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Marijuana and travel, why Barcelona is the favourite destination!

For years, those who were dreaming of smoking cannabis freely had only Amsterdam in mind; today marijuana and travel are synonymous of Barcelona. The Spanish city has become a symbol of freedom for millions of young people and those who love smoking. This happened only in few years, thanks to the mentality of a country that has experienced many things and perhaps for this reason become culturally more open.

Let’s open a small parenthesis of comparison with Italy, just to grasp the differences. As we know, in the “beautiful land” this theme is still under the scrutiny of the legislators, who apparently are gasping. The point is that “bigotry” settled like a woodworm in the mind of many Italians and this is why it is hard to make progressive changes.

This is the point: marijuana and travel are also an opportunity; Spain has understood it and seized the occasion. Indeed, this type of tourism that is very popular among youngsters, apart from being rigorously controlled, it also offers development opportunities. Imagine the influx that it generates and how many economic resources reach the city, not by chance one of the richest in Spain. It is a phenomenon that contributes economically to the welfare of the city and of the entire country.

Freedom of smoking marijuana and travel bring a good tourism inflow that by consequence visibly increases the consumption. This explains the growing success of this city that offers everything a tourist desires, not only in terms of cannabis: Barcelona is full of art and culture and it has nothing to envy to other big European cities, and let’s not forget about the sea.

Feeling free in Barcelona

The sensation is exactly the one of feeling free of being oneself without judgemental breathing down your neck. Youngsters in particular can discover the city peacefully, smoke cannabis and enjoy the beauty of the city. Let’s be clear though, you cannot smoke marijuana in the streets, let alone moving around with even minimum quantities.

To smoke here there are dedicated Cannabis Social Clubs, places specifically dedicated to smoking marijuana and where clients are free to socialise and enjoy the pleasure of a “joint”. This is what you can find in Barcelona, beautiful venues where you can gather with your friends and smoke local weed. Indeed, the marijuana that you can find in these coffee shops is legally produced in Spain, controlled and certified by specific bodies.

Marijuana and travel are therefore a combination liked not only by consumers but also by producers and the State itself that controls everything. Barcelona is the perfect city for youngsters, but also for adults that want to jump in the past. In fact, in the past few years the touristic influx linked to cannabis has seen a surge never seen before. We are talking about an increase that other cities can only dream of. Is it only thanks to marijuana?

Of course not, the city and the Catalonia Region have done way more to attract tourists but also many young entrepreneurs. Barcelona in fact has become a magnet for the launch of new start-ups, this always thanks to the politics that favours new projects. Hundreds of start-ups have born and often became successful precisely in Barcelona therefore, not only marijuana and travel, but also much technology and innovation.

Smoking marijuana in the clubs

The city offers many coffee shops, that honestly speaking are one better than the other, which is probably another reason of success. Obviously this means that the offer has always met the needs of the demand, offering in this case a plus. Yes, because these shops where you can smoke marijuana without problems and legally, have been created to offer an experience besides cannabis. The clubs are warm, well-furnished and comfortable, nothing to do with the Chinese “opium dens”, so as to give an idea. We are talking about normal places where you can order drinks, often eat and smoke at the same time, all in a beautiful city.

Barcelona is really the perfect destination, reachable by plane in a short time from all over Europe and close to the best seaside, as the sea of the neighbouring cities has nothing to envy to the Baleares for example. This is the reality of this city that welcomes, pampers and entertains the tourist who loves culture and the youngsters who love smoking a joint. Both things go perfectly hand in hand because, as mentioned earlier, the city is at least ten years ahead. Marijuana and travel are part of the incoming offer of the city, and this is why it attracts visitors from all over the world like few other destinations can.

The success of a community

In the past few years, people have often spoken about the theme of marijuana and travel and youngsters always think about it at the approach of summer. Barcelona is the clear example of a cohesive community that knows what it wants and does anything it can to obtain it; the independence is its most tangible proof. Spanish people are perfectly aware of the potential of their Region: they know what they want and they do anything to achieve it.

The laws in terms of cannabis are a clear example, as the State has understood the calling for a city open to the needs of young people. In fact, Barcelona is the favourite touristic destination of young people but also of many people who met the city through the Erasmus program. Clubs welcome all the inbounds of cannabis-smoking tourists, who, once reached the city, distribute their resources in many different ways.

Hotel, restaurants and the many attractions of the city such as museums, nightclubs etc. enrich the entrepreneurs but also Barcelona itself. A perfect structure that offers a perfect entertainment system for tourists, a success created throughout the years that now only produces good results. When we speak of marijuana and travel it is impossible not to mention the city that better than others has managed to create a business that benefits everyone. Whoever wants to live a unique experience, should put Barcelona in their bucket list, obviously not only for cannabis but also for everything else it has to offer overall. A destination to keep in mind for the next holiday!

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