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Spannabis Barcelona 2020, the cannabis fair

Spannabis Barcelona 2020, the cannabis fair

Spannabis Barcelona 2020, the cannabis fair

Like every year, the Spannabis Barcelona 2020 is back! From the 13th until the 15th of March 2020 the CornellĂ  fair will host the most important European Cannabis event.

Spannabis Barcelona 2020 is definitely and important event for the people working in the sector, but even the curious people could find its stands interesting.

Below you can find all the useful information in case you decided to go to Barcelona for this occasion!

Spannabis, a little bit of history

Spannabis Barcelona 2020 is the seventeenth edition of a fair that started in 2003 for the first time. It’s the result of an idea of a Spanish group that has imported the model, already existing in Europe, of a fair dedicated to Marijuana and its products. Among the European Cannabis fairs, this in Barcelona has become one of the main ones, exceeding the others in terms of size and relevance.

Apart from the first edition that happened in “Palau Saint Jordi”, Spannabis Barcelona 2020 will be held at the Cornellà fair, just like the previous ones.

Year by year the interest towards this event has grown, contributing to the enlargement of the exhibition area, the number of exhibitors and the visitors. The past edition has broken any previous record also thanks to the relevance given to Marijuana and its industry globally. Last year, over 17,000 square meters of exhibition and 500 international exhibitors attracted over 30,000 visitors! This is impressive if you think that this is happening in a country where cannabis consumption has not been completely legalised yet!

This year’s edition promises to do even better than the previous ones, both for number of visitors and exhibitors. The organization forecasted an increase in the exhibition area and the event will host a lot of initiatives as well as many stands.

Spannabis, program and attractions

Spannabis Barcelona 2020, the cannabis fairDuring the Spannabis Barcelona 2020 there will be the eighth edition of the World Cannabis Conferences. This is a series of meetings and conferences having cannabis as a main theme in all its versions. There will be doctors, scientists, politicians and businessmen owning cannabis-related businesses. The topics of the conferences will vary and will be interesting as it will deal with multiple aspects of the problems related to the cultivation, consumption and sale of marijuana. Consumption will be talked about in depth and topics will include therapeutic marijuana, its leisure consumption, international law and many other interesting topics.

Conferences at the Spannabis Barcelona 2020 hold a relevant role in bringing together the various actors rotating around this market, as this is still a fragmented industry and as laws differ based on the country. The favourable environment to the dialogue allows people to share their experiences and ideas, and sharing is extremely important in a pioneer industry such as the one of cannabis. If you have time and you are interested in the topic, I suggest you to have a look at the program, and you will definitely find some conferences to follow!

Spannabis Barcelona 2020 is not only the World Cannabis Conferences! At the exhibition you will find a lot of artists somehow connected to cannabis. The program includes three days of music to enjoy.

  • Friday 13-03-2020. Performers include Hidro, Shakti Alliance, Golfo de Guinea y Barbass Sound and Tribade.
  • Saturday 14-03-2020. There will be Sharin Skank, Purple Rockets, Paula Blu, Women Soldier w/ Awa Fall, Matah, BelĂ©n NatalĂ­ & High Paw feat Chalar58 and Kandee.
  • Sunday 15-03-2020. We’ll see on stage Full Spectrum Selectors, Afrikan Warriors, 420 Backyard Battle, Suka, Karlixx and Dj Rambla.

During Spannabis Barcelona 2020, there will be the Spannabis 2020 award ceremony. On Friday 13 the Spannabis Champions Club award will be given, which is an award given to the best growers. This is an important European award that is given in five different categories.

  • Award to the variety containing the highest quantity of cannabinoids.
  • Award to the variety containing the highest quantity of cannabinoids.
  • Quantity of CDB. Award to the variety containing the highest quantity of cannabidiol.
  • Extraction through solvent. Award to the variety containing the highest quantity of cannabinoids.
  • Extraction without solvent. Award to the variety containing the highest quantity of cannabinoids.

On Sunday the 15th, also other awards will be given: best stand, best seeds, and every other aspect of cannabis will be evaluated and awarded. The award ceremony is another interesting aspect of this event, aimed at normalising the production and consumption of this substance.

Cannabis, where to find it

You will be wondering if you can try or buy cannabis at the Spannabis Barcelona 2020. I have to be honest and disappoint you as selling and consuming cannabis at the fair is strictly forbidden! Moreover, the exhibitors often use other vegetables instead of marijuana. You need to know that Spanish law allows cannabis consumption only privately. So, if you cultivate and smoke it at your place no one can tell you anything, however, if you possess it in public and get caught you will be fined. This means that in a public space such as this fair, you will never find cannabis.

Then why organising a fair dedicated to cannabis if there is no cannabis? This is an industrial fair where growers as well as their suppliers (creating farming and transformation systems) participate. You will find greenhouses, irrigation systems, lighting or heating systems but you won’t find cannabis to buy and smoke!

But don’t despair: you can take advantage of a visit at this fair. For example, you can start contacting social clubs where you could go later on and try cannabis in peace.

To conclude, Spannabis Barcelona 2020 is a big occasion for the people working in the sector. Its important conference and award program, as well as the number of exhibitors, makes it a must for those who work in this sector. If you are interested in the topic, you should not miss this event. You can buy the ticket online and choose for the daily ticket priced 19€ or the three-day pass priced 40€.

What are you waiting for? Now that you have all the necessary information, are you ready to go to Barcelona?

Cannabis in Mallorca, where to find and buy it

Cannabis in Mallorca, where to find and buy it

Cannabis in Mallorca, where to find and buy it

If you are a Cannabis consumer, then Mallorca is definitely the perfect holiday destination! This Balearic Island is full of life and fun, surely a perfect destination for relaxing holidays.

If you can’t or don’t want to give up Cannabis, then Mallorca could be an island full of surprises and opportunities. However, pay attention and inform yourself before travelling so you will avoid problems and you will be able to enjoy an absolutely perfect holiday!

To help you, I gathered some useful information in case you were about to travel to the Baleares.

Is cannabis legal in Mallorca?

Just like everywhere else in Spain, Mallorca follows the same laws in terms of Cannabis. Indeed, you need to keep in mind that although Cannabis is tolerated, it’s definitely not legal!

If you are asking yourself how this is even possible given the growth of Social clubs, then let me tell you. In reality, both Spain and Mallorca witness a legislative gap in terms of Cannabis, which allowed for the consumption of marijuana only under certain conditions without enacting laws about it.

In few words, both the production and consumption of Cannabis are forbidden in Spain, however, private property and individual freedom are protected very well. This means that whatever the citizen decides to do in his property, is not the State’s business and generally the government cannot intervene. As long as you cultivate and consume cannabis privately, then you are allowed to do so. Be careful though that “privately” means a being in a place that is not exposed to the public: for example your balcony would not be private as it’s visible externally.

Another aspect protected by Spanish law is the freedom of association. This led to the creation of private clubs where subscribers delegate the cultivation of their own plants and go there to buy and smoke weed.

Be careful though that even if buying Cannabis is legit, Mallorca does not excuse anyone who is found in possession of marijuana in the streets! Buying and consuming marijuana in the social clubs is allowed but it’s not possible to take your purchases home.

Now that you have this information, you will understand how risky it is looking for drugs in any other way. Also, keep in mind that buying drugs supplied by criminality, it’s a punishable offence that could take you to jail. Let’s see now where to find Cannabis.

Buying illegal Cannabis

As we mentioned, Mallorca has a very wide offer in terms of Cannabis and you will be able to find any types of sellers in the streets and at the beach. Although it sounds like the easiest option, I suggest you to consider the following aspects before opting for buying from them.

  • First of all, you cannot control the quality of what’s being sold to you. Even if in Spain the quality of cannabis is generally good, buying it in the streets is a risk due to the completely absent controls.
  • As already said, buying from drug dealers is a crime and even if Mallorca is pretty tolerant in terms of Cannabis, I discourage you from taking the risk. A police check could seriously be troublesome.
  • Moreover, by buying from local dealers, you are contributing to organized crime and this is never a good thing, as you know!

If you really want to buy Cannabis then Mallorca offers better and safer solutions. Let’s have a look.

Social Club: what are they and how to get access

Cannabis in Mallorca, where to find and buy itAs I explained already, Spanish law has favoured the creation of private clubs where Cannabis can be cultivated and consumed. These clubs are now named Social Clubs. I can guarantee that going to Social Clubs is the best option to buy the weed you need. But how can you do this? In reality the access to these clubs is not always easy. There are strict rules that limit access and protect their existing members. First of all, you need to be over 18, you need to live in Mallorca and you need to hold a valid ID. Some Social Clubs also require a membership fee.

You need to think that this set of rules has been created to limit access, as this is a business that was born following a legislative gap. This means that clubs keep a low profile to avoid problems with the authorities. They prioritise the protection of their members as, at least on paper, these companies are not aimed at profiting.

Then, how can you join one of these Social Clubs? If you are interested in joining a Social Cannabis Club in Mallorca, then you need to act quickly. It’s true that it’s hard but it’s not impossible if you know what to do! There are some ways to bypass the strict access rules. Let’s see them.

  • If you know anyone in Mallorca who is already a member in a social club, then you are set! Social Clubs only accept new members if they are recommended by an existing member.
  • If you don’t know anyone local, don’t despair. You can start by doing some online research and see which clubs are in the area. Then try to contact them via email or phone. You can explain your needs and kindly ask to be admitted. You will be asked to send an ID and to pay a membership fee as it’s common practice. Some clubs might ask for a preliminary interview before accepting you as a member. In this case you have to accept it if you want to be admitted.

Looking for clubs online is not difficult as you will only have to search for “Cannabis Mallorca” and scroll through the results. Get in touch with the different clubs close to your area of interest and you’ll see that you will find everything you’re looking for!

To make your job easier you can find below some clubs that you could try to contact.

  • CANEM Llevant
    Address: Carrer del Mar, 42 07580 Capdepera (Mallorca)
    Phone: 606 13 88 06
  • Cannabis Store Amsterdam Palma de Mallorca

Address: Carrer de Sant Miquel, 63, 07002 Palma, Illes Balears, Spagna

Phone: +34 645 06 72 36

  • AsociaciĂłn Mallorquina para la InformaciĂłn del Cannabis (AMIC)
    Address: Costa de Can Muntaner, 10, L2 07003 Palma de Mallorca
    Phone: 971 72 04 12
  • Movimiento Asociativo Mallorquin de Cultivadores y Usuarios de Cannabis
    Address: Palma de Mallorca
    Phone: 653 47 87 81

Try to contact them and see what their requirements are. You’ll see that it’s not so hard to get access!

Now that you have all the necessary information, are you ready to pack and enjoy your relaxing holidays in Mallorca?

Cannabis in Gran Canaria, find out where and how to consume it

Cannabis in Gran Canaria, find out where and how to consume it

Cannabis in Gran Canaria, find out where and how to consume it

If you’re a Cannabis consumer, then Gran Canaria that is famous for its nightlife and its nice clubs could be the ideal destination. But mind that if you travel unprepared you could risk getting there and experience some misadventures. In fact, Spanish law regulates the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, which is not as permissive as one might think.

Therefore, I suggest you to invest a little bit of time gathering some information before departing. You could start by reading what I discovered for you. I can guarantee that by doing so you will find out that Gran Canaria is among the best destinations that you could choose for Cannabis!

Finding cannabis in the streets

Cannabis in Gran Canaria, find out where and how to consume itGran Canaria is an island full of opportunities. Nightclubs and a rich nightlife make it the ideal destination for your holidays. Also, if you are looking for Cannabis in the central streets or around the port, Gran Canaria will be able to satisfy your desires. Actually, I must warn you that probably cannabis will come and find you instead! It’s not difficult to find people with different nationalities getting closer to you and who offer different types of drugs. Although it’s more likely for them to offer you pills, you should not find it difficult to look for Cannabis, but I don’t suggest you to follow this path. You need to be careful as buying cannabis from random pushers is not the ideal solution. Apart from financing criminality, deciding to buy your Cannabis in the street exposes you to two different risks:

  1. First of all, you don’t know what you are buying: the quality of the cannabis can vary greatly if you buy it in the streets. You could be unsatisfied of your purchase.
  2. You need to be careful of police: there are rules to respect. If you are looking for Cannabis then Gran Canaria could seem like heaven, but just like everywhere else in Spain, it has very strict rules for it.

What the law says

Let’s find out what you need to know to survive without getting in trouble with the police. Just like anywhere else in Spain, where the law regulating Cannabis is quite permissive, Gran Canaria has very clear rules for it. Knowing and respecting them will keep you out of trouble and will allow you to fully enjoy your relaxing holidays.

Spanish law allows the cultivation and personal use of Cannabis as long as it happens indoor. What does this mean? If you cultivate your plants inside your house and you only smoke it in your flat, no one could do anything to you. However, if you try to smoke it in the streets or in a public place, you could run the risk of being fined by the police. Also, consider that the police checks are way more frequent than in Italy, especially during the weekends. You can understand that if you try to buy Cannabis in the streets then Gran Canaria, just like everywhere else in Spain, might not be that safe.

It is within the boundaries of the law that Marijuana consumer associations have been created in Spain. These are known as Social Clubs, and they allow their members to cultivate their weed “in common” and to consume it inside the club. I can guarantee that for a tourist entering a Social club is the best solution to buy and consume Cannabis legally.

Social Clubs, what they are and how to gain access

Have you heard already of Social Clubs? Let’s shed some light on these associations. Don’t expect a coffee shop like in Amsterdam, in fact in Spain as mentioned already the law is way less permissive. The fundamental prerequisite to cultivate and smoke legally is to do it privately. This means that the Social Clubs necessarily need to keep a very low profile so as not to incur in issues with the police. If you want to enjoy your Cannabis in peace, then Gran Canaria offers many Social Clubs but it’s not easy to join them. Every Social Club has its access rules, more or less rigid but they can substantially be summed up in two points:

  1. You need to be a local.
  2. You need to be of age (18 or 21, depending on the internal Club laws) and you need to hold a valid ID.

These are very important rules aimed at protecting all the members of the clubs therefore it’s necessary to understand and accept them. This being told, it seems like it’s extremely hard for a tourist to join one of these associations. Actually there are solutions to solve the problem.

If you have a local friend in Gran Canaria who is already a member in one of the Social Clubs, then you could ask him to introduce you. These associations work a lot thanks to word of mouth and acquire new members only if referred by existing members. This is definitely the easiest way, but Gran Canaria does not reserve this advantage to all the Cannabis consumers!

If you don’t know anyone but you don’t want to give up legal Cannabis, then you should try to get in touch with the single clubs. Many have their own websites with a contact form. You can try to write to them telling how much you would love having their membership card and explaining your reasons. They will ask you for an ID and in case they accept you, they could require the payment of a membership fee. Some clubs, among the most selective, also require an interview before finalising the subscription. If you accept their requests then you might be welcomed among the lucky members.

It’s important to remember that, even if you are a member of a club, you will never be able to smoke your Cannabis open air as Gran Canaria has a specific set of rules about it. Everything you buy has to be smoked indoor and if the police catch you in the streets with weed on you, it will ask you to throw it away and they will fine you. If the quantity goes well below the limit then you could incur even worse charges, and this applies even if your Cannabis comes from legal sources.

How to find a Social Club

Now that you have all the necessary information, you just need to look for a club where to apply. I suggest you to look online and you will find many in different parts of the island. Get in touch with the ones that you like the most and wait for their replies, which definitely will come.

There are also portals that exist online that could help with your search. For example, I would suggest to have a look at the list of clubs mentioned on the English website “Spain Weed Guide”. For every club you will find all the information needed and you can ask the membership card through them.

Now you really know everything about Cannabis, and Gran Canaria is waiting for you! Are you ready to fly?

Cannabis in Valencia, where to find it

Cannabis in Valencia, where to find it

Cannabis in Valencia, where to find it

It’s been ten years since the law on Cannabis has changed in Valencia and the city has experienced an increase of tourism also related to Marijuana consumption. The city is a touristic destination for its beaches and art places, and it’s becoming more famous by getting more into this sector.

Have you heard of the new Spanish laws regulating the Cannabis? Would you like to take advantage of it and organise a holiday full of sea, culture and relax? If you don’t want to give up Cannabis while you are travelling, then Valencia could be an interesting destination. I suggest you however to read carefully what I foud out.

Cannabis is not legal in Spain

Although you probably heard the opposite, Spanish law in terms of light drugs is not to permissive. In fact, you need to know that in terms of the legality of cannabis, Valencia is not an exception. Just like everywhere else in Spain, cannabis is not legal in Valencia. However, even if it isn’t legal, it’s not even forbidden completely.

There is no real law but it 2001 two Spanish lawyers have “discovered” an interesting law gap. The Spanish constitution protects very carefully individual freedom and the freedom of association. So basically a private citizen is free to do whatever he wants in his house, which includes cultivating and smoking marijuana. As long as production and consumption happen at an individual level and inside a closed place, then the State cannot intervene.

The fact that there is freedom of association, helped something even more interesting. Groups of citizens and habitual consumers of marijuana have joined together and created private clubs where they commonly cultivate their own plants. This all happens within the law, in a grey zone not considered by the lawmakers and that, even if not legal, it cannot be sanctioned.

Social Clubs

This is how Social Clubs were born. Here you can buy and consume Cannabis within the boundaries of the law so if you would like to visit one of these clubs where you can smoke Cannabis then Valencia offers different opportunities.

Social Clubs however have strict rules that you need to know. First of all, they are private clubs and it’s not easy to join one. Every club has different joining rules and prerequisites for their members so make sure you inform yourself. The golden rule for each club is being over 18. You also need to be resident in the country of the club and provide and ID. How to get the membership card then if you are a tourist?

How to access a Social Club

Cannabis in Valencia, where to find itTo join a Social Club you need to act quickly before time. Do your online research on Social clubs, as Valencia offers many options for cannabis, and take notes on their contacts. You need to get in touch with the different clubs via phone or mail and ask about their rules. They might ask to send your ID and will ask you to pay a membership fee. Every club works differently but they all protect their members. You always need to consider that they are not looking for troubles with the law and they are very careful with their members’ selection. Keeping a low profile is definitely a tactic that needs to be respected. You will see that if you don’t give up and you are polite and kind, you will get replies.

If instead, you already know someone in Valencia, then you are lucky! Keep in mind that many clubs have an associative policy that works with referrals. This means that, even if you’re not a resident, if you find a member recommending you, you have good chances to be admitted in the Cannabis Clubs in Valencia.

The best Cannabis Clubs in Valencia

I’ve made a small research to ease your job before departure. Below you can find information about some of the Cannabis Clubs in Valencia that you can get in touch with to obtain your membership card:

  1. SOHO associacion Cultural

They are open in the afternoon and it only accepts members over 21. You can contact them via phone at 003 4612245515 or via email here:

  1. Next Level club

Access is exclusive to people already referred by existing members. You can try to get in touch with them via email or phone 0034 961917724 to ask to be invited. They are very courteous and you could manage to be accepted.

  1. Kritical Cannabis Club

Only bookings accepted. You need to write to to register and obtain access. I war you that if you are not referred by an internal member it’s not going to be easy. It’s among the most rigid Cannabis Clubs in Valencia.

  1. Riff Club

Send an e-mail to and ask about their access rules. They will tell you that they only accept recommended people. If you play it well you might get an invitation.

  1. Asociacion TCH Valencia

This is not for you if you are a tourist because it’s the strictest Cannabis Clubs in Valencia. This excellent club won’t give you the card if you don’t live in the city.

Points of caution for a safe trip

Now that you know the best Social Clubs, you are aware that Valencia is easily accessible but you still need to be careful. The law is clear: for no reason you will be able to take marijuana outside of the club. As I mentioned, law protects you only if you cultivate and consume indoor, but it’s forbidden to smoke in the streets. If they find you with your legally purchased cannabis, they might fine you or force you to get rid of it. Remember that possessing cannabis in Spain is not a crime, so you won’t go to jail but you will have to pay a fine.

If you cannot do without taking weed bought in a Club in Valencia then pay attention to only keep small quantities. If police finds you with a quantity that makes them suspect that you are selling it then you could experience hard times.

Now that you have all the information that I gathered for you, then you are ready to act. Get in touch with the clubs, obtain access and book a trip for Valencia!

Where to find cannabis in Ibiza

Where to find cannabis in Ibiza

Where to find cannabis in Ibiza

You’ve heard that Spanish laws on cannabis are more permissive than in Italy and you’re about to fly there to check by yourself? You packed, chose your destination, booked the ticket and you’re ready to leave for Ibiza. I suggest you to read this guide to be fully prepared and to avoid bad surprised. If you are travelling without asking yourself where to find cannabis in Ibiza, you risk being disappointed and finding yourself in unpleasant situations. We looked for all the information available online and if you just spend some time reading through, you’ll leave prepared.

Before asking yourself where to find cannabis in Ibiza you need to know some practical and important legal information.

Legal information

If you think you will find the same freedom in Ibiza and Amsterdam, you’re wrong! Spanish law allows domestic cultivation and personal use of cannabis. Be careful though: this must happen indoor. For example, open air cultivation on a balcony is forbidden, just as it’s forbidden to smoke openly in public. Moreover, Spanish police often checks the people so you need to be extra careful! However, Social Clubs were born to make best use of the possibility of cultivating cannabis privately. These are clubs reserved to consumers where you can buy and consume cannabis. Finding cannabis in Ibiza does not seem a problem but you need to be careful because what you buy in the club can only be consumed inside. In fact, if you’re caught in the street with cannabis on you, even if legal, you will have to pay a fine.

How to enter a Social Club

Now that you know about Social clubs where you can find cannabis in Ibiza, you need to understand how to gain access and it’s not that easy. Given that these clubs were born exploiting a legal grey zone, they are tolerated by the police as long as you don’t create problems. This means that most of the clubs have very strict access rules and entrance is not automatic. These are private clubs with a reserved access for their members. To become a member you need to respect the following:

  • You need to be 18 or 21 and hold a valid ID
  • Have the permanent address in Ibiza

Although it sounds impossible, there is still a way to win over the strict rules of these social clubs. There are two main ways to gain access:

  • Be recommended by a local member.

If you know anyone living in Ibiza who is a member in one of the Social Clubs in the island, you’re set. You can ask to be invited and you’re done. Most of the clubs in fact accept new members upon recommendation by an existing member. It’s a system that helps selecting temporary clients to protect the members.

  • Get in touch in advance with the clubs to request membership

If you still don’t know anyone in Ibiza, you can always try to directly get in touch with the clubs to request access. Some of the clubs allow this by using their website or by calling. I suggest you to call and explain your reasons to request access as a member. Be king, understanding and do no talk about prices or products. They could require a copy of your ID as part of the process and they could ask you to pay a membership fee. It’s worth paying it to gain access to the club. You can proceed on the clubs’ websites or use the tool of that offers the possibility to request access to all the adhering clubs.

The best Social Clubs in Ibiza

What are the best social clubs to find cannabis in Ibiza? The information online are not much, especially for the nature of these places. We found online the most known social clubs in Ibiza and made a list for you:

Avenida Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, 16, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain, 07800

It’s located close to the heart of the old city and apart from a good variety of weed it offers great food and drinks. On their website you can request access and if you are accepted you can enjoy an amazing atmosphere and company.

Excellent cannabis club located in the centre of Ibiza, close to the touristic zone and the Eivissa port. They do not accept new members unless they have been contacted in advance, so do not go there before getting in touch with them!

  • Bloom Ibiza:

One of the best clubs in Ibiza, they have a vast choice of cannabis and a relaxed atmosphere. However they do not grant access easily.

Located in the middle of the island, close to the sea, this club offers the possibility to get in touch with them through their website to obtain the access card. It’s worth trying filling in the form on their website to access their club!

Getting in touch with these Social Clubs is no easy thing. Sometimes even the address is a piece of information reserved to the members only! You need to play the same game, be respectful and show interest, ready to accept any requests. Remember that it’s normal to be requested to show an ID and to pay a membership fee given the nature of their activity.

Port and central streets

If you don’t want to look for a Social Club close to your needs, remember that it’s never hard to find cannabis in Ibiza! The central streets and the port side are full of tourists and you can find pushers everywhere. You will be surprised of how much you could buy very easily. Even if you’ll find pills more easily to buy in the streets, cannabis is not going to be hard either. However, I have to warn you that even if it’s easy it’s not safe! First of all you have no quality check on what you are buying and you could also be stopped by the police. As I mentioned already, possessing or consuming cannabis outside is illegal all over Spain. Are you sure you want to risk it?

Taking cannabis on the plane

If instead you’re thinking of taking cannabis from Italy to avoid all these issues, don’t do it! Airport checks are very accurate and you could experience an unpleasant situation.

After reading where to find cannabis in Ibiza you are ready to take off. Choose your method based on your needs but remember that if you decide to purchase in the streets breaching the law you will run risks. I suggest you to spend some time and get in touch with one of the amazing Social Clubs where you will enjoy your cannabis with no stress.

Where to find cannabis in Tenerife

Where to find cannabis in Tenerife

Where to find cannabis in Tenerife

You’re about to leave for Tenerife, your ticket is ready, the hotel is booked, and you have all the necessary travel guides to move stress-free. You’re missing only one little detail: given that you really don’t want to give up your favourite relaxing moment, you want to find out where to find cannabis in Tenerife.

The web is full of information, mostly incomplete and inconsistent, and most of the times is not always easy to understand what to do. But don’t worry, the important thing is to know where to go to find the right information and we’ve done this for you.

Here is a list of information that will be handy when you are looking for cannabis in Tenerife.

Legal information

You’ve probably heard that cannabis is legal in Tenerife but, careful, it’s incorrect! Cultivating cannabis is allowed exclusively for personal use but drug-dealing, possession and consumption in the streets is forbidden. The possibility of cultivating cannabis for personal use has aided the creation of consumer’s associations that manage together the cultivation of their own plants. These associations in Tenerife in which you can find cannabis are called Social Clubs and are tolerated by the police because they are regulated by the law. This means that buying and consuming cannabis in the clubs  is allowed but taking it in the street isn’t. Therefore be careful because casual checks in Spain are more frequent than in Italy and it’s not hard to be stopped by the police. Being caught with cannabis, even if bought in a Social Club can lead to fines. Having mentioned this, let’s see where to find cannabis in Tenerife.

How to access a Social Club

We talked about the legal aspect, so let’s see now where to find cannabis in Tenerife.

As mentioned above, many private Clubs have been opened throughout the years and given that they are tolerated by the authorities, they make it possible for people to buy cannabis. It sounds easy but it isn’t: most of the Social Clubs in Tenerife are strictly reserved to the members who reside in the island. How can someone be granted access to one of these clubs then? It’s not that easy given that most of them, as they work on the edge of legality, are very careful about who they let in. A strict selection at the door is essential so as not to have legal issues. The access methods are substantially two:

  • Having a local member recommend you.

If you are lucky enough to know anyone local, you’re set. The access in the social clubs happens following the introduction by an internal member of the club.

  • Getting in touch with the club in advance to gain access.

If you don’t know anyone in Tenerife, I must say that some clubs actually accept non-resident clients. How to do that? It’s not so hard. You need to get in touch with the club before your departure and give all the required information. You also need to send a copy of your ID and pay a joining fee. Some clubs could require a preliminary interview before letting you in. If you are happy about this process you can try and get in touch with the clubs I selected for you. Alternatively you can try to use the tool available on the Spain Weed Guide website. This website available in English offers a detailed guide of cannabis in Spain and it’s also useful to book an appointment with the social clubs.

The best Social Clubs in Tenerife

Now that you’re aware of the system, finding cannabis in Tenerife is not an issue anymore. You just need to choose which social clubs is for you so you can start with the joining process. Here below we mention some of the most known.

Calle Gran Bretaña 2, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands 38660

Founded by a group of Italians, it’s considered one of the most comfortable clubs. It allows access to over 18 and it’s open 12pm-9pm. It offers a complete menu with an excellent value for money.

  • High Times coffee shop

Avenida MarĂ­tima, 17, 38650 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

It’s one of the most famous cannabis clubs in Tenerife, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s located in a touristic zone full of attractions and easy to reach. Once inside you feel safe and protected.

Calle El Mirador,18, 38611 San Isidro de Abona,

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

This is an association that allows access to cannabis for therapeutic use and for leisure. On their website you can find a contact form to request access.

Avenida Europa, Centro Comercial Teide, 38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

This is a Club with a very user-friendly website. The access is granted to the over 21 who have been invited via email. On the website you can fill in a form to request the invitation and upon reception you need to pay 20€ worth of membership fee.

Plaza de la cruz de llano, adeje, 38670, Santa Cruz de tenerife, Spain.

Modern and essential club, it gives the chance to request the subscription by filling in their form.

Finding cannabis in Tenerife should not be a problem anymore once you check these clubs out and you choose the one for you. However, if you are looking for different solutions, keep reading.

Illegal cannabis and air transport

You really can’t be bothered to get in touch with one of the clubs, you don’t want to send them your document and you don’t want to pay the membership fee because you think you can find alternative options? Forget about it and follow my advice! Whether you want to deal with pushers in the street or whether you want to take your own cannabis with you: don’t do it! Both solutions are very risky. Remember that Spain does not allow consumption in the street and drug dealing is severely punished. Security checks in airports are very strict and it’s not worth it risking it. It’s better to spend some time looking for a cannabis club and joining it instead!