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What changes in cannabis clubs after the Coronavirus

Are you ready to return to cannabis clubs after the coronavirus? Have you suffered these months of withdrawal, despairing of being able to return to Spain to enjoy your favorite cannabis club again? This is the time to look ahead with a little optimism!

The easing of coronavirus restrictions is giving some hope to those who were unable to adequately stock up during quarantine. The gradual reopening of commercial activities and the easing of travel restrictions bodes well.

If we all continue to behave responsibly by respecting safety standards, it is not excluded that we will be able to return to a life close to normal. Clearly our guard must be kept high, at least until a vaccine is available, but resuming our lives with caution may be possible!

Reopening in compliance with the rules and responsible behavior are the key to accessing cannabis clubs again after the coronavirus. A new way can and must be found and respected to return to doing everything we did before.

Cannabis clubs are no different. Like all commercial activities, they must reopen in compliance with a whole series of rules that change the time spent inside them. But it’s worth it! We just need to get used to the new thing a little to be able to enjoy the freedoms we had before again.

Before Covid. A place to meet and socialize

After the coronavirus, cannabis clubs must accept changes that guarantee their survival. These are not great sacrifices, but simple rules to prevent a new spread of the virus! Before the epidemic, cannabis clubs established themselves as places for socialization and relaxation. Places where members could enjoy their cannabis without fear and where they could meet kindred spirits.

Entry into a club was strictly regulated: you had to request access and hope to be admitted. The registration procedure went through a series of steps, including an interview and the decision was final. These strict rules made staying within the clubs extremely pleasant due to the strong selection made upon entry.

Once admitted, however, one could access and enjoy the club’s spaces freely and peacefully. Spend evenings in the company of friends, or go alone to relax without problems. You could spend your time in the club reading, watching TV, or playing games. In short, it was configured as a private place that members could use as they pleased.

After Covid. Restrictions and social distancing for greater safety

After Covid, cannabis clubs had to implement all the safety and social distancing rules required by the new legislation.

It is no longer possible to access without an appointment and the times granted must be strictly respected so as not to cause inconvenience to other members. Limiting entrances is an obligatory choice to allow all members to access while maintaining the right social distancing.

There is talk of a small sacrifice to make but it will allow you to finally access your favorite club. Are you ready?

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