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Cannabis social club Granada

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and Granada, located in Andalusia in the southern part of the country, is no different. Many of these tourists come to Spain in addition to art, culture and food because of the popularity of cannabis social clubs. The cannabis social club Granada is among these. It is good to remember that in Granada, as in the rest of Spain and the world, smoking or consuming cannabis is not legal. On the other hand, under Spanish law marijuana has been decriminalized for use inside a private home and can even be grown for personal use.

What are cannabis social clubs

The safest way to smoke cannabis is to join a cannabis club. These clubs are found throughout Spain and are famous for both the quality of the product you can receive and the fact that it is legal within the club’s walls. Spanish cannabis clubs, as well as the Granada cannabis social club, follow strict guidelines that must be respected. Each club has its own specific regulations but the condition that everyone must join the club before being able to attend it applies. The main conditions to be fulfilled are age limits.

Most age limits are from eighteen years of age, but some clubs require you to be at least twenty-one.

  • Identification: in order to join a club it is necessary to register and therefore provide a valid identity document, such as a driving license or passport. This also serves for the legal protection of the cannabis club.      
  • Presentation: it is almost always necessary to be introduced to the club by a person who is already a member; therefore, it is essential to contact the relevant club in advance and make arrangements in this regard.

What are the main social clubs in Granada

All clubs, including the Granada cannabis social clubs, operate in compliance with the rules established by law and therefore constitute a safe place for those who want to smoke cannabis for recreational purposes. In compliance with the daily limits indicated by law, clubs provide their members with a certain amount of weed per month in exchange for a membership fee. The main cannabis social clubs in Granada are the following:

  • Hempower CSC Granada
  • Indica Private Club, located in Santa Aurelia 1.
  • Coffee Shop The Happy Garden
  • Coffee Shop Club Private
  • Club Social Malaga

Before visiting any cannabis club in Granada, it is advisable to make sure you contact them. Not just to avoid a club that may have closed in the meantime; but above all to make sure they accept new members. It is not uncommon, in fact, for some clubs to only allow entry to residents of Spain due to stricter enforcement of the law on people who can use their facility.

Depending on the club you plan to visit, most can be contacted to ask for more information on what they offer and whether they are accepting new members. By calling them or contacting them on social media, you may also be able to secure sponsorship over the phone or be able to arrange an in-person interview upon arrival.


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