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The ideal time to invest in cannabis.

The beginning of the decriminalization of marijuana use in different parts of the world is giving rise to a new industry: an ideal time to invest in cannabis.

Canada, United States, South Africa and Uruguay. These are just some of the countries where, in various respects, cannabis is legal. In other territories, such as most of Latin America, Spain or parts of Australia, it is still illegal, although there are gaps in the legislation (such as cannabis smoking clubs) that allow it to be purchased completely legally . The progressive decriminalization of cannabis consumption facilitates the exploitation of a market that has so far operated in the shadows and which in the United States alone could reach 30,000 million in 2025. It could therefore be the ideal time to invest in cannabis.

In a market that expects rapid growth in the space of a few years, companies intending to enter a new market are starting to emerge. One of these, based in Europe, is called JuicyFields and is committed to new investment formats. As if it were a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign, in this Berlin-based company each investor must advance their money and wait 108 days. This is the time considered necessary to prepare and distribute a harvest and receive a return that fluctuates around 1,200 euros depending on the plant.

Below are the words of Alan Glanse, CEO of the company, to learn more about its business model and functionality.

“I can understand that our business model seems complex at first. But I believe this is because there is no other company that does what we do. Our model is based on the concept of “crowdgrowing“: anyone anywhere in the world world can become an “e-grower” as part of a medical cannabis cultivation. The “e-growers” choose which plant they want to plant and we grow it in one of the various plantations we have around the planet. you sell the plant to a third party and the “e-growers” receive their profit right now, we have more than 50% of them located in the offices in Berlin and Malta different parts of Europe and the rest of the world”.

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