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The American “strain”.

We will avoid all the american technical terms of the sector such as: breaders, strains, etc… The so-called “strain” or in Italian known as intersections. We will directly analyze what interests us most, i.e. the most famous crosses that are causing a stir in social clubs. The varieties in question are imported directly from the USA. under a series of strict controls and documents.

The most popular best qualities at the moment are: Gorilla Glue, Zombi Kush, Gelato 33, Sherbelt, Girl Scout Cookies, and many others. These are just some of the most popular, there are many other intersections. You can check the genetics and their family tree by clicking on seedfinder.

All these genetics have a peculiarity in common, they are famous for being: hard, compact, dense, fragrant, full of trichomes and terpenes, intense aromas, high psychotropic power. Definitely not suitable for a novice smoker. The only “flaw”, in our opinion, is the high cost of these genetics being imported from America. You will recognize them because they are usually packaged in “canned tuna” cans with eye-catching graphics or in glass jars. The labels certify their origin. If you are lucky enough to try one of these wonderful, many times organic flowers, you will never want to smoke other herbs again.

We remind you that smoking weed in Social Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona is LEGAL. To get a special invitation you can contact us, we will not hesitate to help you.

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