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Coronavirus: how our habits change

The Coronavirus is a watershed between what we were and what we will be once the emergency comes to an end. The unavoidable stop that it is imposing on us makes us reconsider everything in a new way. All our habits need to be reconsidered taking into account this huge health emergency that has reached all the world.

Protect yourself to protect others

The most important thing to take into account when talking about Coronavirus, is its rapidity of diffusion. The exponential growth of cases that we have witnessed in the past weeks has paralyzed our society and radically changed our habits.

The keyword now is #Istayhome, and the priority is now preventing Coronavirus from continuing spreading. Every new outbreak brings us closer to a healthcare systm collapse and we should not allow this! The priority is to protect ourselves to protect those who, hit by Coronavirus, might not survive.

The elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions need to be protected from the outbreak, and the only way to do so right now is social distancing.

Then, let’s all stay at home! Let’s live in our own walls avoiding external contacts as much as possible.

If you really need to go out make sure you are protected to as not to bring Coronavirus at home and infect our loved ones.

Shaking hands, hugging and being too close are banned. You need to keep yourself one metre away from everyone, wearing gloves and mask and once you reach home you should leave your shows outside.

You need to wash your hands carefully more frequently but more importantly you need to think that we will manage to get out of this situation.

We are all far but we are all together in fighting the Coronavirus and in keeping it away until a valid solution will be found. You need to protect yourself for your benefit and to protect the community: every person that escapes the outbreak will save other lives!

Usual habits during coronavirus times

It’s important to try and maintain our habits as much as possible. Try to do your workouts, get some daylight, work and study as usual… Indoor. Coronavirus does not make discountr.

It’s not easy. Limiting freedom of movement added to the worry of this illness can lead to anxiety that can make the quarantine a real nightmare!

In Italy they are trying to face the issues in a creative way, just like it’s always been! We can’t see each other? Let’s talk from our balconies. You can’t go to the clubs or bars? Let’s dance on our rooftops while sharing music during times that won’t be repeated. All over the country people are starting initiatives to share music, songs and dances from afar to feel the same sense of belonging. The amazing part is going on the balcony and see your neighbors putting their hands up to wave at you, which is something you would have never thought of.

The virus, although it’s requiring us to keep the physical distance, it’s getting us closer. We are united to fight and save our habits and our lifestyle from an epochal chaos. The empty streets are being filled with stares and smiles of the people from afar who can’t wait to be back in the streets to meet.

Anxiety and stress, how to deal with them

Italy under Coronavirus is a compassionate and resilient Italy. The power in each of us is being challenged and most of us are trying to do their best. Rules and privations for the common benefit are the mantra that everyone is following to support each other in this period.

However, it’s not easy. One might experience anxiety and stress episodes linked to this particular situation we are facing and the privations we are experiencing. The anxiety of fighting against an invisible enemy for which we seem not have defences, can lead to states of strong distress.

It’s very important to try to calm down and to live this emergency peacefully. But how?

Friends are of utmost importance! Keeping in touch with those you love, even if far, is fundamental! So be it all the possible tools: phone, Skype, WhatApp, Telegram, Messenger. Every tool that helps keeping our contacts with the external world will help us live better.

It’s important to set a daily routine, filled with work, movement and leisure, opting for activities that are relaxing us.

A good book, series, music, are all activities that can be done in house and that will help us feeling better.

Cannabis as an aid for anxiety

If you are way too anxious, you will need to keep it down and surely cannabis can help. Cannabis is legally used to treat anxiety and stress because it helps relaxation. Smoking can help ease the emotional burden due to quarantine and helps dealing with it better!

Using cannabis as an adjuvant in the treatment of anxiety is proven and widely recognised. The cannabinol helps relaxing without causing addiction and that’s the reason why it’s preferred to any other anxiolytic in the market. You should also not forget about the leisure side of it! The long home days during Coronavirus sometimes seem neverending! After watching all the series on Netflix time seems expanding leading to boredom. How to deal with it?

Boredom is never good, and in the void caused by the pandemic, negative thoughts increase and you get into a vicious loop that lead to anxiety. Cannabis can help in this case!

Once you run out of tips, including videocalls, online games, rooftop dances, homemade pizza, you need to find something to relax. Something that could help us sleep and that could relax us for the next day full of energy.

Cannabis, as I said, in this case can also help. Its active substance, apart from acting in an effective way against anxiety, is powerful relaxing tool. Taking cannabis can help calming down and falling asleep.

Finding the way to relax is an important thing in such a period of uncertainty and fear because, if we are relaxed and peaceful, we feel good. And if we feel good, we are able to make a collective effort to fight and win this battle.

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