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Cannabis social club Europe

Perhaps not everyone knows that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčestablishing Cannabis social clubs was conceived by¬†ENCOD¬†(European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies), a network of European non-governmental organizations that deal with the impact of international drug policies. Its aim is to¬†defend citizens’ right to consume certain substances¬†safely and raise awareness of cultivation for personal use.

According to the very definition released by ENCOD, Cannabis Social Clubs are established to protect the rights of Cannabis consumers and producers, and to help create Cannabis policies that can benefit society as a whole. Currently there are cannabis social clubs Europe in Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

How a cannabis social club works

Cannabis social clubs in Europe grow only for their members, therefore their sale or transfer to individuals who are not part of the association is prohibited. They are also characterised by:

  • Transparency and democracy, since, like any other legally recognized association, Cannabis Social Clubs are legally registered and have a statute and a democratic and participatory internal organization.
  • The decision-making body is the General Assembly which meets every year and in which all members are invited to take part. The production yield, consumption, activity, members’ register and accounting¬†can be consulted by the authorities, by all members or by other Cannabis Social Clubs.

But what is actually done in these clubs? In practice, each member can purchase a few grams of Marijuana per day for personal use, which must be consumed within the club itself, which guarantees privacy and security. It is not unusual, then, to find a corner dedicated to books and reading to spend time inside the club relaxing or interacting with other members.

Responsible and safe consumption

The Marijuana found in the cannabis social clubs in Europe is produced and sold to the association by grower members who collaborate in what is called non-profit collective cultivation of Cannabis. It is therefore our own cultivation at km 0 which takes place autonomously and without recourse to third party intermediaries. These growers are tasked with cultivating different varieties of hemp to meet the needs of all members.

Precisely because Cannabis social clubs care about the health of their members and the community in general, for the production of hemp they ensure that growers use organic procedures, without the use of pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, safe and responsible consumption is the top priority of these associations. Cannabis social clubs Europe have many advantages, but the biggest is that they ensure safety by eliminating the need to buy Marijuana on the black market.

The result of this entire process, from seed to harvest, under the supervision of the club, is that there are no more cut or low-quality products. Thanks to the activity of many clubs, jobs are also created, along with various products or services, which are obviously completely legal.

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