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What’s new in Barcelona’s coffee shops after Covid-19

What changes in Barcelona’s coffee shops after Covid-19? If you are thinking of a holiday in Barcelona for its coffee shops and are waiting for the borders to reopen, you need to know a few things. While waiting for it to be possible to move between states again, you need to know how the Covid emergency has changed the rules of access to coffee shops and all venues in general.

Barcelona was a city hit hard by the epidemic. At the moment it is slowly returning to normality with a drastic drop in new infections which, compared to the acute phase in March, have fallen by 96%. The city is reopening and so shops, shopping centers, restaurants and coffee shops are reopening.

There are rules that govern reopening. Actions are required, both from managers and customers, in order to maintain a high level of safety.

Each venue, as well as coffee shops, declines the rules imposed in order to adapt them to its own space and its users, but always in absolute compliance with safety regulations.

We can say that coffee shops after Covid-19 have become safe and hygienic environments and, although a bit of light-heartedness has been lost, they are absolutely safe. Entering a coffee shop again is finally possible and can be done with complete peace of mind.

An appointment system. We maintain social distancing

After Covid-19, coffee shops had to reorganize. They had to rethink all the internal spaces with a view to social distancing. The legislation, in fact, provides for the obligation to maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of two metres. For this reason, and in order not to crowd the internal spaces, cannabis clubs had to think of a way to limit admissions. They can no longer afford to work at full capacity as before. A restaurant in Barcelona can fill up to a maximum of 40% and so can cannabis clubs. For this reason many clubs now work by appointment.

To access you must first contact the club and ask for an appointment. You will be given an entry and exit time and this time must be respected. The solution of limiting entrances and the maximum length of stay is the only one that can guarantee not to overcrowd the place. This solution also allows for a turnover of guests which helps the club survive despite only operating at half capacity. In this way, your stay inside will be safe and pleasant and the club will not have to fear closures due to irregularities.

Frequent hygiene and sanitization for the safety of members

After Covid-19, coffee shops are required to comply with very strict hygiene rules. Sanitizing the premises several times a day is just one of the rules necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. They will also have to sanitize all the workstations between one member and another so as not to allow the virus to spread.

Clubs will no longer be able to give members smoking devices, which at this stage must be strictly personal. Each member will therefore have to bring their own from home.

Each club must make hand sanitizer available to members and must encourage members and staff to wash their hands frequently.

In this way it will be possible to access the clubs in complete safety.

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