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How to join a social cannabis club in Spain

Joining a social cannabis club in Spain has been possible for years. These locations are private places where you can find different qualities of weed and smokes that you can consume inside. If you are interested in becoming a member of a club, we will explain everything about how to do it.

To join the club you must register in which you declare that you are a marijuana user (paying an annual membership fee which varies from club to club). You will then be issued a card or device (under your name and surname) with which you can access the club for one year.

REQUIREMENTS to join a Social Cannabis Club:

  • Have reached the age of majority (some even 21 years old, depending on the type of club).
  • Be in possession of an identity document that can prove your residence.
  • Be accompanied or recommended by a member who is already a member who explains the rules to you and introduces the person who becomes a member.

What to know: the laws in Spain

As we wrote previously, not all clubs allow access to tourists. This happens because many dispensaries are opened with special statutes to allow entry only to those who own residence, while others are made to also welcome tourists. A very important thing to keep in mind is that under Spanish law drinking in public places is still a crime. This means that if the police find you outside the club with marijuana or consuming marijuana there is a possibility that you will be fined. In fact, if you are found outside the club consuming, it is your responsibility and not the club’s. The latter protects the person when consuming in a private place (i.e. the cannabis club) where there are all the appropriate rules for smoking. Another important thing regarding the clubs is that within them there is no concept of buying/selling of substance, but the club is supposed to grow a monthly quantity of grass which will be consumed only and exclusively within the association.

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