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Cannabis social club Lloret de Mar

Like almost everywhere in the world, smoking cannabis in public places and cannabis trafficking are completely illegal in Spain. However, it is considered legal to smoke cannabis in the privacy of your own home and also to grow it for personal use. Cannabis social clubs are places where people can enjoy cannabis in private with a few simple conditions: that they are over 21 years old and have a valid ID.

And so is the Lloret de Mar cannabis social club. The first cannabis social club was founded in 2001 and its model allowed the distribution of cannabis to club members for personal use. All the others that came later and are still in business were also based on that model, including the one in Lloret de Mar. However, there are some criteria that clubs must meet to be considered legal.

The club rules

Like all the others, the Lloret de Mar cannabis social club must also possess some fundamental requirements, including:

  • Be regularly registered with the regional register of non-profit associations.
  • Promote responsible cannabis consumption Be closed to the public.
  • There are only two ways to access the club: the first is to have a medical certificate certifying the need to consume cannabis for therapeutic use. The second is to be invited by a member to join the club.
  • Do not exceed the daily doses of cannabis required by law. Cannabis must be consumed within the club. Occasionally, you may be allowed to take it outside.

The model of social clubs such as the cannabis social club Lloret de Mar has been very successful: in Spain alone there are around 400 clubs. Furthermore, the model has inspired the formation of similar associations in other countries such as Uruguay, Argentina and Belgium among others. Crucially, cannabis social clubs offer protection, security and anonymity to their members. The authorities cannot enter one of these clubs without prior and specific authorization, nor acquire the data of its members. Discretion is obviously fundamental for this type of association.

How to become a member of a cannabis social club

For the most part these clubs are reserved for residents of Spain only. However, there are some like the one in Lloret de Mar that offer a temporary pass for tourists. To be part of it, simply follow these few steps: Contact the club and make an appointment.

Complete the documentation providing valid identification. As a tourist you will need to show your passport. Pay the membership fee which generally varies between 25 and 50 euros. This fee does not include the cost of cannabis. It is always good to remember that even if the phenomenon of social clubs in Spain such as the cannabis social club Lloret de Mar can cause confusion, cannabis remains de facto illegal in the country. For example, trafficking, selling and transporting cannabis, and smoking or displaying cannabis in public are all prohibited. The only legal use of cannabis is personal use in private places, such as that offered by social clubs.

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