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Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona: all you need to know

In this post we will go through the questions that many people ask when we talk about Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona. We will go through the most frequently asked questions that often don’t find clear and satisfying answers. In this article we will try to clarify some points by explaining where to consume cannabis, how to become a member and why.

-1 Will my data be shared with authorities by becoming a social club member?
No, clubs are private and they are not open to the public, therefore once you become a member your privacy will totally be protected. Your information will be private and won’t be shared with any authorities, so you won’t receive any communication whatsoever from us.

-2 What’s the minimum age to join a Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona?
In Barcelona, just like the rest of Spain, it’s allowed to become a member only to 21 years old people. However, some clubs can allow it even to 18 years old people, but this depends on the policy of each club.

-3 Is marijuana legal in Barcelona? Are clubs legally authorised?
To fully give you an aswer to this question we suggest to read a couple of articles that are more complete. You can find them here and here.

-4 How long is the club membership for?
Once you subscribe to any Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona, you will be able to gain access every time you want for an entire year. You pay the initial fee and you can renovate your subscription every year.

-5 Are there any limits on buying in the coffee shops in Barcelona?
Every club has its own policy, just like any person has different needs. Anyway, the usual average daily limit is 5g of cannabis for every member up until 100g a month. It’s important to keep in mind that these limits apply to all products and not to the single one, therefore the monthly 100g can also be made of many products. In any case we suggest asking about these details in the clubs so as to be sure about the quantity you can consume.

-6 Can I take the cannabis with me after I buy it at the club?
Spanish law allows cannabis consumption in the clubs, so when you are in you are protected and you are not breaking any law. However, it’s possible to take with you a small quantity of cannabis for personal use. We suggest carrying it in your underwear in case you get checked. Indeed, intimate parts are not being checked and the police needs to have a warrant in order to do so. Intimate parts are definitely the best place to keep a little bit of cannabis.

-7 Can you smoke marijuana in the streets or public places?
No, this is not allowed as you cannot smoke nor show cannabis in public or in the streets of Barcelona. You can find more information here.

-8 Can foreigners or tourists join a club?
Of course, Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are open to everyone without any distinction. Read this article to know more.

-9 Which address should I use to subscribe?
There is no set rule and you can use any residential address for the subscription. However, some clubs do not allow using the address of hotels, hostels or holiday flats, in any other cases there is no problem.

-10 Where does the cannabis of coffee shops come from?
Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are often the producers of the cannabis they offer. In other cases, clubs can count on partial production that is integrated with the one of other local producers. Instead, other clubs buy it illegally in the black market, therefore it is important which club you subscribe to!

-11 Are there specific conditions for a therapeutic cannabis consumer?
No, in Spain there are no programs dedicated to therapeutic cannabis, but there are movements that support it. This means that even if you show a doctor’s prescription you won’t get any discounts or favours.

-12 What happens if I consume weed in the streets of Barcelona?
As we already explained in point (7) it’s better not to do it, and if you get caught by the police we suggest saying that you bough cannabis from someone on Las Ramblas. At this point you will be asked at most to fill in your details and provide them to the police. You will get a fine sent to your address that many pay and others don’t.

-13 How long does my subscription at Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona last for?
As we mentioned in point (4) the subscription lasts for a year but keep in mind that some clubs require their members to be active. This means that if you join and you don’t consume cannabis as a member for at least 90 days, your subscription will become “inactive”. However, the renewal is always required at the expiration date.

-14 Why should I show my ID?
Just like many other institutions, clubs take into consideration every new member who joins because no clubs wants imposters or unpleasant people. For this reason it’s necessary to subscribe with a valid ID to protect the members also in the case of a check from the authorities. The clubs needs to be able to show that every single person in the club has subscribed and has provided documents.

-15 What type of cannabis and which products can I find in the clubs?
Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona are not all the same, therefore also the products differ. What you need to do is to gather information before you join, so that you know what you can find in the coffee shop. The point is that you cannot get in touch with the clubs to ask for information, the only way you can obtain it is by going in person. However you cannot know exactly whether a specific club has the cannabis you are looking for. You can find more information on this post.

-16 Can I work in any Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona?
The answer is obviously yes, the problem is that it will be quite hard to find a job. You need to know that once you leave your credential and contact, tens of others would have done before you. Another point that you should consider is that Spanish employers only hire local people and only very rarely people coming from other countries. However, if you are a resident, you hold a national ID and the NIE, you can apply with more chances of being hired. This means that you will be able to apply just like you would do for any other jobs.

-17 Can I join more than one club?
Yes, the majority of the members usually join other two or three clubs in Barcelona. There are no limits, you can subscribe to any clubs of the city without problems.

-18 Are the Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona safe?
Of course they are, in any clubs you are protected from any threats, including the ones coming from the police. Clubs are calm, reserved and safe places where even women, elderly people or disabled ones can find peace. In these cases we only suggest to consider the club accurately because they are not all the same. We advise to refrain from joining the ones that offer subscriptions for a low price. In these cases even the quality and the security will be low, therefore you could find a not-so-calm place that could be dirty and not so stocked.

-19 What’s the average price of cannabis?
This is a recurrent question, especially among the ones who have never been to a coffee shop in Barcelona. The answer varies because the price depends on preferences and budget. Also, there is a continuous tradeoff of products therefore it could be quite difficult to get a precise price. We suggest asking the club directly, but definitely if you find the right one, you will also get an interesting price.

-20 Where can I smoke marijuana in Barcelona?
Of course the best place to smoke weed is in the clubs, this for the above-mentioned reasons, so definitely the subscription is the best solutions. On this website you will find the list of the best clubs, selected and tested for you.

-21 As a member of a club can I take a guest with me?
No, this is not possible, as every customer in the club also needs to be a member, so your guest would need to join in order to gain access. Only members can enter the clubs otherwise this reality would become illegal. If you wish to take someone to the club with you, you would need to do it at a time when it’s possible to subscribe, a step needed to gain access. To do so, he will need to take hid ID and money for the subscription fee.

Until now we described the important things to keep in mind, for more information and details on Social Cannabis Clubs Barcelona, we suggest you to read our guide here.

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