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Legal cannabis, Germany “torches” its dogma!

Things change and even the country where rules organically belong to its DNA is opening to legal cannabis. The news is recent and for some is one of the consequences of the “green” revolution that the world is leading. However, Germans already launched an important medical cannabis production already in 2017, and their goal is to become the leader in the market. One would think that due to the automobile crisis, they are aiming at legal cannabis as an alternative in the market. Anyway, if they decided to take an important step, maybe also ideological, it means that they hold important interest in the sector.

In fact, Germany could become one of the European and world-wide leaders in cannabis production also because they benefit from their economic resources. This will have a significant impact in Europe because it will start a systematic legalisation in many other European countries. Why? Well, who do you think they will export their products to if legal cannabis is not accepted in all the other countries? This means that soon both in Italy and the rest of Europe dogmas will fall down just like it is happening in Germany. We will experience a whole new world where this plant will be “freed” after a century of political and economical obscurantism. Clearly this is possible only because behind legal cannabis there is business, the one that of course enriches and improves the GDP. So let it be if it this business brings back a little bit of freedom so we can appreciate the properties of cannabis for the benefit of everyone.

From heavy industry to marijuana

Legal cannabis, Germany “torches” its dogma!Definitely this won’t be the economic future of Germany, at least not for the time being, given that BMWs are still selling well although less impressively. There in Berlin at the Bundestag people are not sitting back and they know that sooner or later will have to compete with Asians. In the automobile industry they have enjoyed incredible decades but the party is about to be over, also due to the economic crisis. For this reason Germany is opening to “green” businesses and to cannabis in particular, because as we know, it yields more than tomatoes. This fact does not exclude that in the future Germans will become the leaders in the legal cannabis sector, which entails both production and processing. Do you understand why they are so interested in cannabis? Well, because you can make tens of quality products, but also medical and therapeutic ones out of hemp.

We can be sure that Germans will do anything to grow this business and to do it, they will pressure other countries as well so that the market could standardise. In other words, they will do this so that the market could buy the marijuana products made in Germany. So, after having filled us with polluting cars, they will give us so much to smoke to improve our health, our wellness and for the sake of a totally green lifestyle. Right now, this theme is being discussed in Italy as well, maybe after an invitation coming from Berlin, however, what matters is putting bigotry aside, opening the minds, and above all, opening to legal cannabis. This step would bring us back to the past, when hemp was being used to create many products apart from being smoked. This plant can be found in nature just like rosemary and if Earth has given us such a gift, there must be a reason, therefore let’s reap its benefits.

The last wall in Germany is falling

They have been witch-hunting for 50 years in Germany and legislators have tried all they can to fight cannabis. They made mistakes and today they are the first to make up for this ideological and cultural delay. CDU, that is Merkel’s conservative party has always fought against any types of drugs including cannabis but today it has changed its mind. It’s time for a change and what follows is the fall of thousands of taboos that where only in the minds of those who were thinking by stereotypes and never by logic. Anyway, this is a good occasion for Germany given that legal cannabis will take the country to a new more open and tolerant social paradigm.

After all, post-war Germans have been mollified by the guilt of past generations. Now times are mature enough for a change in the mentality, given that a wall fell not even 30 years ago therefore now it’s time to break the one against cannabis. Two different changes that both explain the German modus operandi of “it’s never too late to change rules” and take advantage of them. Numbers are definitely more convincing than ideologies, and the forecasted income is 8 billion Euros within 5 or 6 years. This could explain the German U-turn that does not dislike money at all.

Why business doesn’t sleep

Those who know history know that cannabis was banned from businesses because it was out of control and everyone could harvest it, therefore it wasn’t a good thing. Today businesses are devoting themselves to legal cannabis, obviously produced industrially. This will certainly bring benefits for independent producers and small local businesses, but it is an unavoidable side effect. The colour of money is green and with cannabis this acquires even more authenticity, especially when entire governments take over to help human and economic progress, which is the main engine.

Definitely Germany will be the watershed that will open the doors to legal cannabis. It doesn’t matter that it does so for its own interests, what matters is that hopefully this will rehabilitate the plant and commercialise it as the miracle it’s always been. Hopefully discrimination and non-sense criminalisation against cannabis will come to and end and money will be made out of it. In the end every conquest does not come for free or is not granted, however this time we can be sure that everything will be alright and finally we will se the Chancellor smoking a little!

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