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Is marijuana legal in Barcelona?

It might sound transgressive to people who still are not aware of this reality, but yes, marijuana is legal in Barcelona. What does this mean? It’s simple: it means that you can smoke weed and whatnot in peace in one of the many clubs. Note though that we are not talking about “Ganjaland” but about one of the most modern and evolved cities of Europe. This means that legalization has gone through a thoughtful and carefully assessed process in every aspect.

The assessment of this turning point has produced an impactful analysis able to drive authorities to the best possible outcome. In other words, they thought about smokers and the community as a whole by reducing illegal drug dealing and criminality, no small stuff!

This is only one of the many positive effects given that marijuana is legal in Barcelona also for other reasons. For example, the government has taken into account employment because marijuana just like tobacco needs workforce to be produced. Imagine all the production process all the way to the sales counters in the clubs and think of all the people who grow, transport, distribute and resell marijuana.

The common error is to think of it as something alien and negative when it actually isn’t. You can freely smoke in Barcelona’s clubs without risking a fine or persecution, representing an opportunity for whoever loves smoking. There are at least twenty different clubs in the city where you can go and smoke marijuana while comfortably laying on a sofa and drinking beer.

The cultural level changes and produces income

As we mentioned already we are talking about a flourishing market that is continuously growing. The choice of Spain on this matter has been clear and precise: it has regulated a phenomenon that would have otherwise brought disorder in the city. A little more than 20 years ago the capital of Catalonia was also the capital of illegal drug dealing with widespread criminality. Today this phenomenon is only a memory and it seems like drug dealing will disappear soon. Marijuana is legal in Barcelona for these reasons and it is able to attract a vast pool of people from all over Europe. For the Spanish region this means higher income therefore higher economic resources coming from other European citizens to the local benefit of the city.

This shows that legal marijuana in Spain is neither casual nor reckless, but rather the result of a contemporary and smart choice. Spanish people are definitely happier knowing that there are places such as the cannabis clubs rather than illegal drug dealing happening in the streets. Today the city is flourishing of commercial activities and tourism and it welcomes millions of tourists every year, many of which coming for cannabis. The popularity and the fame of legal cannabis in Barcelona have reached many countries, outclassing the other known city of Amsterdam, especially for the good weather.

Where to legally smoke marijuana

Marijuana is legal in Barcelona but this doesn’t mean that you can smoke it anywhere given that it is not allowed to smoke it in the streets. In Barcelona there are specific cannabis clubs that you can join through membership and where you can smoke and support local producers within the law.

Everyone is happy about it: not only the smokers but also the entire community that indirectly benefits from this decision. Joining a club is easy and you can do so by going on the Weedjam website where you can easily subscribe and do everything online. Once subscribed you will be able to access the cannabis clubs, smoke and enjoy nice nights out in good company with music and drinks.

Nothing transgressive here: you go to these places to spend time in company, to smoke one of the many available varieties of marijuana and to socialize. The great thing about this is that besides the service offered you are contributing to the collective acknowledgment that there is nothing bad about it but rather the opposite.

The best way to exorcise every negative feeling is to visit one of these cannabis clubs so as to experience in person and have a real opinion about them. If you’ve never tried marijuana before, next time you go to Barcelona could be your occasion to try it legally. You will realise that everything is very pleasant, especially in cannabis clubs where the vibe is joyful and friendly.

Going to Barcelona to smoke, why not?

Every year thousands of people of every age reach Barcelona to smoke. There is nothing unusual: better to do it for this reason than for worse ones given that smoking has never harmed anyone. Especially now that criminality has no power in the now legal market, the environment looks more liveable and healthy.

This is the case now because illegality and criminality prosper where there are nonsense bans just like it happened in the past century with cannabis. The world changes and if someone asks you whether cannabis is legal in Barcelona now you know how to answer: it is, thank goodness!

Right now Barcelona represents the “promised land” to youngsters, a place where transgression here is seen as normality there. Smoking marijuana shouldn’t be forbidden, just like cigarettes or hard liquors that instead are dangerous for the body. Just think that in many of these clubs hard liquors are not sold, how crazy is that?

The world changes quickly, this is why a mentality resistant to changes can endure backlashes due to the cultural limitation of some people. Besides that, marijuana is legal in Barcelona, a sign that the world can change for the better if it really wants it. For the time being we will smoke in Barcelona 🙂

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