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The quality of marijuana, how to check

For now labels such as the ones used for other products (DOP or DOC) do not exist for describing the quality of marijuana, which however is important to know for consumers. No matter how strange it may sound, among the cannabis consumers there are people who demand with good reason the quality of the product. This is because of course marijuana is not the same everywhere and it varies depending on the type of plant, the country of origin, the climate etc. This creates differences that sometimes are quite substantial and that can be immediately be spotted by the habitual consumer. Below we will discover how to distinguish good from bad quality of marijuana.

Check the shape and the appearance

It is good practice to pay attention to what you are buying, therefore check that there are neither branches nor seeds coming with the marijuana. Apart from increasing its weight and automatically the cost, the quality of marijuana will definitely be low and the flavour will be pungent. Check that there are nice green flowers and that the colour tends to a greenish one rather than brown.

If the color is dark and towards brown, it means that the quality is bad. Check also the color of the crystals, that is, the parts where the THC is mostly concentrated: the more these are present the better the quality. Mind though that the crystals need to be opaque rather than transparent because otherwise it means that they are not completely developed and the quality will be lower.

Smell it

The smell of quality marijuana is intense and you feel it very clearly. The stronger and more pleasant it is, the better the marijuana will be and more intense the pleasure in smoking it. You will perceive its quality even from your nose if you are an habitual consumer, and this makes it all easier.

If the smell is neither intense nor pleasant, close to the smell of grass or mould, please avoid it at all costs. It is definitely marijuana of the worst quality and won’t five any pleasure in smoking it. The bad smell indicates cheap production or bad drying; in any case it does not bring any quality.

Density and humidity

These are two methods that allow a good evaluation of the quality of marijuana. Its density, for example when you roll a joint, should not allow it to become too compact, otherwise it is difficult to smoke it. It has to be homogeneous without becoming a unique thing because otherwise it means that it hasn’t been dried or sieved well.

In terms of humidity, it’s important to pay attention because it is needed. However, a high level of humidity will significantly compromise the quality of marijuana and might mean that a part of it will go bad in a short time.

These are the main methods to assess the quality of marijuana, or at least they are the ones that you can use when you are buying it. In any case, they are easy and they give you the chance to assess the quality straight away, and with a little bit of care you will be able to buy and smoke only quality marijuana. This way you will avoid products with an awful taste and that do not bring any pleasure.

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