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Cannabis social club Formentera

If you are looking for some of the best cannabis clubs in Formentera, there are some things you absolutely need to know. Firstly, in Formentera, as in the rest of the Balearics, there are stricter restrictions and stricter enforcement rules than in the cannabis social club scene of other Spanish cities such as Barcelona or Murcia.

So, before looking for your Formentera cannabis social club you need to make sure you inform yourself about the rules in use there. In places like Sant Ferran it is not very difficult to find where to smoke cannabis, although in Formentera it is a little more complicated than in Ibiza, for example.

The rules of a cannabis social club

As mentioned in the Balearics, and therefore also for Formentera cannabis social clubs, there are serious legal ramifications for cannabis clubs that do not follow strict regulations. This makes most cannabis clubs in the area slow to trust new people, limiting access to members only. Since these clubs try to follow the rules but are also aware that potential mistakes and gossip can ruin their business, it may take some time to gain access to one of these clubs. The best route to access is:

  • Request an invitation to become a member.
  • Be prepared to show your identity when you show up at the club. This involves having to show your passport or other legally valid identity document to prove your identity.

Once these fundamental steps have been completed, it is necessary to be invited to join the association by an already registered member.

Spain as a new Amsterdam

Spain has been called the New Amsterdam in recent years due to its leniency towards cannabis. It may not be as indulgent as Amsterdam itself, but every user will be able to enjoy smoking legally in private places such as the Formentera cannabis social clubs. Cannabis is decriminalized in Spain, although not entirely legal. This means that the place you purchase from must be regulated, such as cannabis social clubs.

Smoking cannabis is only permitted when inside your home or club facilities and could result in consequences if you are caught smoking outside. For this reason, the best thing, being in Spain for tourism, is to join the Formentera cannabis social club. There are differences in private rules from club to club, so the same ones do not always apply. For example, in some social clubs it is allowed to take home 3 grams a day, while in others it is allowed up to 8. Another significant difference concerns the minimum eligible age, for some it is 18 years, for others it consists of having reached the 21.

To access a cannabis social club you must necessarily be invited by an existing member and pay an annual membership-only subscription, which can vary from 20 to 50 euros. If you are not a member of the cannabis social club you will not be allowed access or to take anything out of the club, it is a form of protection for members of this type of non-profit association.

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