The cannabis market, swinging across prices and quality

The cannabis market, swinging across prices and quality

The cannabis market, swinging across prices and quality

Considering the available data, the volatile situation of the prices in the cannabis market makes us question its quality. In some cases the product, depending on the different regions and countries, has suffered periods of dramatic increase of demand and others of sharp decline. The relevant factor to take into account though is the quality, in fact, regardless of the market price going down in some periods, the demand was static or in decline.

This fact can only be explained with a simple word: quality. The quality of the flowers produced at the end of spring was of low quality and consequently they did not attract the market. From this finding we can understand that yes, the market wants the product, but not at all costs and prefers high quality cannabis. We can assume that a cannabis market in decline that overlooks its quality won’t work and this is definitely good news.

The future of cannabis

The sector will obviously grow a lot in the next years together with the interest of consumers and sellers. The dealers will work as amplifiers of the market and the new openings of coffee shops will fuel the demand, which will definitely focus on quality for the right price, without any competition against low quality products. This is a positive thing given that if demand is higher for quality products, then any bearish competition will be destroyed.

All we can expect from the cannabis market that is currently evolving, is only a constant growth with thousands of new shops in the world, This is a positive sign for the sector that will benefit of the increasing popularity among the non-consumers who will become potential clients. We can also expect governments to favour this change as they will see the promoting the sector as an opportunity of economic growth. Just as cannabis has been banned in the past, in the future it will go back to being a product just like many others with a market regulated by clear and punitive laws.

Investing in the cannabis market

We wrote about this in other occasions, investing in cannabis today means investing in the future and feeling like Bill Gates in the Seventies. There is a whole world to build in this sector and for sure the first “builders” will be the ones taking the biggest advantages. We are clearly talking about the legal market, which hopefully will replace the illegal one with all the imaginable social advantages it entails. There are really many possibilities and it is nor impossible nor complex seizing them, even more if you are a consumer.

After the slowdown in august, the stocks of the major companies linked to cannabis have started again with great gains, something that indicates that the market welcomes the product, the stock market supports it, and investors can count on its future growth without problems. Of course when we say “investing” we do not necessarily mean in the stock market, although you can support the cannabis market and make money also this way!

Homemade hashis, simple solutions

Homemade hashis, simple solutions

Homemade hashis, simple solutions

I wonder how many people thought of it but don’t know how to, so below let’s see how to make homemade hashish. It is worth mentioning that hashish is obtained by a cannabis extract produced by the separation of the plant’s trichomes. To make it easier, trichomes are particles with crystalline appearance that are secreted by the plant of marijuana; by the flowers in particular. By doing so, we can obtain particles “loaded” with cannabinoids and qualitatively superior.

Hashish will be obtained by separating the trichomes from every section of the plant, leaves, branches and flowers, that will have to be warmed up to be compressed in small loaves of cannabis concentrate. This will help us understand better how to use the various methods to obtain homemade hashish easily and without the need of specific tools.

Rubbing with bare hands

It is definitely the easiest and most rudimentary method to produce homemade hashish, a system still very spread in India and Nepal. It is also worth mentioning that this solution, though simple, takes time and has a not so great performance. Let’s see how to proceed.

What you will need:

  • Tops of un-dried cannabis; do not use the discarded dried tops.
  • Clean hands.

The steps:

  1. Wash your hands well with enough water so as to remove any remaining soap and other chemical substances.
  2. Take the cannabis tops and remove leaves and stems.
  3. Put the tops in your hands and roll them gently following circular movements. Avoid putting too much pressure so as not to retain the plant residue.
  4. While rubbing, you will start seeing a layer of dark resin on your palms. This is called charas, a type of hashish obtained with fresh inflorescences. Remove this resin from your hands and put it on a clean surface, then knead it to obtain little balls of hashish and then loaves.

Dry sieving

With this method you can obtain homemade hashish with common tools. You will need to sieve the residue of cannabis with a net web to obtain a superior kief. For a better result we suggest to freeze the plant in an hermetic bag for at least a night. By doing this the trichomes will separate more easily from the plant.

What you will need:

  • Residues of cannabis
  • A frame for screen printing with very fine texture
  • Baking paper
  • A credit card

The steps:

  1. Place a sheet of baking paper larger than the frame on the table and put the frame on top.
  2. Put the cannabis residues on the frame, possibly in the central part, chopping potential large pieces.
  3. Spread the residues gently over the frame, so that the trichomes get separated from the plant. By removing the residues, these will pass through the frame and the powder will create a layer of kief.
  4. Perform this step by moving the residues on the surfaces of the frame until the kief represents the 10-20% of the residues. Usually for 100g of residues you can obtain 10g of pure kief.
  5. Once you finish sieving the residues, you will have to proceed with the credit card to collect the kief in the middle of the baking paper creating a pile of powder. Press it to make it compact so as to obtain a unique piece of hashish.

These methods are simple and effective and allow you to obtain homemade hashish without too much struggle and with common tools.

Try and let us know 😊

Opening a coffee shop in Italy. Is it good business?

Opening a coffee shop in Italy. Is it good business?

Opening a coffee shop in Italy. Is it good business?

There are definitely a lot of people who thought of opening a coffee shop in Italy, maybe in the province or in a bigger city where the interest and the target are definitely more attractive. Many young business people have thought about this idea that often is a result of the trips done around Europe. From Amsterdam to Barcelona, from Sweden to Austria, there are plenty of different countries where you can start this business in Europe. How is it going for Italy? Well, interest has increased a lot, especially after the legalisation of light cannabis, until the Minister Salvini decided to fight against it and against the anything related to it.

Let’s clarify quickly what a coffee shop is, because often people think it is a negative and illegal place. Obviously reality is way different from the common perception given that opening a coffee shop in Italy is not that easy as there is a fine line between legality and illegality. In the Italian coffee shops they allow sativa cannabis that contains a THC percentage below 0.6. This means that products above this limit are against law.

What an Italian coffee shop can sell

Whoever goes to a cannabis shop generally finds products for smokers such as pipes, lighters and other material for the smoke enthusiasts. You can also buy teas, infusions, flours, drinks and much more, all cannabis flavoured. Whoever wants to smoke in reality can’t, given that even light cannabis with a 0.6% THC is illegal anyway. In Italy selling the plant, the leaves, seeds or flowers is not allowed however it can be sold as “collection material”. Yes, you read well, you cannot buy it to smoke it but to collect it. I can imagine how many collections ended up in smoke 😀

For the exact reason that rules are not even clear to the ones who created it, opening a coffee shop in Italy can be a challenge, or at least it needs a big dose of courage and a lot of patience. After all, when you are dealing with Italian laws you need at least two degrees in nuclear physics only to understand them. The same old mess!

Is it worth it opening a coffee shop in Italy?

As we mentioned already it is not easy, especially when you fight against a “Precogs” system in the style of Minority Report that blocks “crimes” before they are committed! This is basically the current situation that creates the foundation of legislative chaos, almost a sort of limbo where the responsible people don’t know what to do.

Things are not always this negative given that the interest for cannabis is rising and it will always be this way until the “commercial shock” will happen. What will most likely happen is that cannabis will experience mass distribution just like any other product such as alcohol. When the big business will catch on, be sure that rules will change, and by a lot. As Gordon Gekko says: “money never sleeps”, and definitely lawmakers dealing with cannabis will wake up. Yes, cannabis is good business; you just need to be patient a little bit more, just until the market will explode! 😀

Cannabis Club Madrid, all you need to know

Cannabis Club Madrid, all you need to know

Cannabis Club Madrid, all you need to know

In this post we would like to highlight the essential points that you need to know about Cannabis Social Clubs in Madrid, the laws, rules and their application. In the Spanish capital things are not like in any other cities such as Amsterdam, as there are small differences that are important to keep in mind. Keep reading and you will understand how and what to do to enjoy your stay in the city and relax in one of the many Cannabis Club Madrid.

Let’s see below all the points to remember:

  • The fundamental rules around cannabis in Madrid are the same as in Barcelona with a substantial difference in terms of numbers. In this case Barcelona shows double numbers compared to Madrid. The system is the same and is based on the same principles included also in the Spanish constitution. However, the Catalan region and its own administration have facilitated the development of cannabis in Barcelona and this is the reason why Madrid is lagging behind.
  • The referral is the same both in Madrid and Barcelona and is needed to become a new member of a club. Only existent members can do this given that this is a “closed” system and in order to join a club you need to follow this procedure, nothing complicated. It is important to mention that selling marijuana in the street is illegal, and consumption is only allowed in private but not in public. This is the reason why the Cannabis Club Madrid can offer this service, as it is a private environment, for members only.
  • No requirement of residence in order to join the clubs. Some clubs require a real address to join, that is, of a real residence rather than a hotel or hostel. Only few will require this proof, in many cases even the Airbnb address will work. Of course the club has to respect your privacy and will not share your address to anyone.
  • How is the cannabis market in Madrid? After a disappointing start compared to Barcelona, the capital is not catching up. The growth is increasing in high percentages year by year and they say that soon it will also take over Barcelona. The merit of this success is apparently due to the club managers that are doing a great job both in terms of service and promotion.
  • The type of subscription. The Cannabis Social Clubs in Madrid offer many types of subscriptions that can be yearly, half year and three months based. These options ease the access to who comes only for a short period and can then buy a shorter subscription. The rule of the referral applies anyway, therefore once the subscription expires, many clubs cancel the member, but many others don’t. In this case you will have to start everything from scratch.
  • Possession of cannabis outside the club. In Spain you can carry a small quantity of marijuana in private places, at home or in the club. For this reason we recommend to hide cannabis in the underwear if you really need to carry it. In this case if the police stops you, they won’t be able to check the underwear without a warrant. We suggest not to possess any cannabis at all.
  • The police checks. Police checks The Cannabis Club Madrid only for two main reasons. The first is if they suspect that in the club there is illegal drug dealing, the second is if the club is putting public health in danger. This is an issue that affects the club managers but not the members, so you can relax unless you’re directly involved.
  • No therapeutic cannabis. There is no doctor in Spain who can prescribe cannabis for therapeutic use as it is not required by the regulation. It does not matter whether you consume cannabis for your health of for fun, as long as you do it in private that is either at home or in the Cannabis Clubs.
  • Smoking in public is forbidden. Although Cannabis Clubs are legal in Madrid, you should not be fooled: the clubs are private and legal but smoking in the streets isn’t. It is important not to forget this point: if you get caught smoking in public the police can fine you and take you to unpleasant situations. Better avoid.

To conclude

Enjoy the pleasure to consume cannabis in the clubs and do it while respecting the basic rules and while always behaving correctly. By following these principles you won’t have any problems and you will be able to enjoy all the cannabis you want as a member of the many clubs in the city!

How to make cannabis butter

How to make cannabis butter

Hot to make cannabis butter

Many will probably be surprised by this post on how to make cannabis butter, a product that in reality is more used that one would think. This plant has specific characteristics that can be used in many ways, from creating objects to making food. Oil, flour, pasta, bread, dressings and much more. Butter is among them but it is probably the least famous and sold product. We can make it at home with the right quantities of the ingredients needed. Cannabis butter will be perfect to flavour desserts such as brownies and space cake, just to mention two.

Being butter a basic and fat ingredient, it has the capacity to absorb the liposoluble cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This means that it will be possible to season any dish by flavouring it with marijuana, and obtaining innovative and delicious meals. Below we can see how to make cannabis butter and the recipe requires about one hour to obtain the finished product, 15 minutes to prepare it and 45 to cook.

Here you can find what you need and how you can make the butter


  • Spatula or large spoon
  • Saucepan or pan
  • Large bowl
  • Colander
  • Dishcloth
  • Airtight container


  • 7 grams of cannabis tops/heads
  • ½ cup of unsalted butter


The first step is to chop the decarboxylated cannabis given that it has to be reduced in fine powder. This way you will obtain a larger surface of marijuana that will be absorbed more easily.

Second step is melting the butter in a pan at low heat and then adding bit by bit the marijuana powder. Stir everything very carefully and every time you add some more powder. For vegans you can use coconut oil as an alternative to butter given that it has more or less the same features and it will give you the same results.

After 45 minutes the cooking should be completed and at this point you can pour the product in a large bowl while filtering everything with a colander. This passage is needed to remove the largest pieces of cannabis. Press well on the colander with a large spoon or a spatula to get all the product.

For extra filtering and to remove the residual marijuana you can use a dishcloth.

The result will be an intense green oil that will soon solidify becoming a nice stick of marijuana butter. To conclude, we recommend storing it in an airtight container and putting it in the fridge or freezer so you can use it anytime you need.

So we just discovered how to prepare cannabis butter that you can use to create many recipes with cannabis flavour. You can season pasta with it, you can use it to make biscuits, to add flavour to fish and meat and to use it for many other occasions and let your friends try it too! The recipe is easy and quick and with this butter you can season your usual meals and give it a new taste and a new life!

Cannabis social clubs in Madrid, discover the reality in the Spanish capital!

Cannabis social clubs in Madrid, discover the reality in the Spanish capital!

Cannabis social clubs in Madrid, discover the reality in the Spanish capital!

Despite being ahead of many other European capitals, the information that people get about Madrid’s cannabis social clubs is wrong and misleading. Reality is quite different from the perception of visitors and the reason is poor and negative information. In this post we will sum up the most important points about this reality related to social clubs so as to break false myths and false information unrelated to reality.

The first four points:

  1. It is common to think that there are just a few and low quality clubs in Madrid however there are between 80 and 100 of them all over the capital.
  2. People often are unsure whether they need to be Spanish or not to join the clubs. It is not necessary to be Spanish as anyone can join and the only requirement is the referral from an already existent member.
  3. Many people ask themselves if cannabis social clubs in Madrid differ from the ones in Barcelona. No, as far as bureaucracy and administration are concerned there is no difference. Also in terms of management there are no major differences therefore the mechanism is the same.
  4. To many the cannabis social clubs in Madrid may sound as something new. This is not accurate though given that they have been in the capital for some years already. The difference is that they have not been spoken about widely or clearly.

Things are never like they tell us:

  1. The lie of faeces contained in the hashish being sold in Madrid’s cannabis social clubs. This is the sensational bullshit that came out in a study conducted in 2018 where they analysed hashish sold in the streets instead of the one sold in the clubs. However, as it happens frequently, the news have been communicated in the wrong way and interpreted even worse. Obviously hashish bought in the street cannot even be compared to the products sold in the clubs. It is normal to find faeces in stuff bought in the streets given that drugs are smuggled the way you can imagine, it’s old drugs story! This situation has been associated to clubs but it clearly has nothing to do with them!
  2. There is no product variety in Madrid. This is again bullshit spreading online. In reality the quality of the products sold in the cannabis social clubs in Madrid is excellent and has nothing to envy to the products available in other cities. In the clubs you can find different varieties of flowers produced by Spanish farmers with extreme care. You can also find extracts, essences, dyeing products and many more things… Nothing is missing!

Much easier than you imagine:

  1. The fear of running risks by joining a club. This is fake news circulating online and obviously there are no risks in joining a cannabis social club in Spain. This is because the possession and the personal use of cannabis is not a crime and will never be prosecuted. The maximum risk is being fined for a few hundreds euros if you get caught. Anyway, the story ends here and there are no imprisonments nor policemen with guns pointed at you, those things only happen in movies. If you want to learn more, read our guide here.
  2. Is it hard to join a cannabis club in Madrid? This is probably the most interesting point. No, it isn’t hard at all: the minimum age required might differ from club to club (18 to 21 years old) but the rules are always the same. Both in Madrid and Barcelona you need to be referred by an already existing member, need the minimum age and bring with you an ID to prove it in order to enter the cannabis social clubs.

To conclude

There are many clubs in the Spanish capital and many of them are state-of-art. The rules are the same everywhere in Spain without distinction. The fake news circulating is of course false and many times completely opposite to reality.

What’s true is that in Madrid there are amazing clubs where you can enter and spend your time with other members and share the pleasure of smoking without problems, guaranteed!