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How much CBD for anxiety?

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is better known, is a chemical compound discovered since the 1940s within Cannabis sativa. As it is derived from cannabis, its use has been the subject of numerous controversies on the topic of drug control. Recent medical studies, started in the United States and now also recognized in Europe, have led to its free marketing.

Indeed, medical research has highlighted strong relationships between CBD and the treatment of anxiety, pain and movement disorders, giving it a strong anti-inflammatory power. Some health authorities have recognized its effectiveness even against rare and serious forms of epilepsy. So, CBD is good but how much CBD for anxiety? How much to take daily and for how long?

The therapeutic properties of CBD

Not only to calm anxiety, but many other qualities are contained in CBD which proves to be very useful for the body. There are many beneficial actions:

  • Obviously, speaking of anxiety, one of the main effects of CBD is precisely that of calming states of anxiety but not only that. It is also effective against obsessive compulsive disorder or post traumatic stress disorder.
  • CBD immediately connects to the receptors in the brain that manage the perception of pain, also performing a strong analgesic action. Taking
  • CBD helps in case of epileptic seizures and also carries out antiemetic activity by counteracting vomiting.
  • Antipsychotic and neuroprotective. The effectiveness of CBD, in addition to counteracting mental disorders, reduces oxidative stress in brain cells.

Not only that, therefore, we must ask ourselves how much CBD for anxiety? But also appreciate all its other medicinal and therapeutic virtues. The effectiveness of its use is confirmed by indisputable clinical studies and, although the research is still ongoing, the WHO has already expressed its opinion. CBD is no longer among psychotropic substances, i.e. those capable of altering the psycho-physical state of an individual.

Therapy and daily doses

To answer the question how much CBD for anxiety? You should know that everything is very subjective. It remains to be seen whether cannabidiol is used for therapeutic use or for other reasons. It is also necessary to consider whether it is used in the form of oil or with the vaporization of the crystals.

With the exception of specific treatment needs, for which please refer to the competent doctor, as regards free use there are no precise dosages. Studies suggest not to exceed 1500 mg of CBD per day; most of the literature on the subject provides a weighted average of between 50 and 800 mg per day. Regardless of whether it is CBD in oil drops or vaporized crystals. According to the WHO, there are no side effects, it does not induce addiction and has no psychoactive effect.

Therefore, when asked how much CBD for anxiety? Assuming, the answer will always be linked to the general state of physical health of the individual at that specific moment. Self-regulation is always the most balanced and intelligent choice, listening to your body and checking the correspondence with the intake of CBD.

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