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CBD products what are they?

We hear a lot about hemp-based products and, despite the legalized opening of specialized shops, doubts and uncertainties remain due to lack of knowledge. Italian legislation with the promulgation of Law n° 242 of 2 December 2016 has regulated the methods of cultivation of certain types of hemp. Among these, mainly, hemp sativa specifying its intended use which, among other things, must be aimed to:

  • Food and cosmetics, following the principles of the relevant regulations;
  • Semi-finished products, such as oils, fiber and powders intended for artisanal activities in various sectors.

All these sativa hemp processes contain CBD, so if you ask yourself what are CBD products? Here are the answers.

What is CBD

The first piece of information to take into account is what CBD is to know not only what CBD products are but also what they contain. CBD is the nickname of cannabidiol, a chemical compound present inside hemp inflorescences. It is rich in therapeutic properties that do not create any physical or psychological dependence, unlike another cannabinoid contained in the same inflorescences: THC. It is precisely in the differences between the two that all the differences lie, also linked to the legality of their consumption. THC, in fact, has psychotropic effects, meaning it can contribute to the alteration of perceptions.

Therefore, it is prohibited to market and take it. However, the law itself admits that in nature the case of spontaneous hybridization in plants is very frequent. A tolerance threshold has therefore been set for the presence of THC in products predominantly based on CBD. This threshold must necessarily be between 0.2 and 0.6%. Therefore, when asked, what are CBD products? We can calmly answer that they are safe for our health because they are fundamentally free of THC, except in percentages deemed harmless by the State.

What CBD products are available on the market

To know what CBD products are, you must first consider the oil. CBD oil is present in various concentrations and has a notable versatility of use. It can be taken sublingually, added to edibles, or ingested in capsule form. Taking it sublingually is much quicker, as it penetrates directly into the body’s bloodstream. CBD can also be taken in the form of crystals or in a liquid state and, in this case, be taken via electronic cigarette.

The risks of combustion are avoided and it can be used immediately, given that the effects of CBD on the body are almost instantaneous. Otherwise, one of the most frequent ways to absorb CBD is through the use of topical or cosmetic products. It is found in the form of ointments, balms or lotions and has the advantage of rapidly penetrating the dermal tissue causing the reduction of pain. In fact, one of the recognized properties of CBD is anti-inflammatory. But it is also medically recognized for properties such as antiepileptic, anxiolytic and analgesic. It is possible to buy CBD-based products almost everywhere, both in physical stores and on various online platforms.


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