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Pupo: “hashish chocolate ice cream”

And the video shot with smartphones immediately went viral. Enzo Ghinazzi aka Pupo, Iene makes him get high until he feels sick.

The guys from a cannabis smoking club don’t hesitate for even a minute to take out the video cameras on their phones and share the deplorable figure of our dear Italian singer on various social networks. They enter a renowned Californian shop, the singer buys 175 dollars in food, flowers and extractions. Pupo debuts in the cannabis world with a nice hit of pure weed inside a bong, with THC percentages above 25%.

The bong

The Iene interviewer incites Pupo to smoke a nice bong as his debut in the world of Cannabis aided by the owner of the Club. Any experienced smoker would have almost collapsed with a brazier full of Californian weed. However, not happy with the first shot, always encouraged by the presenter, Pupo follows… and after 15 minutes inside the Club the delirium. Yes, a Club because in California the consumption/purchase methods are different. It can be bought in Shoops and consumed in a Club, but the Club cannot sell.

The singer in full swing pays homage to those present in an improvised mini show by simply giving them grief, representing Italy and Italian music. We people of inveterate cannabis consumers, good old Franco from Green house would be turning in his grave. After Pupo’s outburst singing everything done, you can see it on the Mediaset website, he gets the infamous “munchies” and to conclude, as if by “magic” a boy who sells ice creams door to door arrives in the Club, yes, but the ice creams are high in THC.

Pupo gulps down 4 in front of the “journalist” if we can call him that. Nobody warns him of the side effects, nobody stops him. Pupo, in a state of cannabis intoxication, unaware that he had eaten tons of THC, was told only at the end of the 4 ice creams that they were full of a psychoactive substance.

So to summarize:

2 Pure Weed Bongs (What we saw, we suspect we smoked more)

4 Cannabis ice creams with high THC content.

Conclusions: The service is not for informational purposes but for disinformational purposes, without any logic and judgment on the part of those who should have “guided” the unfortunate singer to a correct approach to Cannabis for a 62 year old man.

The video ends in “tragedy” in the hotel room, with Pupo in his underwear hugging the toilet bowl and vomiting, calling for a doctor because, says Enzo: I FEEL LIKE I’M DYING, HELP ME.

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