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Rules to be respected inside a cannabis club after Covid-19

If you are thinking about joining a cannabis club after Covid-19, you need to keep in mind that many things have changed. The gradual reopening of commercial activities is giving hope of a return to normality but it is not over yet. Until a vaccine is available or until the virus has completely disappeared, there is a risk of a second wave. We must therefore resume life using measures that will help us not to spread the epidemic further.

Entering a cannabis club after Covid-19 is like entering a restaurant: tables, work at half the maximum capacity, staff wearing masks. These are temporary solutions that must be accepted until a definitive solution against the virus has been found.

If you plan a visit to a cannabis club of which you are already a member, you must consider that the reopening is not yet complete and you cannot pretend that everything is as it was before.

Six rules to respect for smoking in complete safety

In a cannabis club after Covid 19 you will have to maintain a careful and respectful attitude to the rules. Let’s see together what behaviors you will have to follow:

  • Book, call, ask for an appointment.
  • Don’t go without doing so otherwise you won’t be able to enter. The situation will be unpleasant both for you and for those who manage the club.
  • Leave when you are told to do so: like you, the other members have also made an appointment and are waiting for you to leave before they can enter.
  • Wear a mask when moving around the venue. Remove it for smoking and consuming when sitting at the table.
  • Wash your hands often. To protect yourself and not to be a vehicle of contagion for others. You cannot know the viral load of the objects you touch.
  • Don’t use the same smoking devices that your fellow diners use. Bongs, pipes, steamrollers and vaporizers must be personal and you must not pass joints.
  • Smoke together with your friends, but each with their own weed. Tastings prohibited.
  • Keep a safe distance, always. Don’t get closer than two meters unless they live with you. A safe distance is currently the best weapon we have to fight the virus.

As you can see, these are basic hygiene rules that you will have no difficulty respecting since they are the same ones applied everywhere.

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