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The difficult search for Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona

Cannabis Social Clubs are private associations of cannabis consumers. In the city of Barcelona there are many, scattered throughout the city area. Many are scattered among the streets of the centre, you know they are there, yet you don’t see them.

It’s actually really difficult to find Cannabis Social Clubs on the streets of the city. These are almost always anonymous doors and, the first few times, you are never sure if you are in the right place.


In fact, current legislation prohibits cannabis social clubs from having conspicuous and easily recognizable signs. Normally, you will only find a small identification plaque of the association, with its name and register number. Make sure you see this plaque, inside or outside the club: if a club is not registered in the register of associations of the Generalitat of Cataluña, it means that it is not in order and we strongly advise you to stay away from it!

We advise you to do the same if you happen to be approached on the street by someone offering to join a cannabis social club: real clubs don’t have promoters and don’t advertise. In this way you would promote an illegal market, compromising the work of those who try to do things properly. Furthermore, you risk ending up in an unlicensed place, with above-average prices and poor product quality.

One thing to always keep in mind is that at the entrance to the club they are obliged to identify you to ensure they only host registered members and they will not be able to turn a blind eye to you. Always carry your photo identification and membership card with you so you can enter the club whenever you want.

What are you waiting for, send an invitation request now to join a Cannabis Social Club Barcelona!

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