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Social Cannabis Club : top 6 things to know before joining


Are you interested in joining a Barcelona Cannabis Club? Perhaps you just want to gather more information about the Coffee Shop Barcelona. Then this article presents the top most important things to know before joining a Barcelona Cannabis Club.


  • Barcelona Cannabis Clubs are Private: It is vital to note that Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are private and not public; this implies that they are open to new members only through referrals. In addition, when you join a Coffee Shop Barcelona, you are assured that your personal information’s are kept private because the club will never sell, nor provide your information to the government or other authorities.
  • Coffee Shop Barcelona do not sell weed: Members of Barcelona Cannabis Club grows and distribute marijuana among themselves. When you become a member, you will be required to make payment for the cost of growing marijuana, the facilities and utilities used. Also, note that you are not buying marijuana when you join a Barcelona Cannabis Club; instead you are acquiring your share of what was grown by the club.

  • To become a member, you need a photo ID and an address in Spain: To become a member of Barcelona Cannabis Club all you need is a valid government-issued passport, state or regional ID, driver’s license or other photo visas. You must also register using your residential home address in Spain. Note that this information will be kept confidential, no mail will be delivered to your address, and you are not required to prove your address.

  • You may get into trouble by smoking Marijuana in public: It is also important to note that because you get weed legally in Barcelona does not imply that you can smoke in public. Under Spanish laws, you can smoke marijuana in your home or a private Barcelona Cannabis Club. However, if you use them in public and get caught, you will be fine and have your marijuana confiscated. You may even be arrested and jailed.

  • All Barcelona Cannabis Clubs are not Created Equal: Not all Barcelona Cannabis Clubs are equal; there are so many differences between them. Some occupy up to three floors of a large building, while some are very small. However, there is definitely a club that is perfect for you despite the type of environment you feel comfortable in.

  • Most Barcelona Cannabis Club charges Yearly Membership Fee: Most Cannabis Clubs requires each member to pay a yearly membership fee. This is usually between 25 to 50 Euro. There are other clubs which grant free membership, but these types of clubs render poor services.

Finally, although there seems to be a lot of mysteries concerning Barcelona Cannabis Club, however, the opportunities inherent in being a member are enormous. If you will like to become a member of a Coffee Shop in Barcelona, all you need is to ask someone who is already a member to sponsor you. However, if you have no one to do, kindly send me an email or drop a comment below.

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