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What is the best weed to smoke?

Smoking weed means smoking the leaves of hemp, also known as cannabis or marijuana. However, this is not possible without a process that separates harmful substances (THC) from beneficial ones (CBD); as well as being dangerous to your health, it is also illegal. However, once the two substances have been separated by eliminating the psychotropic one, it is perfectly legal to smoke hemp leaves containing CBD.

Naturally, the process of separation and transformation involves a change in state and form. So if you’re wondering what is the best weed to smoke? The answer is undoubtedly the one containing CBD, only it doesn’t look like weed.

What form does CBD have and how to take it

Numerous clinical studies confirm that CBD, i.e. cannabidiol, performs numerous positive functions for our body, such as regulating sleep; that is, helping the relaxation process by eliminating the fatigue accumulated over the day or even carrying out an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Is it safe to say that CBD is the best answer to the question what is the best weed to smoke?

The CBD substance naturally communicates with our endocannabinoid system, activating the receptors responsible for well-being. Once the hemp leaf has been processed and the CBD separated from the dangerous substances, it is marketed in various products including:

  • Crystals, to vaporize and inhale or even for cooking.
  • Capsules, to be swallowed.
  • Creams, to be spread on the skin.
  • Oil, to be consumed in sublingual drops.

Each type has its own hiring methods and effective times. Having to research what is the best weed to smoke? the only possible answer is CBD in crystal form.

How to use CBD crystals

The first thing to do is check the percentage of CBD contained in each crystal. The package will explicitly report this value, this is used to clearly understand how much CBD to take and to find your dosage. Unlike other products containing CBD, the crystals are a very pure concentrate without other substances. Although there are no known negative effects related to overdose, it is a good idea to check how our body reacts in order to find the right requirement. The average recommended doses are always those of a micro-dosage, i.e. intake of CBD between 0.5 and 20 mg per day; and then settle on a standard dosage between 20 and 100 mg daily.

Although crystals can also be used in the kitchen by adding just enough to each recipe, their prevalent use remains linked to smoking. To answer the question what is the best weed to smoke? CBD crystals are vaporized and then inhaled. Like an electronic cigarette, but without any combustion and without releasing any odor. Smoking CBD is also the system that takes effect before any other: its relaxing action begins from the first puff; and its effects can last between two and four hours. Smoking CBD, therefore, can become a daily habit for relaxation.


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