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Hot to make cannabis butter

Many will probably be surprised by this post on how to make cannabis butter, a product that in reality is more used that one would think. This plant has specific characteristics that can be used in many ways, from creating objects to making food. Oil, flour, pasta, bread, dressings and much more. Butter is among them but it is probably the least famous and sold product. We can make it at home with the right quantities of the ingredients needed. Cannabis butter will be perfect to flavour desserts such as brownies and space cake, just to mention two.

Being butter a basic and fat ingredient, it has the capacity to absorb the liposoluble cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. This means that it will be possible to season any dish by flavouring it with marijuana, and obtaining innovative and delicious meals. Below we can see how to make cannabis butter and the recipe requires about one hour to obtain the finished product, 15 minutes to prepare it and 45 to cook.

Here you can find what you need and how you can make the butter


  • Spatula or large spoon
  • Saucepan or pan
  • Large bowl
  • Colander
  • Dishcloth
  • Airtight container


  • 7 grams of cannabis tops/heads
  • ½ cup of unsalted butter


The first step is to chop the decarboxylated cannabis given that it has to be reduced in fine powder. This way you will obtain a larger surface of marijuana that will be absorbed more easily.

Second step is melting the butter in a pan at low heat and then adding bit by bit the marijuana powder. Stir everything very carefully and every time you add some more powder. For vegans you can use coconut oil as an alternative to butter given that it has more or less the same features and it will give you the same results.

After 45 minutes the cooking should be completed and at this point you can pour the product in a large bowl while filtering everything with a colander. This passage is needed to remove the largest pieces of cannabis. Press well on the colander with a large spoon or a spatula to get all the product.

For extra filtering and to remove the residual marijuana you can use a dishcloth.

The result will be an intense green oil that will soon solidify becoming a nice stick of marijuana butter. To conclude, we recommend storing it in an airtight container and putting it in the fridge or freezer so you can use it anytime you need.

So we just discovered how to prepare cannabis butter that you can use to create many recipes with cannabis flavour. You can season pasta with it, you can use it to make biscuits, to add flavour to fish and meat and to use it for many other occasions and let your friends try it too! The recipe is easy and quick and with this butter you can season your usual meals and give it a new taste and a new life!

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