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In Italy, cannabis arrives in tobacconists

At the beginning of 2018, the Italian Tobacconists Federation advised its members not to be enchanted by this continuously growing market. «But I am a trader, and obviously, I open myself to all earning possibilities». The owner of Tabaccheria Lupari Stefano Senesi responds in Strada Maggiore, adding:

«If it is now legal in Italy, I don’t see what the problem is. After all, it is a product like many others, with VAT at 22% and without the need for any particular license.”

Having arrived in his shop about two weeks ago, the light cannabis resold by Stefano Senesi (as well as in all the other tobacconists in Bologna who have decided to focus on this product) comes from both Holland and Italy and so far is meeting various positive opinions from of customers. «The first results have been good – he continues – and those who buy it are mainly people between 30 and 40 years old, who however do not usually consume marijuana».

In short: there are those who buy it to give themselves a moment of relaxation after a day of work, those who need it for health reasons. Certainly, no one buys light cannabis in the hope of getting high, especially the younger ones, who are far from this type of marijuana also due to the cost. In fact, a single gram goes from ten to fifteen euros – «In fact it is a quality product and therefore almost elite – explains the owner Massimiliano Mei from the Il Brucaliffo tobacconist in via Saragozza -, but sales are going very well, so much so that we are considering getting other types. We have had light cannabis in tobacconists for about a month and the market is constantly growing – he concludes -: if the law allows me and business is good, why shouldn’t I sell it?”

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