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What legal weed gets you high?

It may probably seem hard to believe but there is a perfectly legal way to experience the beneficial sensations of a high. By this we mean the well-known sensation of general well-being, peace and serenity that has always been associated with the term high. Not an extracorporeal journey of the mind resulting in loss of contact with reality; no, that is a psychotropic effect and it is illegal.

If you’re wondering what legal weed gets you high? You are definitely looking for cannabidiol, or CBD as it is better known. A substance that is contained and extracted from marijuana, but which is perfectly legal and has no harmful consequences for the health of the body.

Perfectly legal weed to smoke

It certainly may seem strange, but this is really how things are. Inside the hemp plant, cannabis or marijuana as it is better known, various substances are contained. Among these, THC and CBD, the first is psychotropic and is responsible for potentially harmful alterations to physical and mental health.

CBD, on the other hand, has only positive effects for the human organism, clinically proven and therefore legally sold in shops and also online. CBD is therefore the right answer to the question what legal weed gets you high? In fact you can even smoke. CBD-based products for sale can have different forms, the main ones being:

  • They are those that are taken in the form of vapor, so you inhale them by smoking them.
  • They are ingested.
  • They are spread and absorbed by the skin.
  • It is ingested in the form of sublingual drops.

So if you’re a lover of the traditional high and wondering what legal weed gets you high? the answer is CBD crystals.

How to take CBD crystals and how many to take?

Unlike other CBD products, the crystals contain only 99.99% CBD. They are a laboratory product, therefore highly controlled and do not bring with them any other properties derived from the plant, such as odors, vitamins or terpenes.

It is necessary to check on the packaging of the crystals purchased what the ratio is between the weight of the crystal in mg and the CBD content; remember that it is always better to start with a micro-dosage between 5 and 25 mg per day, checking the body’s reaction. Subsequently, it can be calibrated, preferably reaching no more than 100 mg daily, even if there are no indications of harmful overdoses. Since you’re looking for what legal weed gets you high? You can use crystals by smoking them with a vape. Since the CBD contained in them is very pure, they will not produce any odor or presence of combustion.

Like an electronic cigarette, you will need a good vaporizer that brings the temperature between 160 and 180°. The relaxation effect is immediate, the beneficial effect begins at the moment of inhalation. Smoking CBD crystals is the fastest way to feel the beneficial effects of this type of high, their action lasts up to 4 hours after intake. All this with total safety for your health and maximum legality, you can smoke your CBD whenever and wherever you want.

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