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Is marijuana legal in Barcelona?

Is marijuana legal in Barcelona?

Is marijuana legal in Barcelona?

Is marijuana legal in Barcelona? It’s not a simple question however, although the answer is yes, the matter is more complex. Marijuana is legal under specific conditions, in fact, according to Spanish laws, marijuana is legal in the whole country only for personal consumption and the circumstances are not always this easy and linear.

The answer to the question “is marijuana legal in Barcelona?” is then “Yes, but only in small quantities for personal use and until the cultivation, possession and consumption happen in private spaces. Let’s dig more deeply in the matter.

Is the black market of marijuana legal in Barcelona?

In theory yes, in Barcelona you can legally buy marijuana coming from the black market. Being caught buying marijuana from a pusher is not a crime in Barcelona but it will lead to a fine. Fines are pretty high, starting from 300 to 400 Euros or more. For this reason the best solution is joining a private Cannabis club among the many existing in Barcelona.

Are private cannabis clubs legal in Barcelona?

Yes, cannabis clubs in Barcelona are legal. These clubs are indeed completely private associations and therefore respect the rules that regulate the purchase, possession and usage of cannabis in Spain. Moreover, being private entities, all the activities happening inside of them are protected by Spanish constitutional laws in terms of privacy. Unfortunately, being private, these clubs are places that are not open to the public and to become a member of a cannabis club you need to be introduced by someone who is already a member and who would function as a sponsor.

Can people legally give marijuana to their friends in Barcelona?

Yes, friends and collaborators can legally give weed to their friends without committing a crime. As usual, it’s important to follow some rules. First of all the use of the received cannabis needs to be strictly personal given that marijuana is legal in Barcelona but it’s not possible to give it to others even if it’s possible to consume it in the many clubs in the city.

Is it possible to cultivate marijuana legally in Barcelona?

Yes, it’s possible to cultivate weed legally in Barcelona as long as you respect some simple rules. First of all, the plants need to be in a completely private space outside public sight. The number of cultivated plants should not exceed 6. If these rules are followed then the cultivation of cannabis is totally legal and it’s possible to share the product with your friends, otherwise you might be fined.

In which cases is marijuana illegal in Barcelona?

After this brief introduction it might seem that buying, cultivating and possessing marijuana in Barcelona are legal and always permitted activities. It’s actually not, given as it’s illegal to exchange or consume marijuana in public spaces or if you possess an excessive quantity. The personal possession of cannabis has never been prosecuted as a crime in Barcelona, as long as you remain in a private place. Instead, when you consume or possess cannabis in public places you can be fined even if in Barcelona, just as all over Spain, marijuana is not illegal. Then, yes, marijuana is legal in Barcelona but its consumption is regulated by rules that need to be followed and whose breach only lead to civil implications. However, the body of law that regulates these rules in Spain is not that simple as the privacy laws are quite complex. If, for example, you leave a private place, your own place or a cannabis club with some cannabis in your pocket, you can be fined if caught in the streets.

If police found weed in your pockets and seized it, and, especially if the person is a tourist or a foreigner, it would fine him. But in the same way, if weed was hiding in a more “private” place, such as underwear, police wouldn’t have done anything. According to privacy laws, the police is not allowed to search your private parts without a formal reason. It’s not possible to consume cannabis in public either although it’s common to see people smoking on the beach or outside a club. These behaviours are risky and being caught will lead to fines. Moreover, negotiating with local police is never fun! It’s important to always keep in mind the first rule in terms of cannabis consumption in Barcelona: “keep your things private!”.

If you want to buy and consume cannabis in Barcelona, the best way is joining a private cannabis club. You can choose your favourite one and most of them can be found in the city centre and in the “Ciutat Vella” zone. The next step is finding a sponsor who will introduce you to the club. This is the only obstacle for a tourist or a foreigner trying to become a member of these clubs. There are no restrictions on joining clubs for tourists or foreigners but only a precise set of rules that you need to follow to be admitted.

What are the rules for cannabis consumption in the clubs?

The Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are like associations that commit to cultivate and produce marijuana for their members. Paying for weed is considered as a donation to a friend for the time spent cultivating the final product. The majority of the clubs limit the total number of grams that can be bought every month and also impose a daily cap.

Can tourists buy marijuana in Barcelona?

Can tourists buy marijuana in Barcelona?

Can tourists buy marijuana in Barcelona?

Answering this question is harder that you think. Anyway, yes, tourists can buy marijuana in Barcelona. In reality a law forbidding tourists to join private cannabis clubs and buy marijuana does not exist. However, the matter is not as easy as you might think. Let’s see why.

Yes, all tourists can buy cannabis in Barcelona

Tourists can buy cannabis but only in private places, such as clubs: fortunately, private clubs of this type are many around the city and they are all accessible. The only condition is knowing someone who already is a member because you can only access the cannabis clubs if you are introduced by an internal sponsor.

Can tourists join a private cannabis club in Barcelona?

It’s not impossible for a tourist to buy marijuana in Barcelona, and same goes for joining a cannabis club: you only need to know the right people! There are no rules that regulate the membership to private cannabis clubs of this type and any person can join, therefore there is no restriction for tourists either. There are protective rules that allow cannabis clubs to exist but there is no law that governs these clubs and that regulates their functioning. Moreover, often there is no waiting period for tourists and foreigners as they are all treated as local people.

Can tourists buy cannabis in Barcelona without joining a private club?

At this point you might wonder whether it’s possible for tourists to buy cannabis even without joining a private cannabis club. In this case the matter becomes more difficult. Indeed there is no legal way to buy marijuana outside a private cannabis club. Tourists in Barcelona can join a club, they can receive weed from relatives or friends, or they can plant it in a private area. There is also the possibility of buying it in the black market as it is not a crime in Spain but bear in mind that you might get fined if you get caught by the police. So, if you cultivate weed in Barcelona and you decide to give some to your friends you might ask them to pay you for your commission. Or, if you are in a place where they cultivate cannabis, you could give your host the money for producing the cannabis he gave you. This way you can get marijuana legally in Barcelona without being in a private cannabis club. The exchanges need to happen in a private place and it should not be a purchase. In practice, it’s like refunding your friends for the costs of production of the cannabis they gave you.

Can tourists buy cannabis in Barcelona? The final answer

If Spain wanted to create a law to forbid tourists to join national private cannabis clubs, the rest of Europe would definitely attack it. The EU cannot accept actions that deliberately discriminate against other EU members. Therefore if a law decided to forbid the access to private clubs to non-Spanish people would be illegal. Moreover, any laws of this type would force thousands of people to go for the illegal routes of the black market. All this would lead to an increase of criminality instead of preventing it. It is precisely for this reason that starting from summer 2018 tourists can buy cannabis in Barcelona, following the steps required and by becoming members of a private cannabis club.

So yes, tourists can buy marijuana in Barcelona by following simple rules

It’s been years now that Spain has decided to open and give opportunities to this flourishing market that is quickly growing. The reason probably comes from the increased demand but it is not the only motive. There are also social and economical reasons. On the social side, it’s important to remember that Barcelona in the 80s and 90s was the main destination for adventurers and wild drug dealing with all the problems that come with it. Legalisation has produced the desired effect by the legislators, that is, cleaning the city from the illegal underground life and criminality. It took few years to clean the streets and give a new color to the city as well as new rights to people who consume cannabis for pleasure or therapeutic reasons.

Of course the illegal trafficking has not been eradicated completely but today it only represents a minority. The fact that tourists can buy marijuana in Barcelona without problems, anxiety and misadventures, is surely a positive achievement for the city. This was only possible thanks to the many Social Cannabis Clubs that today animate the streets of the city centre, which are about a hundred. Surely this is a positive thing under all aspects, especially socially and economically. There are thousands of people involved in the production of cannabis products and cultivation of cannabis, and all this produces a relevant market, important revenues and flourishing businesses that are constantly growing. All this offers an advantage to consumers as well, not only related to legality but also to lower prices and higher quality. To conclude, we can say that tourists can buy marijuana in Barcelona and can enjoy a metropolitan city that has become a symbol of growth and prosperity in Europe!

How to become a coffee shop member in Barcelona

How to become a coffee shop member in Barcelona

How to become a coffee shop member in Barcelona

You have to be sponsored. This is how you can become a coffee shop member in Barcelona. If you have already subscribed to a coffee shop in Barcelona, congrats! But what happens next? No problem! Below you can find all the steps and exact procedures to follow to become a member of a private cannabis club in Barcelona.

How to reach the club

The majority of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona are mainly in the center or in the “Ciutat Vella” quarter. Given that this area of the city can be chaotic, especially for newcomers, it’s important to follow some simple rules so as not to get lost. Some tips include knowing well the address and the route, not trusting taxi drivers who frequently take the wrong way and take the passenger willingly somewhere else. Remember that “Ciutat Vella” is essentially a square. On the superior side you can find the Gran Via les Cortes Catalanes, on the right you can find Passeig Picasso, on the left Las Ramblas and on the inferior side you find Colom e Marques de l’Argentera. It’s important knowing that in order to access the marijuana clubs in Barcelona is important to be members and new subscriptions are only accepted by booking.

Private access

To discover how to become a member of a coffee shop in Barcelona, of course it’s important to gather information on how to do so. The access to the majority of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona is discreet, without any signs and with blacked-out windows: the place is only recognisable by the address and number. Almost all clubs have a buzzer at the entrance and CCTV. In order to gain access you need to buzz and as the doors are not always open, they will be released through and electronic system. We advise you to keep a quiet and discreet behaviour when inside.

ID check

In order to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, it’s necessary to be introduced by the person who is sponsoring you. The sponsoring needs to be done in person but sometimes it can be done remotely for example if the sponsor cannot be physically present for external reasons outside one’s control. It’s also possible to be remotely sponsored by an Ambassador member. Once entered, the personnel will check your ID as it’s not possible to join a club or enter without a required proof of ID. The proof of ID can be any ID document such as driving licence, passport, National ID, etc. as long as it’s a valid document and it’s partially written in English or Spanish.

Payment of the membership fee

In order to access the services offered by the cannabis clubs it’s important to pay a membership fee. The fee is on average around 30-40 Euros, with a minimum starting from 10 Euros for the cheapest and simplest cannabis clubs, and a maximum of 100 Euros for the most exclusive ones. Many clubs require the payment of the fee in cash and they do not accept cards. The payment of the membership fee gives access to the club at any time, during opening times. The purchase of  cannabis products is excluded and the prices are set based on the members’ fees.

The club rules

There are definitely rules on how to become a member of a coffee shop in Barcelona. Clubs have specific rules to follow and often to sign for. The majority are rules of common sense, others refer to cannabis usage and possession and the introduction of other drugs inside the clubs. New members are required to sign an agreement where they accept the rules that have to be followed at all times without exception.

Right of cultivation

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona are real associations that commit to cultivate and produce Marjuana for their members. The majority of the clubs limit the total amount of grams that can be bought every month, and imposes a daily limit as well. In general, the daily limit is 5 grams and the monthly one is 90. Every member, at the time of their subscription, declares the grams that he will need every month.

Issuing of the pass and bill

After you complete the subscription application and sign the agreement, the staff will add the data of new members in the system and release the personal pass to every new member. In many clubs, this pass can also be used as a credit card. On this type of passes it’s possible to top-up funds and use them to pay for services and products in the club and the bar. However, many clubs don’t use this system and some only accepts cash payments. The pass is necessary not only to access the club but also to move in it. Even if you are a known member it’s not possible to enter and stay in the club without having the pass with you. The pass is the proof of being a member of the club and it’s easy to get.

Tour of the club

We explained how to subscribe to the club, how to sign for the rules and the rights of joining and how to get a pass. The pass is essential to access the club and move in it. The pass usually functions as a prepaid credit card, but it can also be a simple piece of paper. When you are given the pass, the staff will take you and any new members around the club for a tour. The tour is important as they will show you the different areas of the club and the rules of each one of them.

Shopping in the club

Some clubs require a waiting period between the subscription and the moment when you can actually buy products. This period can vary and it can be few days or more than two weeks. The majority of the clubs in Barcelona, fortunately don’t follow this modus operandi thus it’s possible to buy products from the start. In clubs where this rule is applied for particular reasons, sometimes the rule is waived if the member is buying for therapeutic use.

The 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona

The 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona

The 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona

In this post we will disclose the 10 best cannabis varieties available in the city of Barcelona, which have the best quality only for experts. Obviously we are talking about a variety that we can legally find in the many social clubs in the city. Below you find a list of those plants that could be the best in the world.

Blue Zaffir: Greenardo Cannabis club in Horta, Barcelona

This variety is harvested by the Greenardo cannabis club team, it’s called Blue Zaffir and it’s visibly extraordinary and very aromatic. It’s an hybrid of indica cannabis and it has a bright purple hue with mixed tones of chocolate and spices. This is one of the most particular qualities of weed that we can find among the 10 cannabis varieties in Barcelona, therefore it deserves the first place.

Zombie Kush: Ripper Seeds in Sabadell, Barcelona

The Zombie Kush variety is produced by Ripper Seeds, a company that deals with genetics around Barcelona, in the city of Sabadell. You can find the Zombie Kush in many cannabis clubs in Barcelona. The specialty about this variety is that is has a very strong and “rocky” blossom, and maybe that’s where the name is coming from.

Choko: Choko Art & Smoke Club in Gracia, Barcelona

Considered as being one of the best sativa in Barcelona, Choko is developed by the expert team of Choko Club, an artist club. The variety of this weed is very fruity, a mixture of figs, chocolate, apples and other indefinable flavours. It’s a variety that originates from the landrace coming from India and Nepal.

Nicole Kush: Lakalada Cannabis Club in El Raval, Barcelona

Nicole Kush is another type of hybrid cannabis of Barcelona, which is created by Marimberos Seeds with the traditional Kosher Kush. The result is spectacular, a fragrant variety of wild berries and soil, a strong fragrance that seduces you. It is definitely one of the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona.

Casey Jones: Mon Ami Cannabis Club in Gracia, Barcelona

This is another great product, which definitely deserves being in this ranking of the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona. You can find it and it is developed at the Mon Ami cannabis club and it is a very tasty and pleasant variety with an excellent scent.

Mendocino Purple Kush: Circulo Cannabis Club in El Born, Barcelona

This club has the Mendocino Purple Kush, which is one of the best cannabis varieties and which is very popular in Barcelona. As the name says, it has arrived in 2017 from California and it has conquered the market straight away. The special feature of this cannabis is that it has many amethyst crystals that melt with the green of the gem. It is nice to see and excellent to smoke, and it is sold in the Circulo Cannabis of Barcelona in El Born. This variety really deserves to be in this list but also to be tried.

Super Silver Haze: Strainhunters Private Club in El Raval, Barcelona

The Super Silver Haze from Amsterdam gets full marks in this list, it’s sublime and it is maybe one of the best marijuana varieties in Barcelona. You can find it at StrainHunters cannabis club in Raval. This club is managed by the Green House Seeds of Amsterdam, which explains why it’s one of the best varieties in the city. The gems that we can find at the StrainHunters is the example of how the Super Silver Haze should be, and this makes it one of the best cannabis sativa in Barcelona.

Lavender Kush: Dr. Dou Smoker’s Club in El Raval, Barcelona

The Dr. Dou cannabis club offers excellent weed, one of the classic varieties in the world, which is a derivate of the Lavender Kush. The Dr. Dou has obtained this cannabis variety from the mix of two skunks. The result obtained from the Afghan variety and a Hawaiian one is a unique and powerful specie. It is a creation that differentiates itself from the classic characteristics generally attributed to this variety. However, it is the same for many different aspects available in this cannabis club in Barcelona.

Yumboldt: Club Saigon in Eixample, Barcelona

The Yumboldt  is another type of weed that deserves being among the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona, which is a Californian variety that become very popular. The Club Saigon has promoted this variety very well and many smokers appreciate it. The Saigon has produced it as a variant to the Californian variety for the Spanish market and specifically the one in Barcelona. The traditional one features very elongated gems, while this one, although having the same characteristics is compact and short. It has a very earthy flavour and it offers soft and pleasant smoke. This variety is available also in other clubs but the best one can be found at the Saigon.

Diesel Acido – Zen Cannabis Club in Gracia, Barcelona

The Diesel Acido is a variety made by the Zen Cannabis and it is classic weed that offects flavour and texture. It’s a very popular variety produced by the Zen Cannabis Club in Gracia in Barcelona. The Diesel produced by Zen is one of the best of this type and represent a very appreciated variant.

This list of the 10 best cannabis varieties in Barcelona represents the best available in the city and produced locally by the different clubs. If you decide to visit the city, you can find this weed in the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, and if you find better ones please let us know where you found them.

Where to find cannabis in Barcelona

Where to find cannabis in Barcelona

Where to find cannabis in Barcelona

Even if the Spanish city is becoming more and more popular, in this post we will tell you where to find cannabis easily in Barcelona. Of course we are talking about legal cannabis, the one sold in the authorized coffee shops and compliant to the Spanish law. The growing touristic attractiveness is also incentivised by this sector that has contributed at the same time to the growth of the black market. It is very important then to pay attention and to choose only products sold legally, guaranteed and safe.

Solution #1: join a private cannabis social club in Barcelona

There are over 200 cannabis social club in Barcelona, therefore is extremely easy as long as you join as a member. You can also check where you can find cannabis in Barcelona on this site, by following the information about the different clubs. To enter, you need to subscribe otherwise it’s not possible for you to access the club. In order to do so you need to find a sponsor who would be already a member of one of the clubs.

Apart from the member’s reference, you need to be over 18 years old and you need to respect the rules of the club such as not selling cannabis outside the club. This is forbidden by the club regulation but also by the Spanish law, in fact you cannot bring with you cannabis or smoke or sell in in public. To join the club as a member you will have to pay a yearly member fee, which for the majority of clubs is a minimum fee around 20 Euros. There are some clubs that are more exclusive and where the fee can reach 30 or 50 Euros. To subscribe you will have to give your personal information and provide a valid ID. Nothing complicated, as there are safety procedures, therefore you can be reassured that your data will be kept safe and won’t be distributed to third parties nor the government.

Solution #2: buy on the black market on Las Ramblas and Barceloneta

If you prefer the do-it-yourself method and risky adventures, then you can find cannabis on Las Ramblas or Barceloneta. Las Ramblas is the main road of the city where there is always a lot of people looking for shops and bars. You can find a lot of people including North Africans wearing casual clothes from whom you can buy cannabis, weed and hashish. Very often you’ll find yourself being called to buy something, especially if you are young and showing a tourist attitude. However, it’s difficult to say what you can buy in terms of quality on the black market.

Some of them might even invite you to enter the cannabis clubs, which is anyway a behaviour that is not correct or accepted in the city. The cannabis clubs in Barcelona that allow this usually face problems with the police and they are not entirely transparent given that they most probably made of people facing issues with the law. Find out what you need to know about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Even in the Barceloneta area you can find the same people and situation mentioned above, therefore you need to pay attention. On the beach up until the touristic port you will find a lot of people trying to sell you weed or hashish. You need to be careful because there is a strong presence of the police. This post should help you find cannabis in Barcelona.

In these zones there are occasional thefts but fortunately nothing extremely bad such as someone being hurt has ever happened. It could be possible for you to deal with someone who takes your money and tells you “Wait here until I come back with the stuff” and you can be sure that you will never see your money, your stuff or that person again!

Solution #3: you could bring cannabis with you on board

It would be possible for you to take a small quantity of weed for personal use, however when you get to Spain things are slightly different. Once you land, controls are quite strict and it is easy to be caught on a train or bus. Of course the risk is worse in these cases because when you get caught you are held and you need to pay a fine of few hundreds of Euros.

In general it’s possible to fly with some cannabis between Amsterdam and Barcelona or towards other destinations such as some American cities or some cities in Portugal without any problems. However, you need to keep in mind that a flight might stop in other countries and you will be subject to the laws of those countries in case you get caught. These are assumptions that you need to take into account given that the risk is present.


Out of all the methods to find and consume cannabis in Barcelona, the best is definitely joining a cannabis club. The other option is to go for the black market assuming all the problems and risks related to it. It is very straightforward where to find cannabis in Barcelona and the choice is entirely subjective. If you want to consume cannabis in Barcelona safely while respecting the law, the best solution is to go for one of the best social cannabis clubs. It’s easy, safe and with all the benefits that come with being a member of a private club.

Where to smoke cannabis in Barcelona

Where to smoke cannabis in Barcelona

Where to smoke cannabis in Barcelona

Where can you smoke cannabis in Barcelona? Technically you couldn’t because it’s not legal to smoke marijuana in public places. Cannabis is legal only if smoked in cannabis clubs specific for this purpose. However, if you are careful you can smoke outside enjoying the view and the pleasure of this city. Read this article so you will discover how you can do it in peace.

Spanish laws in terms of Privacy allow people to plant and consume cannabis legally but only in private clubs. The law however does not allow possession or consumption in public places, which means that walking in the streets and smoking is not exactly advised. You can do it of course but you need to be discreet and respectful of the law. If you get caught smoking in a public place you risk a fine and the confiscation of cannabis. If you want to do it without risking anything read this post until the end.

Small guide:

  • Do not smoke cannabis close to kids or families
  • Do not smoke cannabis close to elderly people
  • Do not show off, keep your joint low and avoid coughing
  • Always look around for police
  • Throw away the garbage so as not to leave traces
  • Do not sell or give weed in Barcelona
  • Do not smoke too close to people you don’t know

If you need a reference to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, follow this link, choose and become member.

The locations in the city where you could smoke weed

Below you can find some points of attractio in Barcelona, more or less popular, where you could smoke cannabis. Take note.

The Castle and the Montjuic gardens – Montjuic Region, Barcelona

The Castle and the Montjuic gardens in Catalunia are an excellent place to smoke weed in Barcelona. Montjuic is a popular castle located in the east of the city, and on top of this small mountain you can find the castle with its beautiful gardens. In this peaceful place you can smoke weed with your friends with discretion and carefulness. It is a place where you can smoke safely.

Parc Ciutadella – El Born, Barcelona


Another place where you can smoke cannabis in Barcelona, the Parc Ciutadella is one of the best in Catalunia, and it extends until the zoo and the Parliament. In fact, the Parliament is inside the park, so it’s quite interesting smoking here. Anyway, being large, there are tens of places where you can smoke, avoiding of course the most crowded parts. Avoid smoking in the main street because those who did have been caught by the police who often use officers in disguise.

Parc Forum Poble Nou, Barcellona

Parc Forum is another place where you can smoke weed in Barcelona. Olympic games were played here in 1992 and it is also one of the most beautiful places in the city. It’s another nice place where to smoke weed in Barcelona, with large spaces and it’s perfect to relax and smoke. An area of Parc Forum faces on the port where you can see the walkway and enjoy the view.

Barceloneta Varrio sidewalk, Barceloneta, Barcelona

Walk on the Barcelona coast, which is the heart of the city where everyone gathers. This is the perfect spot to smoke while enjoying the sun but you need to be very careful and discreet. Choose a place on the beach and enjoy the sun and the weed but avoid excessive smoking and showing off. You can enjoy the sea and smoke, you can have fun and meet a lot of interesting people, artists, sellers and taste some local food.

MACBA El Raval, Barcelona (Superior end)

The MACBA is a world famous modern museum and it is also a meeting point for skaters and stoners. The people coming here are usually young and many go to do skateboarding and have fun. It is always crowded and this makes it an ideal place to smoke marijuana given that no one will pay attention to you, therefore you can smoke in peace.

La Rambla del Raval El Raval, Barcelona

La Rambla del Raval is a nice place to smoke marijuana in Barcelona, very similar to Las Ramblas but way more chilled, with a minor influx of tourists. Here you can walk and smoke, seat on the benches in total relax while you smoke weed. It’s also a nice place where you can smoke weed in Barcelona. Of rouce with discretion, even if the risk is inferior here.

Parc Guell Carmel Hill, Barcellona


Parc Guell is another good place where you can smoke weed in Barcelona and it’s probably the most beautiful park in the city. It’s the famous project of the great Gaudi and it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Lots of colours and a breathtaking view give the park a magical atmosphere that will make your smoking session special but pay attention not to bother anyone with your smoke because it is always very crowded, so enjoy the park instead!

The places that we have just mentioned are surely among the most beautiful and interesting where you can smoke cannabis in Barcelona. However, we suggest you to stay away from these below:

Las Ramblas, avoid the main streets in the centre from Placa Catalunya to the monument of Columbus. There is a lot of people at any time and there is always a lot of police, also in disguise therefore avoid smoking here.

Placa Catalunya, is on top of Las Ramblas, which is a highly checked area and full of people. You can smoke here only at early morning but you need to be careful because there are eyes and surveillance everywhere.

The Colombus monument is at the end of Las Ramblas, it is also always full of people around it. Police is always present here and it’s better not to risk it and to enjoy the place as a tourist without smoking.

Maybe these could interest you: