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The average cost of cannabis in Barcelona

The average cost of cannabis in Barcelona varies depending on the quality and supplier. But the retail price of cannabis is lower in Barcelona. Firstly, it is beneficial for cannabis enthusiasts in Barcelona that local cannabis growers and producers are supported.

The use of marijuana and hashish is not legal in Spain but tolerated, particularly in the Catalan region, where Barcelona is located. To purchase it, you must become a member of a club. These can require a fairly substantial fee to join, but your membership fee offers benefits, such as a place to hang out and smoke with candy to take care of your cottonmouth, and typically subsidizes the cost of the cannabis that is grown and sold to members. Over time, the membership fee pays for itself.

Cannabis production is supported in this way, not only in Barcelona, ​​but throughout Spain. Cannabis is produced, distributed and resold throughout Barcelona. This creates a strong network that is independent of cannabis prices in other countries. So much so that Barcelona has quickly earned the title of cannabis capital.

Cannabis prices in Barcelona follow the price of cannabis in Spain at €5 per gram. Compared to other EU countries, cannabis is still the cheapest in Spain. Montenegro is approaching and sells cannabis at 5.5 euros per gram. Portugal is also quite cheap in offering cannabis at €7.3 per gram.

Other Countries

Croatia sells cannabis more expensively at €8 per gram. The Czech Republic follows Croatia’s cannabis prices, while Austria, Hungary and Italy cost it between €8-9.

Cannabis in France costs €9.3 per gram, comparable to Belgium’s €9.6 per gram. Across Europe, cannabis sells for over €10 such as in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg. In the UK, cannabis sells for €14.80. Such countries can barely compete with cannabis prices in Barcelona given the growing cannabis production in the country.

The most expensive cannabis prices are sold in Greece, Ireland and Malta at over €20. In Malta, cannabis is sold five times the price of cannabis in Spain. The price of cannabis in Malta is €25 per gram. If you want to buy cannabis at the best price in Europe, Spain is the best place to buy.

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