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What is legal weed?

This is a very recurring question, because for several years in Italy, as in the rest of the world, we have seen the flourishing of dedicated shops. Not only street-based businesses, but also online sales of hemp-derived products. And all perfectly legal. Hemp is the marijuana plant, so to speak, the use of which remains illegal and harmful to health.

But then, what is legal weed? One rightly wonders how it is possible that it has the same effects. Yet, it is like this and it is all a question of chemistry: the same marijuana plant contains different substances. One, THC, is harmful because it has a psychotropic effect that is potentially harmful to health; the other, CBD, which paradoxically has only positive effects on the body, giving almost the same sensations as the harmful substance.

CBD, what it is and how to take it

The acronym CBD indicates the substance cannabidiol, contained in the marijuana plant and producing a series of beneficial effects on the human organism. These effects are recognized from a clinical point of view, to the point that you don’t even need a medical prescription to buy products containing CBD. The CBD substance is extracted from the hemp plant after separating it from the harmful parts, therefore the entire process is carefully controlled.

It has been noted that the intake of CBD leads to a general state of well-being for the human organism, promoting relaxation for example, or positively influencing sleep and memory, but also carrying out an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. To answer the question, what is legal weed? The only existing answer is CBD. There are various CBD-based products on the market, the main ones are:

  • Edible capsules.
  • Crystals that can be vaporized or used in the kitchen.
  • Oil to be taken in sublingual drops.
  • Body creams.

How to use different CBD products

If you really want to answer the question, what is legal weed? All you have to do is use CBD crystals. Since they must be vaporized and inhaled with a vape, like an electronic cigarette so to speak, they are the most similar to the consumption of illegal weed in form. Although in this case everything is extremely legal. Inhaling the smoke resulting from the vaporization of the crystals is also the quickest method to feel the effects of CBD which, therefore, are immediate. Their effect lasts on average from two to four hours.

Other methods for taking CBD are to use it through skin absorption, through body creams; in this case the effects begin to appear after about 15 minutes and last between two and four hours. However, the duration obtained by ingesting CBD through oil drops or edible capsules is longer. Even if the effects are linked to the digestive process, and therefore manifest themselves even after a few hours, their duration is much longer; you can even get up to 6 hours of effect.

Here, then, are all the answers to the question: what is legal weed? Having the only possible answer in CBD. Legal, healthy and available without even needing a medical prescription.

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