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The importance of good drying

During the drying process of fresh cannabis buds, the percentage of water in the buds must be reduced from 75% to 10-15% and the days to be left to dry depend on the results you want to obtain, according to the consumer’s taste.

Temperature also has a major influence. Usually it is 10 to 14 days for good total drying. It can take even fewer days depending on how long you try to dry the buds, just make sure the space you’re going to dry it in meets the necessary conditions. Such as ventilation: the space must have a minimum air renewal, which can occur artificially with the help of a fan or a ventilation system. The process of drying cannabis flowers is crucial to improving the quality of the final product. In fact, due to the humidity, fresh flowers cannot always be smoked and they often have a bitter taste.

Discretion: Marijuana plants smell intensely during the drying process of the plant, so choose a discreet place or install an odor filter.

Temperature: Try to maintain a temperature between 75 and  80 degrees in your drying room.

Lighting: THC degrades with light, the room must remain dark.

Humidity: Avoid high humidity levels in the drying room as this may cause mold and mildew to develop.


Once dried, the most important thing is tanning. This consists in preserving the buds in hermetically sealed jars for a period of time also determined by the type of plant. Tanning allows you to improve the quality of the buds, giving them an excellent flavor and a more intense aroma. This happens because this process allows the elimination of all the chlorophyll from the plant. In fact, chlorophyll contains a high level of magnesium which gives cannabis a bitter taste when burned, making the smoke unpleasant to inhale.

Another important contribution that curing gives to cannabis flowers is the increase in the potency of the final product, increasing THC levels. The whole process can last from 4 to 8 weeks, where in the first one the jars will have to be opened several times a day for a quick check. Then after 3 weeks the jars will have to be opened half an hour a day, so as to allow excess humidity to escape. Finally, once removing the lid no longer produces any noise, the buds will be ready.

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