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Safety cannabis club Barcelona

During the reopening period, Spanish cannabis clubs and cannabis associations are working hard to ensure safety.

After a long period of closure due to the lock down brought about by Covid 19, the government is slowly preparing the reopening. The institutions have launched a series of regulations regarding cannabis club safety that must be respected.

Reopening safely is the final goal and to achieve it all the entities involved are moving carefully.

Cannabis clubs, specifically, are subject to all the rules established for places open to the public. Seriousness and maximum attention are paid to the application of these rules in order to make the opening as safe as possible for members and staff.

Each entity takes careful action to apply the rules established by law. Therefore the reopening will continue without contributing to a new wave of the virus.

By doing so, members will be able to once again have recourse to cannabis which they had been denied in this long period.

Cannabis clubs: reasons for an announced closure

The closure of cannabis clubs due to Covid-19 was an announced closure. In fact, cannabis clubs and restaurants have been assimilated in terms of safety. With a view to slowing the spread of the virus, all non-essential activities have been suspended. In this way all those who habitually used cannabinoids were left without supplies.

This is a choice that says a lot about the ambiguity with which cannabis is treated in Spain. In fact, if it is allowed to cultivate and use it privately, its sale and public consumption is absolutely prohibited. The birth of social clubs, within this regulatory framework, is seen as a violation of the norm.

Cannabis consumers, even those who use it for therapeutic purposes, have been left without supplies for a long time with the only option being to turn to the black market. In fact, cannabis was not included among the essentials, like tobacco and alcohol.

A safe reopening

As the restrictive measures slowly eased, cannabis clubs were also able to reopen. Clearly, regarding safety, cannabis clubs must follow all the rules relating to sanitization and distancing.

Every place open to the public must scrupulously apply rules that make it safe for both patrons and employees.

The state has passed a series of regulations that cannabis clubs scrupulously implement. Aside from the frequent sanitization of the premises, let’s see what’s new for accessing cannabis clubs.

  • You have to ask for an appointment.
  • Each appointment has a limited duration which must be respected to grant access to all customers
  • At the entrance you must have a mask and valid identity document. Anyone with symptoms related to Covid 19 cannot access
  • Maintain an interpersonal distance of 2 meters Wear gloves and wash your hands frequently or use a hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Bring your own smoking items

These are virtuous behavioral rules that serve to maintain the social distancing necessary to avoid a resurgence of the epidemic.

This way it will be possible to reopen safely and enjoy the many benefits of cannabis again.

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