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Restaurants dedicated to marijuana in Barcelona

What’s better than going to eat at a nice restaurant after smoking marijuana in Barcelona? As cannabis consumers know, desiring food and appetite increase consistently after a smoke! Also, often after smoking the flavours are perceived in a different way and it’s not always easy to be satisfied in restaurants.

Getting out of a social club to enter in a nice restaurant is an experience you should not miss but you should definitely go to a proper restaurant!

Marijuana smokers in Barcelona have their own favorite restaurants where to go to satisfy their cannabis stimulated appetite. On this list you will find the most favorite ones and easy to reach from the cannabis clubs.

Chaka Khan
Carrer de l’Hospital, 104, 08001

Chakra Khan is a great Asian restaurant at the beginning of Rambla del Raval. It’s a restaurant that offers amazing food and a delicate and welcoming environment with super nice personnel. You can eat outside or indoor as the restaurant is on two floors. The menu changes based on the season so I suggest you to check on their website to see what they are offering. I can guarantee that whatever you order, if you love Asian food, you won’t be disappointed

You can visit this restaurant after a visit at the Dr Dou cannabis social club. It’s a private club, but if you can gain access, you’ll be in one of the best marijuana clubs in Barcelona!

Cera 23

Carrer de la Cera, 23, 08001

If you get out of the same club Dr. Dou, but also from LaKalada, or StrainHunters, I suggest you to visit Cera 23. This is a Spanish tapas restaurant with lots of varieties of traditional and innovative dishes. It’s a welcoming restaurant, perfect for a romantic dinner and for a business meeting. It’s an intimate restaurant so I suggest you to book in advance. If you usually smoke marijuana in Barcelona, this restaurant will surprise you for its variety of flavours.

Closet Restaurant
Carrer de l’Hospital, 157, 08001

Mediterranean restaurant, not too far from Dr. Dou and LaKalada. Very small, it only has a limited number of tables. Although the appearance is not great, the quality of the food will make your taste buds vibrate to levels you haven’t experienced before! After smoking marijuana in Barcelona, dining in this small restaurant will be a unique experience!

Bella Toscana
Rambla del Raval, 9, 08001

After visiting the Dr. Dou social club, or the Carme 66, you can try one of the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona. I know, when you are abroad you don’t like to dine in Italian restaurants and you prefer to try local cuisine, but believe me, it’s worth it! You can dine outdoor in a classy place and taste excellent main courses or great fish dishes! Among the smokers of Marijuana in Barcelona, Bella Toscana is one of the most liked restaurants!

Patagonia Beef & Wine
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 660, 08010

If, after smoking marijuana in Barcelona, you want to have a nice steak, I suggest you not to miss out on this Argentinean restaurant! It’s a very elegant and welcoming restaurant with high quality food. You will discover incredible sensations, especially if you come from a visit of Mon Ami, Choko, or Tresor, that are the closest social clubs. I suggest you to book in advance because it’s a highly requested restaurant and to dress formal or elegant.

La Tramoia
Rambla de Catalunya, 15, 08007

If you go out of LaMente cannabis club, I suggest you to try the meals offered in this restaurant. It’s a place with a super professional service and excellent food. If you try it under the effect of cannabis, the results will really be incredible!

Gusto del Born
Passeig del Born, 16, 08003

If you want to go out for lunch before going to Circulo cannabis club, I suggest you to go to this Italian restaurant. You will be able to try the best lasagne in Barcelona. It’s cheap and perfect for a substantial and quick meal.

La Taguara
Carrer del Rec, 10, 08003

If, before going to Circulo cannabis club, you want to have a vegetarian lunch, I can only suggest you La Taguara.

This is a typical Venezuelan restaurant that differentiates itself for the wide offer of vegetarian meals that are suitable even for the most demanding taste. It’s the perfect place for quick lunches or for a happy hour. In this place you eat while standing so it does not make it ideal for a relaxing dinner after smoking marijuana in Barcelona!

Carrer del Comerç, 27, 08003

Getting out of Circulo cannabis club, you will want to sit and comfortably eat! You could consider this excellent Mexican restaurant where the meals are excellent as well as the main ingredients and the staff is welcoming and friendly.

Da Greco
Carrer de Santa Teresa, 10, 08012

If you managed to get an invitation to Saigon cannabis club, I suggest you, after smoking marijuana in Barcelona, to eat in this good Italian restaurant. It’s not too far from the club and it offers a romantic and intimate environment. The portions are generous and the food is tasty. I suggest you to focus on the main courses that are amazing!

El Mercat
Carrer de Casp, 35, 08010

It’s an elegant and fancy restaurant that serves Catalonian food. Wealthy people of Barcelona go there and it is definitely one of the best restaurants of this type. Although it’s expensive, it’s always busy and it would be best to book in advance.

After eating at El Mercat, you will be able to visit one of the best marijuana clubs in Barcelona: Choko and Mon Ami.

Carrer Ample, 34, 08002

If you are tired of Spanish food and you don’t want to go to another Italian restaurant, try a nice Belgian restaurant! Gilda is a particular restaurant that serves excellent meat meals in the gothic quarter of the city. It’s perfect after smoking at Circulo social club!

All these restaurants that I mentioned are easy to reach from some of the best social clubs of the city.

Although they are used to see cannabis consumers among their clients, they are not restaurants where you can smoke. Remember to buy and smoke just in the clubs and then go to taste one of these great places!

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