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What you need to know about cannabis clubs after Covid-19

The reopening of cannabis clubs after Covid-19 has finally arrived! Spain, as part of the easing of virus containment measures, has ordered the reopening of various commercial activities, including cannabis clubs.

However, these are openings bound to a whole series of rules aimed at guaranteeing the safety of patrons and consumers.

With the closures due to the spread of the epidemic, cannabis clubs have been assimilated to restaurants and pubs. They were forced to close without being able to guarantee their cannabis supply to their members.

Nor was the request to have them opened just to “sell” the products worth it. In fact, Spanish legislation does not provide for the possibility of transporting marijuana outside of clubs. In this way, regular consumers, in two months of lock down, found themselves without supplies and unable to obtain marijuana, even for therapeutic purposes. The reopening of cannabis clubs after Covid-19 puts an end to this state of difficulty and allows members to access the clubs again, but with a series of limitations. These are basic hygiene rules based on the principle of social distancing to guarantee safety and not contribute to a new spread of the epidemic. Rules that provide obligations on both the club managers and the members.

Let’s see together what it is.

Obligations of clubs, to reopen safely

Reopening cannabis clubs after Covid-19 first entails a series of obligations for club managers. Hygiene and maintenance of social distancing are the basis of the reopening and all the clubs are gearing up to respect the rules. In order to reopen safely, each location must guarantee the following standards:

  • Sanitization of the premises several times a day
  • Sanitization of consumption areas between one customer and another
  • Creation of differentiated access and exit routes to avoid creating crowds
  • Availability of hydroalcoholic solutions and disinfectant gels for customers and staff
  • Use of masks and gloves by staff
  • Prohibition on the use of non-personal smoking devices Maintaining a sufficient number of people inside the premises to guarantee interpersonal distances of two metres

Obligations of members, for risk-free attendance

But it’s not just the clubs that have obligations in this phase of reopening of cannabis clubs post Covid-19! Members who wish to access it are also required to respect very important hygiene and behavioral rules.

Also in this case these are rules linked to the principle of hygiene and social distancing. Let’s see together what they are:

  • Access by appointment only
  • Respect the timetables
  • Wear a mask and gloves Wash your hands often or use disinfectant gels
  • Bring your own smoking devices

By respecting these rules, accessing cannabis clubs will be easy and safe and it will be possible to finally go back to enjoying your cannabis!

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