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Cannabis in Gran Canaria, find out where and how to consume it

If you’re a Cannabis consumer, then Gran Canaria that is famous for its nightlife and its nice clubs could be the ideal destination. But mind that if you travel unprepared you could risk getting there and experience some misadventures. In fact, Spanish law regulates the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, which is not as permissive as one might think.

Therefore, I suggest you to invest a little bit of time gathering some information before departing. You could start by reading what I discovered for you. I can guarantee that by doing so you will find out that Gran Canaria is among the best destinations that you could choose for Cannabis!

Finding cannabis in the streets

Cannabis in Gran Canaria, find out where and how to consume itGran Canaria is an island full of opportunities. Nightclubs and a rich nightlife make it the ideal destination for your holidays. Also, if you are looking for Cannabis in the central streets or around the port, Gran Canaria will be able to satisfy your desires. Actually, I must warn you that probably cannabis will come and find you instead! It’s not difficult to find people with different nationalities getting closer to you and who offer different types of drugs. Although it’s more likely for them to offer you pills, you should not find it difficult to look for Cannabis, but I don’t suggest you to follow this path. You need to be careful as buying cannabis from random pushers is not the ideal solution. Apart from financing criminality, deciding to buy your Cannabis in the street exposes you to two different risks:

  1. First of all, you don’t know what you are buying: the quality of the cannabis can vary greatly if you buy it in the streets. You could be unsatisfied of your purchase.
  2. You need to be careful of police: there are rules to respect. If you are looking for Cannabis then Gran Canaria could seem like heaven, but just like everywhere else in Spain, it has very strict rules for it.

What the law says

Let’s find out what you need to know to survive without getting in trouble with the police. Just like anywhere else in Spain, where the law regulating Cannabis is quite permissive, Gran Canaria has very clear rules for it. Knowing and respecting them will keep you out of trouble and will allow you to fully enjoy your relaxing holidays.

Spanish law allows the cultivation and personal use of Cannabis as long as it happens indoor. What does this mean? If you cultivate your plants inside your house and you only smoke it in your flat, no one could do anything to you. However, if you try to smoke it in the streets or in a public place, you could run the risk of being fined by the police. Also, consider that the police checks are way more frequent than in Italy, especially during the weekends. You can understand that if you try to buy Cannabis in the streets then Gran Canaria, just like everywhere else in Spain, might not be that safe.

It is within the boundaries of the law that Marijuana consumer associations have been created in Spain. These are known as Social Clubs, and they allow their members to cultivate their weed “in common” and to consume it inside the club. I can guarantee that for a tourist entering a Social club is the best solution to buy and consume Cannabis legally.

Social Clubs, what they are and how to gain access

Have you heard already of Social Clubs? Let’s shed some light on these associations. Don’t expect a coffee shop like in Amsterdam, in fact in Spain as mentioned already the law is way less permissive. The fundamental prerequisite to cultivate and smoke legally is to do it privately. This means that the Social Clubs necessarily need to keep a very low profile so as not to incur in issues with the police. If you want to enjoy your Cannabis in peace, then Gran Canaria offers many Social Clubs but it’s not easy to join them. Every Social Club has its access rules, more or less rigid but they can substantially be summed up in two points:

  1. You need to be a local.
  2. You need to be of age (18 or 21, depending on the internal Club laws) and you need to hold a valid ID.

These are very important rules aimed at protecting all the members of the clubs therefore it’s necessary to understand and accept them. This being told, it seems like it’s extremely hard for a tourist to join one of these associations. Actually there are solutions to solve the problem.

If you have a local friend in Gran Canaria who is already a member in one of the Social Clubs, then you could ask him to introduce you. These associations work a lot thanks to word of mouth and acquire new members only if referred by existing members. This is definitely the easiest way, but Gran Canaria does not reserve this advantage to all the Cannabis consumers!

If you don’t know anyone but you don’t want to give up legal Cannabis, then you should try to get in touch with the single clubs. Many have their own websites with a contact form. You can try to write to them telling how much you would love having their membership card and explaining your reasons. They will ask you for an ID and in case they accept you, they could require the payment of a membership fee. Some clubs, among the most selective, also require an interview before finalising the subscription. If you accept their requests then you might be welcomed among the lucky members.

It’s important to remember that, even if you are a member of a club, you will never be able to smoke your Cannabis open air as Gran Canaria has a specific set of rules about it. Everything you buy has to be smoked indoor and if the police catch you in the streets with weed on you, it will ask you to throw it away and they will fine you. If the quantity goes well below the limit then you could incur even worse charges, and this applies even if your Cannabis comes from legal sources.

How to find a Social Club

Now that you have all the necessary information, you just need to look for a club where to apply. I suggest you to look online and you will find many in different parts of the island. Get in touch with the ones that you like the most and wait for their replies, which definitely will come.

There are also portals that exist online that could help with your search. For example, I would suggest to have a look at the list of clubs mentioned on the English website “Spain Weed Guide”. For every club you will find all the information needed and you can ask the membership card through them.

Now you really know everything about Cannabis, and Gran Canaria is waiting for you! Are you ready to fly?

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