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What to smoke instead of weed to get high?

Knowing full well that it is not legal, many people are struggling to find a healthy and legal alternative for their free time and relaxation. In recent times, interest in products derived from cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been growing. It is a completely legal and healthy substance from all points of view, which is extracted from cannabis leaves.

The manufacturing and extraction process separates the psychotropic substances, leaving the goodness of marijuana whose effects still provide a very pleasant sensation of well-being. So if you’re wondering what to smoke instead of weed to get high? The answer can only be: CBD.

What is CBD and how is it obtained

CBD is obtained, as mentioned, from the same marijuana plants. During processing, the various substances are separated until a percentage of THC (the illegal psychotropic substance) is less than 0.2% as required by current legislation. At this stage of processing the compound is like a molasses rich in CBD and other minor phytocannabinoids. At this point in the process:

  • The actual refining begins in search of greater purity. When 80% purity is reached, CBD begins to crystallize.
  • From this point the refining continues until a 99% pure molecule is obtained. The CBD crystal is ready.

But how is CBD taken? If your question is always what to smoke instead of weed to get high? Don’t worry: even if it’s a crystal, CBD can be smoked. There are various forms of marketing under which CBD can be purchased, the most widespread and well-known are crystals and oil.

There is no need for a medical prescription to access this type of substance, just access one of the many dedicated shops or purchase it online. Your search for what to smoke instead of weed to get high? It’s finished, now you know and we also tell you how to do it.

How to use CBD

It has already been said that CBD is available on the market in the form of oil in bottles or in the form of crystals. These are two completely different but equally satisfying sensory experiences, the choice is exclusively personal.

The oil is taken by ingesting drops under the tongue, this type of intake has a more immediate effect by first entering into circulation in the body. If instead for you the search for; What to smoke instead of weed to get high? It has a specific meaning so don’t worry, this is how to smoke. The CBD crystal must be vaporized, no more and no less than smoking an electronic cigarette.

You will be able to inhale pure CBD vapours, taking on all its effects in a softer but equally effective form. The beneficial effects of CBD, on which all clinical studies agree, are equivalent in terms of well-being and satisfaction. You will feel at peace with the world, serene, relaxed, free of any form of stress or neurosis. In short, everything that was good about getting high but without any health risks.

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