Cannabis supply chain, the new business is just going up in flames?

Cannabis supply chain, the new business is just going up in flames?

Cannabis supply chain, the new business is just going up in flames?

It’s agriculture, the cannabis farmers say. Definitely it is not magic or tricks: they plant a seed, they take care of it and let a harmless plant grow, a plant that is miraculously good for the health with all its benefits and collateral implications. Nowadays canapa is, or was (we’ll see what happens) realizing a little economic miracle, by offering the possibility of an employment to many people, mainly young, but also to many farmers who converted after seeing in canapa a way to have their work more recognised. If you think about the big companies that pay 10 cents per kilo to farmers for tomatoes, you can understand that weed is more interesting given the same amount of effort and dedication.

This is to say that the situation is a little bit shit, that as usual was created in Italy and that is only bringing more issues and damages, harming the cannabis supply chain. The current situation is that both the farmers and the coffee shop owners are a little ass-tight because they do not know what to do, especially after having invested money for their dream of creating revenue that the State cannot guarantee. Forget about basic income, here we are talking about tens of employers who contribute to give new jobs with a substantial turnover.

Will a business doubling every year disappear?

This is the core of the story, does the State really want to erase a business that generates employment, income of 22% of VAT plus taxes, besides giving hope to many people? Is it even possible nowadays that people are so dumb to forbid cannabis with a THC percentage of 0.5%? Whoever wants this is definitely mentally unstable and does not even take into account the healing benefits of marijuana, now accepted and recommended by many doctors. This represent a big problem for thousands of Italians who few years ago saw in marijuana the opportunity of employment and of a future.

There are many intertwined dynamics that somehow are going towards an improvement of the society. Yes, because smoking weed legally, or in a controlled way by the government, has a huge impact on illegal drug dealing as well. It strongly hits criminality too, the one that gains from the prohibition of cannabis and that does not pay taxes. Actually, illegal revenues create even more illegality, which goes against the innocent canapa with a mere THC level of 0.5%.

Obviously not seeing this equals to being culturally blind or in bad faith, which makes us think really badly about the real motives. Anyway, let’s think positive because thinking that institutions might take measures against light canapa to favour the illegal marijuana gives us the shivers. Better not to think about it.

Why supporting the supply chain of cannabis

First of all, because it would be a sacred principle of freedom, then because there is nothing dangerous about canapa that does not contain any active substances. Could essences, oils, perfumes, flour ever represent a threat to health or public order? We are talking about natural products, most of the times coming from bio farming and extremely controlled. Shall we check for all the chemicals similar products from traditional supply chains contain? At this point is really hard and complex to understand all the mess that is being created around the cannabis supply chain, plus we are immersed in a huge paradox because those activities linked to the commercialization of canapa, now under constant scrutiny, have been authorized by the State.

If they become illegal today, the State has violated the “law” given that it authorised its sale and commercialization before. This is the usual “Dantesque” Underworld crackdown in a country that struggles more and more to find a little bit of normality, peace and cultural rebirth. For all these reasons, a functioning mind finds it hard to understand all this unjustified mess, justified only by the absolute ignorance of who is leading this non-sense battle. In the next following weeks we should get some news on the direction this story should take and of course we hope in collective awareness. In the meantime, farmers will be standing still, coffee shops will be closed and thousands of people will be scared of losing their job or enterprise. Do you think this is a normal country?

Institutions should support, not forbid

Once said that the level of the active substance contained in canapa is in a small and harmless percentage, there is no reason for fines, bans or restrictions on the products. The cannabis supply chain is controlled since its source, directly in the fields up until the coffee shops counters. The possibility of being “outlaw” is basically null; actually, to be precise, the business in its entirety largely contributes to legality. This legality occurs also with the fight against the undergrowth of illegal drug dealing to minors, the real plague of illegal marijuana. Young people represent the vulnerable part of the society that can be easily manipulated and induced towards other substances, obviously for the interests of whoever deals drugs.

Thanks to the cannabis supply chain and the legal distribution of the product, regulated by the State, all the illegal trafficking disappears like snow in the sun. It is definitely easier and more socially acceptable going to coffee shops rather than to the parks where pushers sell without any rules. We are creating a world without all the filth we have seen and that we know and we really cannot understand why people want to go back at all costs.

It does not make any sense. In the meantime, light canapa producers are waiting with bated breath and do not know what is going to happen, and definitely this is not a situation a developed and civilized country should face.

Whoever makes the law should try to empathise and try to put themselves in the shoes of the people who made a lot of sacrifices and who are investing everything to create a job opportunity. Unfortunately this is hard to understand for the people seating in the Parliament, who decide the country’s fate therefore allowing all our hopes to go up in flames.

Cannabis (Thc 0,5%) legal again!

Cannabis (Thc 0,5%) legal again!

Cannabis (Thc 0,5%) legal again!

Oh yes, Italy is a very weird country: first the crusade against cannabis infusions and candies, now everything is back to being legal up to 0.5% of Thc. Well, changing idea is a sign of intelligence and understanding of the world. Definitely the problem is that ideas travel fast, don’t you remember Salvini’s rage few weeks ago?

After that pre-electoral statement (well done to the marketing genius who thought of it) controls and seizures followed in many Italian cities. These measures resulted in many young entrepreneurs giving up their dream of growing a business or having a job.

Those were days full of organized and spontaneous demonstrations that delighted the media and that saw thousands of tight-ass people protesting due to the statements of the “iron” Minister. In the end it was the usual misunderstood farce.

Now let’s get to the news that overturns all the turbulence against cannabis: the decision of the Cassation made last 30th of May. This sets the rule that light cannabis cannot be seized without prior warning if it cannot be proved that the level of Thc is above 0.5%. This means that it is not possible to seize anything unless proven and certified that the cannabis being sold in the shops exceeds the limit. I wonder how Minister Salvini is feeling about this given that according to his modus operandi he would even seize chamomile.

The episode that led to the decision

In Rapallo (Italy), policemen seized goods of all types in one of the cannabis shops such as florets, oils, infusions and sativa leaves. The unlucky shop owner obviously opposed the seizure, asking for a revision of the case.

The owner won the case and got the authorization to get back all the seized goods, a real tragedy otherwise. This is how things work when no one knows shit about anything and just try to be the “sheriffs” of Toyland.

Definitely things got better after this judgment and the decision is an example finally in favour of people who want to do business with cannabis. The cannabis business is just another way to make a living, just like selling alcohol, cigarettes and medicines as if they were candies, which is the norm nowadays. In other words, the judgment confirms the legality of cannabis below or equal to 0.5% of Thc, just like it used to be.

However, there is now a substantial difference represented by the fact that no policeman can seize anything without prior warning. To do so they would need to be sure that the level of Thc is superior to the one allowed by law. Chill people! No one has broken any rules nor with infusions nor with anything else being sold in coffee shops, therefore let’s smoke a little bit 😀

What happens next?

Nothing, everyone goes back to “normality” and now that the European election campaign is over, Salvini managed to get what he wanted and everyone is happy, right? Well, maybe you wanted the big titles on the newspapers and many apologies but you know how journalists are: they do not write news but they are told what to write! So, let’s be happy about this achievement even without too much noise and let’s go back to our work: there is still a lot to do and we are just at the beginning. From now on, backed by this verdict, we can request to have someone analysing samples of our products whenever we are threatened of seizure. On the basis of this legal “weapon” confirmed by the revision, I strongly believe that the urge of seizing will decrease more and more overtime.

Too much of an hassle: you would need the warrant, would have to call the personnel to collect samples, analyse them, wait for the results, just to find out that everything is below the 0.5% of Thc. If you’re interested in starting a business of this type, treasure this fanciful Italian story and keep it in mind as it could always come handy. This episode has proven the legality of cannabis that is now a certified fact, obviously within the legal limits that have not changed.

Legal cannabis, I wonder what detractors think…

All this drama proved to be a farce of old times that only created problems and headaches to the Italian coffee shop owners. However, it’s worth remembering once again that no one has even got sick of cannabis. Shall we mention how many people got sick due to alcohol and cigarettes instead? This is the whole point: everyone just looks at the finger but not at the moon and you know why? Because the finger is way closer than the moon.

Let’s take note of all this and let’s move on. Reason and truth have always triumphed against any tyrants and impostors therefore we are on the right track. Cannabis is legal nowadays and it has always been but unfortunately winners, or whoever controls the media, write history. Today all of us control the media, given that the Web and the Internet give a voice to everyone and truth travels as fast as blood in our veins. This is to say that today we are the ones making history because we are collectively interconnected in that enormous “brain” that is the memory of online bits.

There will definitely be other sheriffs who will go hunting but who can’t do anything in practice. Do you remember the Prohibitionism of the early century? Alcohol was being sold in the basements of big American cities just to end up on the shelves of supermarkets. It’s the market baby, and legal cannabis will end up the same way. Maybe one day we will be able to buy it in the veggies department! For now let’s settle for smoking legally in one of the many coffee shops available.

Light cannabis illegal, again!

Light cannabis illegal, again!

Light cannabis illegal, again!

It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so dramatic: it only took few bullshit said by the Minister to make cannabis illegal again in Italy! The Minister of the Interior Salvini claims that smoking or eating cannabis-based cookies is unhealthy. It only took a couple of weeks plus the electoral success of Lega, led precisely by Salvini to get the “reverence” of the Cassation.

Maybe it was only a way not to hurt the sensitivity of the Minister on the matter. Yes, because only few months ago, at the beginning of February, the same Cassation ruled that light cannabis was legal, nullifying any seizures harming the stores and establishing and confirming the legality of the product.

The reverse action seems only “obsequious”, or a sort of “we are on your side” message to the Minister. This seems to be the situation, which gives us reasons to think about the episode but also about Justice in general. The paradox is that few months ago the seizure led to confirming its legality but now another seizure is completely overturning the situation.

It seems like in Italy things are not working right, that the system is down and that the only ones to pay for this are its citizens.

It’s funny how the speed and the combination of Salvini’s bullshit about cannabis make us think… Andreotti once said “Thinking the worst is a sin, but more often than not you guess it right”. Here the bad thought is that turning down light cannabis and making it illegal leads us to an extraordinary “coincidence”: Salvini wants to ban and declares war to all “drugs” and at the same time the Cassation… Maybe Andreotti was right?!

The current and future economic damage

This story has also heavy consequences on the economy; in fact we are talking about 800 shops that are basically illegal now. These shops that sell light cannabis have now become illegal and outlaw out of the blue. Tell me now if this is not absurd. It is a story worth a Disney movie.

However, the damage is not only done against ships, but also against producers and all the business turnover. It is a big damage: Salvini has said a lot and done a lot of damage to the point that Cassation has decided to go for the legitimacy of his statements. It’s ridiculous, I know, but Italy seems like a country destined to permanent damage. No wonder young people flee from their homeland!

Besides all this current economic disaster, this situation also damages the future growth potential. Yes, because the sector is in sustained rise and definitely these games are not helping those who would like to start a business and open their own store. The damage is not only focused on the present but it is even bigger if we look at the future and at the growth potential of the sector. And then they say that we’re undergoing a crisis and that there are no jobs… We are witnessing an all-singing, all-dancing attitude that is not working at all! If this three-dimensional status is confirmed, the cannabis production sector will get punched in the stomach.

Let’s remember that cannabis is not only joints!

Having declared legal cannabis illegal, they have condemned one of most flourishing sectors in Italy at the moment. It is important at this point to remember that with light cannabis you can make a lot of different products, even food and beverages, from cookies to oil (full of healthy properties by the way) to furniture and décor to a lot more.

This is to say that with the cannabis plant you can make hundreds of different things, besides weed for joints. It’s good to remember that it is free of THC therefore free of the active substance, so harmless. Moreover, even the pharmaceutical and medical sectors are starting to prescribe therapeutic cannabis to their patients. What now? We can also assume that soon the number of “ill” people in Italy will increase. If light cannabis remains illegal, many people will use this as an excuse. Let’s talk about Italy then.

Now, someone should explain to us, possibly in easy words, the reason why a harmless product should be illegal. We already wrote it in other posts: how come Cassation does not declare alcohol or cigarettes illegal? Maybe because Salvini smokes and drinks? The outcome of the Cassation seems like an extraordinarily exaggerated decision. In 2016 the law was regulating the sale and allowing the regular trade and cultivation of canapa as an agricultural plant.

What’s wrong now then? Easy, the Thc level, the substance that creates psychotropic effects, present in a percentage between the 0.2% and the 0.6% is superior to the one allowed. In other words, according to the Cassation, light cannabis becomes illegal because the tolerance percentage is not referred to the products but rather to the active substance of the plant, therefore its sale is not allowed according to the law 242 of 2016.

Extremist positions and a prohibitionism mentality

The Minister’s statements have been strict and firm: no drugs without any exceptions. “You can have fun without drugs”, he said. On the same wavelength also Meloni, another politician with double morals, deemed light cannabis illegal but gave the green light to alcohol and cigarettes. I can already imagine them burning canapa in the squares with whiskey bottles just like sheriffs used to do in the time of Al Capone.

It seems like being in a comedy show that does not make you laugh, but rather makes the lives of many people hard as they see their businesses destroyed even without joints.

What else to add? We are shocked by the constant change of things and decisions taken by the few for millions of people almost as if they were under psychotic effect. Yes, because otherwise we could not explain certain absurd, contradictory and persecutory situations. We are witnessing a social deterioration and this is definitely not due to cannabis because in fact there are no deaths due to cannabis. Instead, can Salvini and Meloni say the same thing about cigarettes and alcohol? Of course not, yet every year they kill thousands of people but no one serves as sheriff against whoever sells or produces alcohol and cigarettes.

We just got back to the obscurantism: light cannabis is illegal. Take note!

Spanish law on cannabis, legal but with caution

Spanish law on cannabis, legal but with caution

Spanish law on cannabis, legal but with caution

This is one of those questions that more and more consumers ask themselves: what does Spanish law say about cannabis? Let’s try to give some information to better understand how this matter is being dealt with in Spain. Let’s start by saying that marijuana is legal but we need to clarify that it is only so in Cannabis Social Clubs. You can forget about buying or consuming it open-air just like normal cigarettes. The law, or better, the law on cannabis in Spain offers the possibility to consume and produce it, but only under specific conditions. As we already mentioned, you can only consume cannabis in clubs where you need to be a member and pay a subscription fee.

In other words, you can create a cooperative specialized in growing the plants that then sell their crops to the different clubs spread throughout Spain. It is a system that works extremely well: on one side the production and on the other the consumer retail. In between there is law enforcement and public authorities that control everything to avoid issues that could lead to the collapse of the system.

Not only this type if legal liberalisation offers an easier control to the authorities but it also contributes to reduce the crimes connected to it. Becoming a member of one of the clubs is the only way to access cannabis legally without fearing to be caught because of smoking. This is a very positive achievement, however, it is important to keep in mind that it Spain is not Toyland given that consumption is not allowed outside clubs. Keep this in mind to avoid running risks.

It is forbiddent to smoke marijuana on the street

Smoking on the street is a mistake to be avoided but that many people make, even just for fun. Big mistake! Police meticulously controls that no one is smoking in public places or on the street. These controls can also create some problems that could be avoided because of the waste of time and the “ride” to the police station. The consequences don’t stop there given that who gets caught will have to pay a fine of €300, get a report that will be filed. Let’s sum up: you cannot smoke on the street because if you get caught you will have to pay two zeroes sums!

Moreover, cannabis law in Spain also prohibits the possession of marijuana, without any minimum quantity. It is forbidden, end of the story. There is no easy way to manage to do this, unless you go in one of the many Cannabis Social Clubs to smoke freely and without problems. Here you can smoke, relax and enjoy the pleasure of smoking without controls or restrictions as they are the only happy islands allowed by law where free consumption is allowed.

This is the only way you can avoid being sanctioned or having unpleasant experiences with the police that can keep you even for hours. So please do not follow the “easy suggestions” online without any foundation: we are here, in Barcelona and we directly deal with this reality everyday. Yes, Spanish law offers the possibility of consuming it, but remember that you can only do so in authorised coffee shops, otherwise you can be liable for your actions. To whoever believes it is only necessary to show that you bought the marijuana in the coffee shops and believes to be following the law, remember that you are wrong and that this is not how law works.

The differences with Amsterdam

The Netherlands was the first country in Europe to hold the monopoly of light drugs, particularly Amsterdam, but nowadays compared to Spain they seem to have lost their ranking. The law on cannabis in Spain has started a real cultural revolution, not only in the country but all over Europe. Right now Barcelona is the city that more than any other understood this new wave of cultural liberalism, far from fake and hypocrite prohibitionism dogmas. In Spain rules are precise: you can consume but not on the street, and if you are caught even with a minimal quantity, your marijuana is seizes and you get fined. Nothing bad of course, but it’s good to keep in mind to avoid these type of situations with the local authorities.

The next step will probably be this: legalising also the possession and personal use just like it happened with cigarettes. If you go around with a pack you are fine, but if you go around with a whole box, unless you’re a retailer, you will have consequences in the case of marijuana. We are at a crossroad and for sure the coffee shop option seems like the best path to take, at least to stigmatise a cumbersome culture. The law on cannabis in Spain is relatively new and it is normal that with time it will be improved. It is always like this because it is impossible to predict all the variables of each social change regulated by new laws.

Cannabis in cannabis coffee shops

For whoever goes to Spain and wants to try the experience in one of the many cannabis coffee shops, we can say that it will be exactly the way you expect it to be. A real cultural experience that puts emphasis on the free individual choice, though with the above mentioned limits, but still allowing freedom. Now it’s time for you to choose you nice cannabis coffee shop and to enjoy a great moment of relaxation in peace. We must say that the law on cannabis in Spain is well structured because it puts in relation local producers with local authorised retailers selling in authorised shops.

Consuming marijuana means incentivising Spanish farmers that are growing year by year, with clear benefits for the economy. In other words, the law on cannabis in Spain is not casual given that beyond the legal market of canapa there is also a system that produces other income for the State. With respect to tourism, it is a strong incentive because tens of thousands of youngsters and adults come to Barcelona and then spend their money in the city in restaurants, bars, hotels and all those infrastructures related to tourism and entertainment.

It is definitely not a law done overnight and definitely there is room for improvement but it produces many positive effects that also give the country and Barcelona an aura of social and cultural openness like few other places in the world. This is something not to underestimate, especially if this change can give the country an image of modern and socially evolved place as this will mean that the benefits will last for decades.

Cannabis business, Belushi and other stars become producers

Cannabis business, Belushi and other stars become producers

Cannabis business, Belushi and other stars become producers

Breaking news: the actor Jim Belushi, John’s younger brother, is among the American producers of cannabis showing that this business is taking over Hollywood. He is only the last of a long list of stars who have invested in the production of cannabis, although he personally takes care of his plants, a sign that he appreciates cannabis and its properties.

Many other famous people in the US are investing in this product whose growth perspectives are incredible, among them we can find Seth Rogen, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg and Marley’s heirs. In Italy instead, we have a popular J-Ax and other stars who sniffed the wind, showed their faces and invested money on it.

The last person to publicly share his cannabis business is Belushi, son of Albanian parents who migrated to Uncle Sam years ago. Jim is not someone who goes for small things: not only did he put his name on the product but he also produces it.

He grows marijuana in his Belushi’s Farm in Oregon that apparently is a good place to plant it. Belushi is someone who goes in his farm and checks the crops, their health, and their quality of course. One of the reasons that pushed him to produce marijuana is its medical use as he declared it in his recent interviews.

He refers to the cannabis that he personally harvests and takes care of as being therapeutic and one of the treatments he mentions is the one for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that affects veterans.

If Johns smoked weed like a chimney he would still be alive!

It’s the sad truth: if his brother John Belushi who died at the young age of 33 from overdose were a heavy cannabis smoker, he would still be alive!

Unfortunately, or fortunately, joints have never killed anyone and it’s a crime having mistreated this plant for so long.

Things are changing today and they are following the direction that they should have taken at least half a century ago. However, we know why it has never been the case and it is due to the usual lobbies that had to profit from common people. Now cannabis is legal in many countries and in few years it will become in many more and with less restrictions than before.

This means that the cannabis business will grow even more and that more people will invest creating an increasing the supply able to meet the demand. It’s possible that in few years or months cannabis will be sold without many constraints just like cigarettes. Everything changes and will change: sometimes people really need to scent money to attract capital, just like blood for sharks. The smell of money is just as strong as the one of joints, so, the more the supply grows, the more the smell of money will attract the “sharks”! So what’s the advantage?

Simply put, it will favour the acceleration towards a more homogeneous, free and legal market for marijuana. The cannabis business could be the deal of the next decades: I can already imagine affordable blue-chips of joints listed on Wall Street! It’s the market baby, where you can make money, no matter how, as long as you make it! Anyway, better joints than weapons, therefore “make love not war”.

Some guesses for the future

Considering that the cannabis business is seducing Hollywood stars, we can predict that the American jet-set will follow the flock like the herds in Western movies. We can be sure that more big names will follow Belushi and the others into the marijuana business, because of money, because they snort it, or just because prospects are good.

Any good investor wants one thing only: a solid and high income. Now, assuming that the cannabis business keeps growing, the companies already listed could multiply their value therefore making many people rich. There have been already great signals last autumn, where one of the listed companies experienced a surge of 900%!

Many have already babbled that this is a bubble, as it often happens in these cases, however they did not take into account an important fact: we are not talking about technology but about weed, isn’t it clear? Technology is often outdated by the time it gets commercialized while marijuana has neither trends nor cycles of this type.

No technologies or plants will ever surpass the cannabis business: it is only her and her variants that will stay. Can you understand the difference between a joint and a Smartphone already obsolete after two weeks? This is to say that cannabis has all it takes to be winning product in the stock market.

The advantages for ordinary mortals in between puffs

For the consumer there would be multiple benefits. Firstly, the more money flows within the cannabis business, the easier it would be to find affordable marijuana. Secondly, it would always be available without the pain of bans and bollocks, and most probably regulated internationally. This would redeem it from its sins, a delayed but necessary process for both the consumers and the market. You can be sure about it.

So let the market be, if it gives us back what it took away from us. Of course market stands for power and money of those who influence us and decide for us, it’s always been like this, nothing new. Praise goes to Jim Belushi and his colleagues for helping the cannabis business bringing money to many people, after all someone has to do it.

The nice thing about this new market is its democratic side, in the sense that anyone can grow his own “garden” and smoke his own homemade joints. Maybe soon it will be possible as long as the monopoly does not interfere. In that case we will be content with buying a little bit of weed at the tobacco shop: in the end what matters is the possibility of consuming cannabis freely!

Cannabis emergency, but alcohol is the real issue!

Cannabis emergency, but alcohol is the real issue!

Cannabis emergency, but alcohol is the real issue!

The “cannabis emergency” strand is still going. If only there was someone tackling alcohol abuse as the real major problem among youngsters, instead. This is not happening maybe because beer, wine and liquors are sold like water in the supermarkets and the State applies a tax on them therefore their consumption is good for the economy.

Indeed alcohol is a major issue and according to the data of the National Observatory the National Institute of Health (Osservatorio Nazionale Alcol-Cneps) this is a real emergency that kills thousands of people every year. Instead, no deaths can lead back to cannabis, yet according to the Minister Salvini the problem is still the cannabis shops in Italy, not the alcohol vendors.

The Minister’s statements were quickly backed up by concrete actions, with many legal cannabis shops closing down thanks to the “zealous” action taken by the Quaestors who are “obsequiously” following the Minister’s words. Needless to say that there is no such thing as a cannabis emergency because no one has ever got sick because of a joint, while alcohol quietly ends thousands of lives.

We live in an upside down world where the causes of real physical damage to the people and the society are systematically kept silent. This problem is a hundred times bigger than the cannabis emergency and it involves teenagers, adults and elderly people. However, the issue for the Minister still remains the joint, weakened and with an extremely low percentage of THC.

Some data on alcohol and its effects!

Italy is the most “alcoholic” country in the world but apparently this is not a problem according to the anti-cannabis movement leaders. Alcohol is consumed among the most vulnerable age groups: three out of ten 11 to 14 years old youngsters admitted that they drink sometimes. This is only the launching pad to adulthood, in fact between the age of 15 to 18 the percentage of drinking people increases.

The most worrying data is that it is becoming more common nowadays for people to start drinking at an early age, with dangerous repercussions in the future. Male teenagers aged 11 to 14 are more seduced by alcohol than female ones and more often than not they are “initiated” at home, a not so reassuring finding.

The point is that, opposite to cannabis, a bottle of wine, beer or hard liquor can always be found at home but no one ever questions the problem. Cannabis instead cannot really be found in cupboards like cigarettes, that are easily accessible to youngsters at home and that represent an additional issue.

Alcohol addiction is very similar to the one of heavy drugs, with devastating effects for the mind and the body. For young people going through body development in particular this means undermining their health and threatening their immune system. This translates in signing for a future as chronically sick individuals and often for early death due to the consequences of their actions. This being said we can conclude that there is no cannabis emergency but rather a social emergency related to the mild customs of the country.

Shall we talk about healthcare costs?

Have you ever heard of someone being hospitalized for a cannabis-related illness? Of course not. How many are the people who have been hospitalised because of alcohol instead? They are tens or hundreds of thousands of patients every year that the National healthcare system needs take care of at the expense of everyone. If we were to quantify the cost of alcohol consumption in Italy and in the world we would need too many zeros, enough to give us headache.

Don’t you think that alcohol producers should be directly responsible? Declaring an elusive cannabis emergency without taking into account alcohol-related deaths sounds quite hypocrite and it offends the intelligence of any mentally sane person because opposite to alcohol, cannabis does not burn your brain!

Shall someone let the Minister Salvini know? Shall we also tell the M5S (Movimento 5 Stelle party) paladins who are more worried about the environment and legislating on washable sanitary pads? They are the ones who talk about cuts and waste but cannot see the black hole of public healthcare and how much an alcoholic and sick society is costing.

The conclusion is that the problem does not exist for these people who on paper should take care of the public wellness and people’s health. You know how it is, alcohol is a taboo: even if everyone knows that it harms like uranium no one gives a damn as they already have a constituency. Therefore, even if it’s not healthy just drink on it, drink and forget about it and forget that drinking is not good.

It’s easy to declare a cannabis emergency

Smokers are only a minority therefore they represent an unnecessary popular support. Can you imagine different political parties saying that alcohol is illegal because it kills the people? Obviously not: as we have already mentioned, drinkers vote and in Italy the 60% of the population drinks, so draw your own conclusions.

Saying that cannabis is dangerous and that it kills people is bullshit, and if people say so they are knowingly lying. You will never find a politician going against voters while shaking a bottle of rhum saying “enough, this is dangerous!”. Here every disquisition can be taken as “beneficial side effect”: the drinker votes and it’s good, it gets sick and it’s good otherwise what the hell are the doctors for?

People have no value, if they did and the State really cared about the health of the citizens who maintain it financially, there wouldn’t be any more medicines to be sold. Apparently the cannabis emergency is so lethal that thanks to its natural properties it cures many people, not like alcohol. According to Minister Salvini the issue is the cannabis smokers, not the multinational companies who sell alcohol out in the open and everywhere. So take note: joints are harmful while alcohol is good, especially for the interests of the few. Cheers… so to speak!