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The difference between a Shop and a Social Cannabis Club

Is it better to contribute and contribute to the protection of THC consumers in a Social Club? Or buy THC-free weed in a cannabis shop in the center? Well yes, even here in Barcelona the shops that supply THC-free herbs are depopulated. You can walk into the store and buy THC-free weed directly. You take it home and smoke it.

What does a Social Club offer you instead? Well apart from a high range of products with and without THC, in a Club you find a pleasant environment where you can spend a couple of hours instead of staying at the bar. Usually inside a club you will find a billiard table, consoles, a bar counter, vending machines for snacks and drinks. A welcoming environment with sofas and armchairs, bongs, pipes and vaporizers. Always good music, usually rap and reggae.

Why prefer a social club to a cannabis shop

Cannabis Social clubs are private clubs, where only members can access, smoke marijuana freely and take advantage of the other services offered by the club. These were born thanks to a legislative vacuum, in fact in Spain it is illegal to smoke in public but cultivation for personal purposes and use in a private place is not punishable.

Members’ clubs are a comfortable place, where you can feel part of a community, socialize, have fun, leave your daily worries outside and relax. Here is everything a cannabis lover could crave:

  • Different types of sativa and indica marijuana with various percentages of THC.
  • Bongs and vaporizers for a more intense experience.
  • Cannabis-infused food products such as brownies, cookies and candies.
  • Extracts with a high concentration of THC.

Furthermore, inside the clubs there is a friendly and trained staff, ready to recommend the best herbs or give indications on which product to buy depending on the customer’s tastes. They will also be able to direct newbies to the type of cannabis that is right for them and clarify any doubts about the effects and the substances contained in cannabis that cause them. These are safe environments where patrons smoke and discuss in peace, perfect for those who want to spend a few hours in peace or distract themselves with the various consoles or billiards present in some clubs.

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