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Legalization of cannabis in Italy: the point of the situation

The use of cannabis in Italy is increasing more and more. There are more than 6 million Italians who regularly use cannabis: to relax, have fun or for therapeutic purposes and legalizing it would provide better quality and safer ways of purchasing. It is precisely this need for regulation that has pushed some European countries to consider the possibility of proceeding with the legalization of cannabis. But will it be like this in Italy too? It is no coincidence that the slogan of one of the most important pro-legalization campaigns (Meglio Legale) in our country reads: “The legalization of cannabis in Italy ruins the mafia’s business“.

Positive impact of legalization on the economy

The same minister Fabiana Dadone, responsible for Youth Policies, invites us not to adopt ideological positions on cannabis and not to remain anchored to a single position. Words that sound like an invitation to political institutions to begin laying the foundations to achieve greater and clearer regulation on the matter. The legalization process will certainly give an important boost to the hemp agricultural supply chain, thus creating potential jobs and long-term employment. Therefore the legalization of cannabis in Italy would undoubtedly boost the economy, producing beneficial effects such as:

  • The increase in tax revenues into state coffers.
  • The reduction in spending incurred for the application of prohibitionist legislation, made up of resources used for the detention of people found in possession of marijuana and by law enforcement to repress the use and trafficking of the substance.
  • A significant increase in jobs, which would cover the entire processing of cannabis from cultivation to sale of an increasingly popular product.
  • Furthermore, legalization would help in the fight against organized crime, progressively taking away from the mafias a market worth between 5 and 6 billion euros.

Justmary: first Italian delivery of cannabis-based products

Matteo Moretti, the founder of Justmary, the first Italian delivery of cannabis-based products and more, knows this well. In fact, in an interview he explains how deliveries have increased significantly in recent months, also thanks to the pandemic and the resulting restrictive measures. As previously mentioned, Italians who regularly use cannabis have exceeded six million, so an increase in turnover should absolutely not surprise us. And this is precisely why legalization would only increase the tax benefits for the state. Just consider that Justmary invoiced over 700,000 euros in the first half of 2021, thus recording an increase of 1000% compared to the 70,000 euros invoiced in 2019. This platform, in fact, has more than 30,000 registered customers in 2021, a number which is, among other things, destined to also increasing the simplicity and safety of purchasing.

Legalizing cannabis, therefore, would only allow for the development and optimization of the entire dedicated supply chain, thus bringing purchase security to very high levels. For this reason we should hope for the legalization of cannabis in Italy.

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