8 Can foreigners or tourists join a club?
Of course, Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are open to everyone without any distinction. Read this article to know more.

-9 Which address should I use to subscribe?
There is no set rule and you can use any residential address for the subscription. However, some clubs do not allow using the address of hotels, hostels or holiday flats, in any other cases there is no problem.

-10 Where does the cannabis of coffee shops come from?
Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are often the producers of the cannabis they offer. In other cases, clubs can count on partial production that is integrated with the one of other local producers. Instead, other clubs buy it illegally in the black market, therefore it is important which club you subscribe to!

-11 Are there specific conditions for a therapeutic cannabis consumer?
No, in Spain there are no programs dedicated to therapeutic cannabis, but there are movements that support it. This means that even if you show a doctor’s prescription you won’t get any discounts or favours.

-12 What happens if I consume weed in the streets of Barcelona?
As we already explained in point (7) it’s better not to do it, and if you get caught by the police we suggest saying that you bough cannabis from someone on Las Ramblas. At this point you will be asked at most to fill in your details and provide them to the police. You will get a fine sent to your address that many pay and others don’t.

-13 How long does my subscription at Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona last for?
As we mentioned in point (4) the subscription lasts for a year but keep in mind that some clubs require their members to be active. This means that if you join and you don’t consume cannabis as a member for at least 90 days, your subscription will become “inactive”. However, the renewal is always required at the expiration date.

-14 Why should I show my ID?
Just like many other institutions, clubs take into consideration every new member who joins because no clubs wants imposters or unpleasant people. For this reason it’s necessary to subscribe with a valid ID to protect the members also in the case of a check from the authorities. The clubs needs to be able to show that every single person in the club has subscribed and has provided documents.

-15 What type of cannabis and which products can I find in the clubs?
Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are not all the same, therefore also the products differ. What you need to do is to gather information before you join, so that you know what you can find in the coffee shop. The point is that you cannot get in touch with the clubs to ask for information, the only way you can obtain it is by going in person. However you cannot know exactly whether a specific club has the cannabis you are looking for. You can find more information on this post.

-16 Can I work in any Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona?
The answer is obviously yes, the problem is that it will be quite hard to find a job. You need to know that once you leave your credential and contact, tens of others would have done before you. Another point that you should consider is that Spanish employers only hire local people and only very rarely people coming from other countries. However, if you are a resident, you hold a national ID and the NIE, you can apply with more chances of being hired. This means that you will be able to apply just like you would do for any other jobs.

-17 Can I join more than one club?
Yes, the majority of the members usually join other two or three clubs in Barcelona. There are no limits, you can subscribe to any clubs of the city without problems.

-18 Are the Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona safe?
Of course they are, in any clubs you are protected from any threats, including the ones coming from the police. Clubs are calm, reserved and safe places where even women, elderly people or disabled ones can find peace. In these cases we only suggest to consider the club accurately because they are not all the same. We advise to refrain from joining the ones that offer subscriptions for a low price. In these cases even the quality and the security will be low, therefore you could find a not-so-calm place that could be dirty and not so stocked.

-19 What’s the average price of cannabis?
This is a recurrent question, especially among the ones who have never been to a coffee shop in Barcelona. The answer varies because the price depends on preferences and budget. Also, there is a continuous tradeoff of products therefore it could be quite difficult to get a precise price. We suggest asking the club directly, but definitely if you find the right one, you will also get an interesting price.

-20 Where can I smoke marijuana in Barcelona?
Of course the best place to smoke weed is in the clubs, this for the above-mentioned reasons, so definitely the subscription is the best solutions. On this website you will find the list of the best clubs, selected and tested for you.

-21 As a member of a club can I take a guest with me?
No, this is not possible, as every customer in the club also needs to be a member, so your guest would need to join in order to gain access. Only members can enter the clubs otherwise this reality would become illegal. If you wish to take someone to the club with you, you would need to do it at a time when it’s possible to subscribe, a step needed to gain access. To do so, he will need to take hid ID and money for the subscription fee.

Until now we described the important things to keep in mind, for more information and details on Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona, we suggest you to read our guide here.

Legal cannabis, Germany “torches” its dogma!

Legal cannabis, Germany “torches” its dogma!

Legal cannabis, Germany “torches” its dogma!

Things change and even the country where rules organically belong to its DNA is opening to legal cannabis. The news is recent and for some is one of the consequences of the “green” revolution that the world is leading. However, Germans already launched an important medical cannabis production already in 2017, and their goal is to become the leader in the market. One would think that due to the automobile crisis, they are aiming at legal cannabis as an alternative in the market. Anyway, if they decided to take an important step, maybe also ideological, it means that they hold important interest in the sector.

In fact, Germany could become one of the European and world-wide leaders in cannabis production also because they benefit from their economic resources. This will have a significant impact in Europe because it will start a systematic legalisation in many other European countries. Why? Well, who do you think they will export their products to if legal cannabis is not accepted in all the other countries? This means that soon both in Italy and the rest of Europe dogmas will fall down just like it is happening in Germany. We will experience a whole new world where this plant will be “freed” after a century of political and economical obscurantism. Clearly this is possible only because behind legal cannabis there is business, the one that of course enriches and improves the GDP. So let it be if it this business brings back a little bit of freedom so we can appreciate the properties of cannabis for the benefit of everyone.

From heavy industry to marijuana

Legal cannabis, Germany “torches” its dogma!Definitely this won’t be the economic future of Germany, at least not for the time being, given that BMWs are still selling well although less impressively. There in Berlin at the Bundestag people are not sitting back and they know that sooner or later will have to compete with Asians. In the automobile industry they have enjoyed incredible decades but the party is about to be over, also due to the economic crisis. For this reason Germany is opening to “green” businesses and to cannabis in particular, because as we know, it yields more than tomatoes. This fact does not exclude that in the future Germans will become the leaders in the legal cannabis sector, which entails both production and processing. Do you understand why they are so interested in cannabis? Well, because you can make tens of quality products, but also medical and therapeutic ones out of hemp.

We can be sure that Germans will do anything to grow this business and to do it, they will pressure other countries as well so that the market could standardise. In other words, they will do this so that the market could buy the marijuana products made in Germany. So, after having filled us with polluting cars, they will give us so much to smoke to improve our health, our wellness and for the sake of a totally green lifestyle. Right now, this theme is being discussed in Italy as well, maybe after an invitation coming from Berlin, however, what matters is putting bigotry aside, opening the minds, and above all, opening to legal cannabis. This step would bring us back to the past, when hemp was being used to create many products apart from being smoked. This plant can be found in nature just like rosemary and if Earth has given us such a gift, there must be a reason, therefore let’s reap its benefits.

The last wall in Germany is falling

They have been witch-hunting for 50 years in Germany and legislators have tried all they can to fight cannabis. They made mistakes and today they are the first to make up for this ideological and cultural delay. CDU, that is Merkel’s conservative party has always fought against any types of drugs including cannabis but today it has changed its mind. It’s time for a change and what follows is the fall of thousands of taboos that where only in the minds of those who were thinking by stereotypes and never by logic. Anyway, this is a good occasion for Germany given that legal cannabis will take the country to a new more open and tolerant social paradigm.

After all, post-war Germans have been mollified by the guilt of past generations. Now times are mature enough for a change in the mentality, given that a wall fell not even 30 years ago therefore now it’s time to break the one against cannabis. Two different changes that both explain the German modus operandi of “it’s never too late to change rules” and take advantage of them. Numbers are definitely more convincing than ideologies, and the forecasted income is 8 billion Euros within 5 or 6 years. This could explain the German U-turn that does not dislike money at all.

Why business doesn’t sleep

Those who know history know that cannabis was banned from businesses because it was out of control and everyone could harvest it, therefore it wasn’t a good thing. Today businesses are devoting themselves to legal cannabis, obviously produced industrially. This will certainly bring benefits for independent producers and small local businesses, but it is an unavoidable side effect. The colour of money is green and with cannabis this acquires even more authenticity, especially when entire governments take over to help human and economic progress, which is the main engine.

Definitely Germany will be the watershed that will open the doors to legal cannabis. It doesn’t matter that it does so for its own interests, what matters is that hopefully this will rehabilitate the plant and commercialise it as the miracle it’s always been. Hopefully discrimination and non-sense criminalisation against cannabis will come to and end and money will be made out of it. In the end every conquest does not come for free or is not granted, however this time we can be sure that everything will be alright and finally we will se the Chancellor smoking a little!