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Therapeutic cannabis for cats and dogs, when and why using it

If you are wondering whether this is a joke we are going to tell you that it isn’t, instead, therapeutic cannabis for cats and dogs is a real thing. First of all, let’s go through an overview to see what we are talking about when we refer to therapeutic cannabis. In this case we talk about CBD oil, precisely an absolutely legal product that is practically innocuous. In fact, CBD oil for therapeutic use, in this case for our furry friends, doesn’t contain more than 0.3% of THC. Thus this is legal in Italy and other European countries where it is marketed without any problems. In other words, CBD is the acronym of cannabidiol, that is, one of the main components of hemp. This, opposite to tetrahydrocannabinol, has no psychoactive side effects.

Indeed, therapeutic cannabis for cats and dogs in the form of CBD oil, constitutes a good system to improve the relationship with pets. This is mainly because it can ease their discomfort, fears and stress. We should not forget that these are pets only because we choose them to be, but in reality their nature is different. Of course, before doing any experiment on animals, the positive effects of CBD oil have been tested on humans. For once we have been the guinea pigs for our pets and this aspect has its ethical-moral sides!

The CBD oil for dogs

The dog is our quintessential best friend, it has always been therefore we take good care of him and we make sure he’s got everything he needs. Therapeutic cannabis for cats, dogs and pets can help our furry friends in many ways. For example, have you ever thought how stressful loud music or fireworks can be for our dogs? Tolerating such levels of decibels for a dog means being scared, nervous and stressed. With CBD extract this fears can disappear or drastically improve.

Obviously we are not talking about “drugging” or sedating the dog so as not to make him “suffer” but simply helping him ease his tensions. Clearly with extracts and products of this type the problem is solved and this finding has already been proved, even if it is still on trial phase. In order to understand the phenomenon it’s important to know that dogs go haywire during noisy fireworks shows. Unfortunately, veterinary clinics go haywire as well, and problems increase as a consequence of fireworks or excessive party noises. Research in this field is still ongoing and it will still take some time before a final conclusion. However, so far proofs tell us that CBD oil can reduce the stress of our dogs, improving the quality of their lives. What’s certain is that CBD activates with the endocannabinoid system (ESC) without bonding with CB1 and CB2 receptors such as THC, and producing many positive effects for our pets.

When to use CBD oil for the cat

The cat isn’t an easy animal: we consider it as a pet but actually it isn’t even if more often than not we find it on our couch. The cat is an independent animal with a free spirit, even if sometimes there are exceptionally lazy cats that are not keen on “wild” life outside. Therapeutic cannabis for cats and dogs is obviously an option and represents a good method to make the cat less aggressive. This doesn’t mean changing his nature but simply easing his not-so-gentle feline side that is a trait that not all cats feature. Some cats are docile, lazy and inactive, while others are often a problem to keep calm, especially when they are at home.

Anyway, there are other important reasons why cannabis could be used, for example when cats suffer from anxiety, stress or inflammation. Another issue that could be eased is for example the lack of appetite, something that can be found in many domestic cats. These particular issues can be improved and in many cases solved with CBD oil. There are also other serious conditions such as arthritis, pancreatitis, asthma, or gastro-intestinal diseases and many cats get sick due to food, with consequences that can lead to very strong and agonizing pain. By using CBD oil this pain can be eased by ensuring a less painful and easier life to our cat.

Where can I find CBD oil and how to dose it

We finally reached the classic question that interests those who have reached this point while reading. The first thing that we suggest is to speak to your vet about this theme, as many specialists suggest this solution often. Therapeutic cannabis for cats and dogs is anyway easily available. Cannabis shops or stores that sell products from hemp usually also offer its extracts. Dosing depends on the size of the animal and ranges from 0,1 to 0,5 mg of CBD per kg of the animal.

Once you get the green light from the vet, unless he suggested this therapy first, you can feed the pet with the oil, while respecting the suggested dose and noting down any possible adverse reactions in the animal, especially during the first doses. If you don’t notice any unusual behaviour, then it means that the dog or cat tolerates it perfectly. At this point the journey will begin and it will significantly improve the quality of life of your pets and as a result your relationship with them. Of course we are talking about a careful and controlled dosage of cannabis-based quality products of quality.

To conclude, therapeutic cannabis for cats and dogs is an evolution that is in line with ethical and moral standards, and we will do a good thing for them and us by avoiding useless suffering for our pets and above all by solving their health problems!

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