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Legal weed in Italy

In 2018, some very interesting things are happening in Italy regarding the cannabis sector. In fact, a new trend has exploded, that of smoking legal weed, let’s see how. In this article we will delve deeper into the events that are happening in Italy. Weed can be easily bought from the tobacconist, or even in countries like Switzerland you can buy it at the LIDL.

The new frontier of the smoker

In Italy everything is sold and at various prices, we are talking about 3 euros which can go up to 25 euros per gram. The legal market is really wide, you can find monoecious and dioecious industrial hemp inflorescences such as Futura 75, Carmagnola, Finola, Compolti etc. These varieties, depending on the genetics, can offer seedless flowers if the dioecious ones are selected. To grow hemp, you need to have a regular agricultural license and land. Even better if you have greenhouses to avoid the risk of pollination.


Before being sold, hemp must be subjected to severe tests to authenticate that it is free of active ingredients and the tolerated threshold is 0.2% of THC, however, as regards CBD, it has no limit for the percentage, in fact it I can find herbs with 16-18% CBD on the market.

Famous people like J-Ax have opened their shop in Milan, the “Mister Nice” Gue’ Pequeno has his own sachets and his ZCM brand. But behind the legality, as always, hides a speculative black market, false analyzes have been found declaring less than the quantity of THC permitted by law, herbs enriched with terpene extractions, and above all the trap to deceive the jurisdiction, in fact growing hemp is legal, but marijuana is not.

Many herbs that you will find in shops in Italy are declared as industrial hemp but in reality they are crosses of THC-free marihuana with a taste and smell similar to a Kush, Orange to Haze etc..

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