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Which CBD to choose

There are various ways to take cannabidiol and there is no one better than others. It depends on our tastes and what makes us feel better. Therefore it is not so easy to decide which CBD to choose. For example, to benefit from an immediate effect it is recommended to vaporize the inflorescences, in this way the active ingredients of the cannabinoids quickly enter the circulation. The legal hemp inflorescences have a variable percentage of CBD and an almost zero THC content, always respecting the legal limits.

You need to vaporize the buds with a dry herb vaporizer. In this way it will be possible to extract all the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning them. Through this method of intake there is an immediate effect, because the active ingredients immediately enter into circulation in the blood.

Other ways to take CBD

Knowing which CBD to choose must bear in mind that it is also possible to take CBD through crystals, which are a conglomerate of already processed active ingredient. The quality of the cannabidiol crystals is very high since once extracted they are processed until they reach a purity of 99%. In the remaining 1% there are other natural substances that serve to give the crystal the typical flavor of a hemp extract. Crystals can be:

  • Taken with a dry herb vaporizer, this way there will be no combustion in the taking process;
  • Or they can be dissolved directly under the tongue and waited for them to take effect.

As regards the dosage, here too it is advisable to proceed gradually with 2-3 granules morning and evening, and then increase if necessary. When deciding which CBD to choose, you must also consider the presence of other semi-finished products such as wax and crumble, extracted from the flowers thanks to carbon dioxide.

Wax has a CBD percentage of 40% while crumble reaches up to 80%. In addition to CBD they also contain all the other natural properties of flowers. They are used by vaporizing them at 2000 and inhaling them or by letting them dissolve directly under the tongue, like oil.

Other ways to take it

The question about which CBD to choose does not end here. There are CBD capsules, usually based on non-animal gelatin, which are much more practical and discreet. Especially suitable when traveling, they avoid the typical bitter aftertaste of oil. Then there are cosmetic creams, which have a topical effect and are particularly suitable for soothing rheumatic inflammation, acne, joint pain. Furthermore, CBD can even be eaten, taking it in the form of raw oil or as a herbal tea or coffee-based drink.

To conclude, the most used way to choose which CBD to take is certainly to use sublingual oil drops. They exist in various concentrations of active ingredient, ranging from 5 to 40%. The intake methods depend on the amount needed, over a period of time from morning to evening. They are placed directly under the tongue, where they must remain for a couple of seconds before being swallowed, to enter the blood circulation more directly.

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