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Purple weed

Have you ever seen purple weed? Well, yes, there are phenotypes that, with temperature changes, become Purple. Simply put, an exterior that is exposed below 12 degrees in September/October/November takes on a purple color. It’s more or less the same thing for indoor cultivation too.

Those who grow in cold or mountainous areas have an advantage. But just leave the entrance, i.e. access to the fresh air greenhouse, or the air conditioning on. But be careful with this process, since the temperature change, the cold and the high humidity can favor the creation of mold and fungi.

Among the most famous qualities with purple colors we find the following:

  • Purple Haze (mentioned in Jimmy Hendrix song)
  • Blueberry
  • Tanjerin
  • Purple Kush
  • Black Water (White Widow phenotype 2)
  • Critical Mass
  • Purple Orange
  • Bublegumm
  • Frisian Duck
  • Bubba Kush
  • Mendocino
  • Lavender
  • Twilight
  • Shaman
  • Pakistan Kush
  • Black Russian
  • Ketama

These are just a series of crosses and native plants, the most famous and renowned in recent years. Although most Kushes retain their purple coloration, this is not the case for all.

Peculiarities of purple cannabis

This type of plant has a wide range of effects and intensities. It can produce an increase in creativity in the consumer, which is also why it is highly appreciated among artists and musicians. In fact, its particular combination of THC and CBD is capable of providing very intense physical and psychological experiences.

Due to the high concentration of THC, as soon as it is taken it leads to a state of excitement, similar to euphoria, which, when waning, leads to a condition of calm and relaxation. Precisely due to the high percentage of THC contained in some plants (it can even reach 30%), it has contraindications, in fact it can trigger anxiety and agitation. Therefore, it is not advisable to take it for certain individuals. While the CBD of purples with its relaxing, pain-relieving and analgesic characteristics is used in the medical field in drugs to combat pain.

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