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Spannabis 2023: the fair dedicated to cannabis is back

Spannabis is a fair completely dedicated to cannabis and derivatives which has been held in Barcelona every year since 2002 in the month of March, in the Cornellà convention centre. Starting as a niche event, spannabis has acquired more and more fame and patrons, becoming the most important fair dedicated to cannabis in Europe. The latest edition recorded approximately 22,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors from all over the world, confirming the prestige and following achieved by the fair.

Spannabis stands, events and conferences in Barcelona

Inside the fair it will be possible to find exhibitors in stands of various types, inevitably linked to the cannabis theme, such as:

  • Stands used for the sale of professional equipment for indoor and outdoor cultivation (lamps, fertilizers, odor neutralizers, etc.).
  • Researchers and developers of homeopathic and cosmetic medicines based on cannabinoids.
  • Artisans and small companies that create fabrics for footwear and clothing.
  • Stands dedicated to cannabis seeds from America and Europe.
  • Sellers of equipment for the recreational consumption of cannabis (grinders, bongs, pipes, synthesizers, etc.).

This also underlines the versatility of a product that has been mistreated for too long, whose multiple functions and related fields of application are being discovered.

Spannabis also offers the possibility of following conferences on various topics related, of course, to cannabis held by scientists, doctors, politicians and activists. The topics are varied but the most frequent deal with local legislation on the use of marijuana and the possible effects of legalization and the opening of the gaming market. These conferences allow reflections on the implications that less antiquated, more studied and innovative regulations could have on the economic and social level in each country.

Categories and awards of the Barcelona cannabis fair

During the fair, various types of prizes are awarded to exhibitors such as the best stand, the best cannabis product, the best cultivation tool and the best marijuana intake tool. But the most coveted prizes are those of the Spannabis Champions Cup, which crowns the best cannabis varieties presented at the fair. Usually the categories are:

  • The best cannabis strain with the highest percentage of CBD.
  • The best cannabis sativa.
  • The best cannabis indica. The best solvent extraction.
  • The best solvent-free extraction.

In conclusion, Spannabis, the cannabis fair in Barcelona, ​​is the ideal place for professionals in the sector, cannabis lovers but also for beginners who want to deepen their knowledge of the product. Here it is possible to freely discuss with passionate and competent experts, well disposed towards the public. So don’t miss the chance to attend the next edition of the Spannabis 2023 fair in March, it will be full of events and exhibitors from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to purchase new products and equipment, interact with researchers and consultants who will be able to dispel doubts about the consumption, production and regulation of cannabis in various countries.

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