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Home delivery for weed, therapeutic cannabis

In such uncertain times. Getting home delivery for weed could make a difference! I am thinking about those who consume cannabis for therapeutic use and all of a sudden found themselves without a way to restock it. With the quarantine, many people who were using marijuana to ease their health issues. Found themselves in the situation of not being able to find it.  So, apart from the uncertainty of the future and the fear of the virus, they saw their health conditions worsening.

Home delivery weed could then help all those habitual consumers who are forced to stay at home right now.

Therapeutic cannabis. Usage

In the past years therapeutic cannabis has spread widely also thanks to the possibility of having it prescribed for a number of pathologies that would greatly benefit from receiving cannabis through home delivery.

According to the ministerial order of 9th Noember 2015, therapeutic cannabis can be prescribed for a range of pathologies. Although, according to the order, it cannot be considered as a therapy, weed is being used as a symptomatic treatment and aid for many illnesses. Otherwise it can be authorized as a treatment in all those cases where official treatments do not obtain the desired outcomes or have too heavy side effects.

The treatments

The cases of cannabis being prescribed legally and that,in these days would benefit from cannabis home delivery are the following:

  • Pain treatment for some pathologies such as multiple sclerosis and injuries of the spinal cord in case of resistance to traditional therapies.
  • Treatment of chronic pain that cannot be treated with traditional analgesics, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or neuropathies.
  • Treatment of the effects of chemotherapy or against HIV as cannabis is used for its proved antiemetic effect.
  • Treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia or loss of appetite of oncological patients thanks to its property of stimulating the appetite.
  • Treatment of glaucoma when this resists traditional therapies, for its hypotensive properties.
  • Treatment of Tourette and Gilles syndromes thanks to its capacity of reducing the involuntary movements of the body.

All those suffering of such issues who have found relief by using cannabis, now find themselves struggling because they are unable of sourcing it. The recurrence of chronic pain or other issues will be unavoidable. If there is no action plan to provide home delivery of cannabis for those who need it, their quarantine will become a cage. The pain that arises again without solution will make the forced isolation a real hell for so many people.

Prescription of therapeutic cannabis

cannabisThe means for consuming therapeutic cannabis are either through decoction or vaporization. Only the GPs or specialists can prescribe the cannabis-based treatment to those who show the above-mentioned pathologies. If, on top of that, you consider that normally doctors dislike prescribing therapeutic cannabis, you will understand how difficult it can be sourcing cannabis. Those who find themselves in situations of great despair, already in normal situations find it hard to obtain a prescription. During this emergency the situation got even worse. Sourcing cannabis is not easy and we hope that weed home delivery will become a rule for those who need it. We hope for a system of delivery that would take into account the conditions of the patient and that would help him not being exposed to the contagion.

Covid emergency and sourcing cannabis

In this period of social distancing, patients being treated with cannabis belong to the category of fragile individuals who need to be defended. Oncological patients, people with HIV, neuropathy, fibromyalgia are all people who need to be protected from the virus. They are patients who, more than anyone else have to apply the social distancing and avoid to go out as much as possible. We have seen that specifically those patients with previous pathologies are the ones that are more vulnerable to the Covid-19.

Most of the deaths of the pandemic come from fragile patients such as the elderly or people previously sick. Requiring people suffering from different pathologies to go out to get their medicines means putting them at a higher risk of losing their lives. This is the main reason why people are now requesting to have their weed delivered at home.

Home delivery. Need of including cannabis among the essential goods

A system of home delivery that could help all the fragile people is very important. In these days people are working towards this direction trying to avoid going out. However, if the food deliveries are slowly being implemented with difficulties, we cannot say the same about home delivery for weed.

People who need it to treat pathologies that could not be helped otherwise, are finding themselves in an unpleasant situation of having to go out to source it. The sick people or their relatives, have to expose themselves to the possible contagion in order to get an important medication.

All this creates difficult and uncertain situations in those who should be protected in this period of big emergency.

For this reason we hope that a system of home delivery for weed will be implemented for those who really need it.

We are not talking about leisure weed, that although is great for relaxation, is not included in the necessities. This is a very important medication for all those who, after trying “official” solutions, got to know cannabinol as last resort. Finding oneself in the middle of a pandemic, blocked at home, without a way of easing their pain, is a very unpleasant situation that needs a solution.

Let’s help those in need by thinking of a program that includes home delivery for weed for those who, having a right, request it.

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