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Sanitization of cannabis clubs

The sanitization of cannabis clubs is a fundamental element to take into consideration now that, as the lock down has been eased, they reopen to the public.

Already in early April, the “Podemos Cannabico” group had asked for the reopening of cannabis clubs that had been closed to contain the epidemic. Pro-cannabis groups have repeatedly called for cannabis clubs to be listed as essential businesses. They called for access to cannabis to be granted to those who regularly used it for therapeutic purposes. During the lock down, in fact, cannabis clubs were assimilated to venues such as bars and restaurants and suffered from closure for the entire period.

The solution for those who used cannabis was to turn, with great difficulty, to the black market or to self-produce their own weed. Two solutions not without difficulties or risks. The reopening finally normalizes the situation. But reopening also means paying close attention to the sanitization of cannabis clubs. In fact, in order to reopen, each club will have to follow strict hygiene rules established for all commercial services. These are rules established to ensure the safety of members and avoid further spread of the virus.

Security measures

In fact, frequent sanitization of cannabis clubs must be provided in order to guarantee stringent hygiene standards. Each room must be sanitized several times a day with hydroalcoholic solutions capable of reducing the viral load of Covid-19. Each location must also provide for the sanitization of fabrics with specific products. Particular attention must be paid to sanitizing the premises between one member and another.

But if the premises are required to adopt containment hygiene standards, the customers will have to do the same and will be subjected to a series of rules.

A decalogue to respect

The sanitization of cannabis clubs must go hand in hand with the acquisition of virtuous attitudes on the part of members and staff. Here is a list of measures that clubs implement to reopen safely:

  • Cannabis associations and clubs will have to place sanitizing product dispensers for the public.
  • Where possible, dividing barriers must be positioned between the tables.
  • The staff will use individual protection as in all other activities open to the public. They will wear masks and gloves and use sanitizing gel.
  • Staff will also have to sanitize the area between one member’s visit and another.
  • Members will be able to access cannabis clubs only after making an appointment.
  • The club will ensure that there is a reasonable amount of time between members to avoid overlaps within the premises
  • Each appointment will be made at least one day in advance.
  • Members will not be able to stay at the club for more than the necessary time allowed by the appointment.
  • The presence of multiple members at the same time will not be permitted. The openings will depend on the number of appointments made the previous day.

These are important measures to allow reopening in complete safety. Each club will thus finally be able to resume dispensing cannabis to those who have been deprived of it until now.


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